Asahi Canned Coffee series

Maybe to most of you, Asahi stands out as a branding for Japanese beer. But not only in that case, they are also actively with beverages in Japan as well. Another fact which you might not know about is they do have their Asahi Shimbun (Newspaper) as well. I am not quite an alcoholic drinker and most of the time I would take their coffee instead. I would not say that they are providing the best canned coffee in the world, but perhaps they do have a series of nice coffee as well. Below are just some photos which I have kept for myself on the canned coffee. Morning Au Lait (Stated that only on sale in Tokyo) Morning Shot


ご苦労さまでした。集会はつまらないので、みんなも疲れた。食事というけど、何で道の中でどこで食べるの?めちゃ危ないやで。幸い車は全然こない。。 ジャンポを注文したけど、なかなか来ない。。。本当に時間がかかる?30分もう。あ、来た!早く、おなか空いている。(ぞんなおいしくないけど、全部食べちゃた) ほうがの写真です!

おもしれ。。We want change A7クラス(2008年9-12月), 学生集会。クレオ大阪(17.10.2008)

今日のスピーチはめちゃくちゃ面白かった。。。特に在校生の中に、第三番目の台湾学生さん。スーツを着て、まじめな顔の見せて、なんかいいスピーチが出ると思った。。それは WE CAN CHANGE… WE WANT CHANGE…. 以下はそれぞれ集会全部の写真。。。


夏学期期末テスト成績優秀者。私もステージに登りたい。。。 (写真の順番、上級>中級>初級) 出席優良者。私は絶対無理。みんなはどんな目覚まし時計を使ってるか?(写真上級のクラスだけ)


まだ先生の名前知らんかい? ここによく見て、一人ずつ紹介してから。 いそみせんせい、声が大きくて、おもろ先生だ。授業時でも厳しい。 岸田先生。授業めちゃめちゃおもしろだね。学生の中でも超人気があるの先生。(中国語しゃべれるから、中国悪口するとき気をつけて!) 親切なソリンスタッフ.事務所にいつもいる。だれにあっても笑顔で話をかける。 重要な人です。校長先生(間中のひと)。もしあいたくて、学校に欠席したと、すぐ見えるよ。

クレオ大阪の学生集会 – 校長先生のごあいさつ


MacDonald’s Potato Bacon Pie and McRIB Burger

Japan has been trying to improve their creativity in food, including fast-food restaurants like MacDonalds. I have been working there for a year and seen many new products out on the selves. Below are two that has been out recently, but for a limited time. I was quite curious on this new burger called McRIB because I was told it was delicious by my friends. Thought it has the same taste as Teriyaki Burger, but better aroma. Let’s take a dessert ! Kinda sick of apple pie… it is good that this Bacon Potato pie came to my rescue. It reminded me of Campbell’s Baked potato with Cheddar and Bacon bits soup, which are impossible to find even in large supermarkets.


大好きだ。発音も正しいし、ダンスもめちゃ上手やで。でもね、何で会話時、英語使えないの? 皆さん多分この音楽聞いたことないので、僕は歌詞を探した。。。 Elvis Presley – Hound Dog When they said you was high classed,Well, that was just a lie.When they said you was high classed,Well, that was just a lie.You aint never caught a rabbitAnd you aint no friend of mine. You aint nothin but a hound dogCryin all the time.You aint nothin but a hound dogCryin all the time.Well, you aint never caught a rabbitAnd you aint no friend of mine. GReeeeN – キセキいつも歌ってるの音楽。。。つまらないなあ。。。ハハ

Convenience stores in Japan

In Singapore, kopitiam (Coffeeshops) can be widely found along the streets, but in Japan, you can find a lot of convenience stores around the neighborhood. Shops and restaurants closes relatively early in Japan, mostly 8-9pm while late night shops closes around 2 am. Most Singaporeans has a habit of taking supper (which is obvious not an healthy lifestyle) and mostly operates late into night or till morning. I had my difficulties curbing my “habit” of finding here in Japan and the only places I can go ? As below. I will update again on those food we can in there. 7-11 Family Mart Lawson