Top 10 News in 2008 (Not in Sequence)

I felt that there are too much happenings in the year of 2008. Wars, economy crisis, president elections, would year 2009 also that chaos ? Since today is the last day of 2008, I would like to review the biggest news that had happen during this past year. #1 Iceland faces Bankruptcy We have heard big companies filing bankruptcy, banks losing out their funds and real estate hitting low due to economic downturn, but Iceland as an country has been hit real hard and possibilities of facing bankruptcy. Iceland has proven itself in the past, turning themselves from Europe’s poorest countries to one of the wealthiest, but that does not really help them with the current situation. The government have take over and swooped up assets …

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2008 X’mas Celebration

At last I am able to put this blog into use. I think it has been quite inactive since there isn’t really much activities ongoing in Singapore while I was away in Japan. Just reached Singapore today and had a X’mas celebration with my family and friends, though not much of them turn up for the celebration. I could not stand the heat in Singapore, the 1st thing I did? Took off my shirt… Understanding that it might be a bit barbaric though. When was the last time we had an BBQ ? I think perhaps it was when I left for Japan in 2007.. That means almost 2 years ago.. Seriously missed BBQ food ya… That goes the same for mahjong sessions as well. By …

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もしお金があれば、家は買えでも、家族は買えない。もしお金があれば、時計は買えでも、時間は買えない。もしお金があれば、ベットは買えでも、睡眠は買えない。もしお金があれば、本は買えでも、知識は買えない。もしお金があれば、医療技術は買えでも、健康は買えない。もしお金があれば、地位は買えでも、尊重は買えない。もしお金があれば、血は買えでも、生命は買えない。もしお金があれば、性は買えでも、愛情はかえない。 あなたに質問しますが、お金なんで、そんなに重要なものですか?



Chew Chor Meng, we will support you always.

Remember when I am still a kid, I used to watch Chew Chor Meng’s dramas and comedies, especially ‘Lobang King’. I think everyone in Singapore would always have a vivid image of his acting. He was recently diagnosed with muscular dystrophy but remains a cheerful side of his life. As well, some of his supporters and fans have set up Facebook Groups to give him moral support. Just in case you guys are into supporting him, below are the link. 1. Prayers for Veteran MediaCorp actor Chew Chor Meng

Christmas Coming, How Bout A X’mas Tree ?

Nadya Hutagalung, a former MTV VJ has just turned Merry Christmas to “Green Christmas”. Wondering why ? Singapore generates around 7 tonnes of rubbish daily and I think during festive season, this number is surely to shoot up high. If you guys are serious or think about saving our poor earth, you should do your part as well !!! As mentioned by Nadya, buy good quality stuff that can be re-use. As my point of view, it would still be a better choice that we buy something more expensive, but could last longer. Sometimes we see things which we liked at that point of time, but when we came back home, it might not be that useful as it seems, isn’t that right ? Spend your …

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Japanese received Nobel Awards

3 Japanese has received awards in Nobel 2008 in Physics for their discovery of broken symmetry in subatomic physics. Or simply to say that they have discovered that there are a smaller unit of atom besides those that we can see in textbook. Lol. Just in case you guys might wanna to know who are they. 1. Yoichiro Nambu of Enrico Fermi Institute, University of Chicago, USA2. Makoto Kobayashi of High Energy Accelerator Reseach Organization (KEK), Tsukuba, Japan.3. Toshihide Maskawa of Kyoto Sangyo University, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (YITP), Japan. On top of that, Osamu Shimomura of Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL), Boston University Medical School, USA has also been awarded a Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery and development of the green fluorescent protein. …

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神戸ルミナリエ 第9話 フェリシモ ハッピートイズ プロジェクト

えっ?これ何?何で一杯のおもちゃが並んでる?行ってみかな。。あ、何か貧しい国の子どもたちのために、あるの活動やで。フェリシモハッピートイズ プロジェクト ? 聞いたことない。。。 このボールにあるのスクリーンは人の顔を感応して、顔のまわりをサンタクロースや鹿を 飾られる。でも僕が撮った時に、気泡になってしまった。人が手を振ってと、気泡が小さ くなるやで。 ここは何かポストカート見たのボックスがあるだって。。カート見たいでしょう?

神戸ルミナリエ 第8話 写真もう一杯撮った

まあまあ、写真もう一杯撮ったからさ、ここにいるわけもない。出る前に、募金するか?何かベルを打つといい運かな?でも人が一杯、どうしよう?じゃ、後ろからエエやん。 あ、面白い。ビデオをゆっくり見て、あの手。。僕の手じゃないけど。投げたの硬貨は落ちて、他の人に打った。。 もう一時間タバコ吸ってない。。早く。ちょっと待って、このお知らせは、僕に関係ない。。 出て来ると、小さいな売り場があった。いろいろなものだよ。。当然、たこ焼きもあるし。。あんまり好きじゃない。。 飴から作った漫画キャラクター形 ここも飴。フルーツ飴という。。。固いかな? 時間まだ早いですね。。神戸タワーでも行かない? ちょっとお土産を買った、赤いと白いワイン。コウさんと1本つづ。