11 spa etiquette guest should follow

1. Punctuality. Arrive at least 15-20 minutes earlier to check in, so that the spa will have ample time to prepare you for a full course massage. I am sure that you would not be glad if you were behind a guest who arrived late and delay your appointment by 15-20 minutes.

2. Eating and drinking. Try to avoid a heavy meal for at least an hour before a treatment, and especially avoid consumption of alcohol. Some spa reserve the rights to reject customer that has consumed alcohol prior to the treatment due to health safety and security issues. Try drinking plenty of water before and after the treatment to replenish your body.

3. Mind your manners. Remember to turn your iPhone 5 or Blackberry off or switch to silent mode while in the in spa; the other guests are not interested in the topic that you are talking with over the phone. Spa is a place for relaxation, so keep your electronics away and enjoy the spa.

4. Nudity. Those that has not been to a massage or spa treatment may feel awkward to take off all your clothes in front of others. If you are uncomfortable with the buff, you can choose not to undress completely and it is perfectly fine to keep your shorts or underwear whilst having the massage. Most of the spas in Singapore provides disposable undergarments and maintain guest modesty.

5. Choosing the gender of a therapist. Actually this is up to you. Spas ensure that every effort is being taken with great consideration but at times it might be hard to fulfill your request due to high volume of guests in the spa. It would be good to book in advance the gender or preferred therapist to avoid disappointment.

6. Cancellation. You might be not be able to enjoy a spa due to last minute meeting, but you might want to give someone a chance to have a relaxation session. Try to make the cancellation as soon as you know that you cannot make it so that the time is reserve for someone else. If you have already paid for the spa treatment, cancellation policies of spa might penalty you for the appointment change.

7. Usage of shared facilities. There are many shared spa facilities like pools, jacuzzi, sauna. Always shower before entering these facilities. If entering a sauna or steam, make sure you have a towel to sit on.

8. Shaving. It is not recommended to shave before body treatment or facial. If there is a need to shave, make sure to shave at least 4 hours prior to your treatment. Ladies are not recommended to shave their legs in the spa as well.

9. Health problems. Please raise any health issues to the therapists prior to the treatment especially if you are pregnant, have allergies, high blood pressure or any physical disabilities as some treatments / therapy are not cater for all. The therapists can advise the best therapy for you. Communication with the therapist during the treatment and sound out immediately if you are not feeling well.

10. Jewellery and Valuables. It is advisable to leave your jewellery and/or valuables at home or in the private lockers provided in the spa. The spa will not be responsible for any loss of these items and definitely you does not want to lose your new wedding rings.

11. Eco Awareness. Most spa are built on eco-friendly practices, try to be considerate on usage of towels and toiletries. Global warming is getting serious all over the world so try to protect the planet more.

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