5 reasons why this blog is called J82Productions

1. J – That is the initial letter of my name, Jeffrey 2. The number “82” is part of my family number, it started out from my dad, which he slowly converted much of his “property” with the number “82” attached. It actually does have a meaning in these numbers. In Cantonese, it resemblance the pronunciation “fa ei”, which laterally means “has became rich”. 3. J82 – It was a fusion of me and my family number, but there is another meaning though. I shown this blog to some of my Korean friends and to their astonishment, they thought I knew Korean language. The reason behind was that the number “82” in Korean language is “pa ri”. If you put the “J” in the front, it …

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Latest news on Japan’s A (H1N1) influenza – Swine Flu

Japan has announced that they will relax the guidelines for the swine influenza as though it has reached to almost 300 cases. The recent swine influenza has caused a magnificent stress on the country’s economy and also unnecessary restrain to the public as well. Meanwhile, Osaka prefecture governor, Toru Hashimoto has announced today that he will suggest a 9 billion yen supplement budget in the next Osaka prefecture meeting. Among the budget, 7.6 billion yen would be used for the treatment of chronic diseases and pregnant women, as well as medical improvement subsidies to prevent further spreading of the currently swine influenza (H1N1). 1.4 billion yen would be granted to general medical organizations, (max of 150 thousand yen for each organization) to aid with the purchase …

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Tokyo City View

On our way to the Tokyo City View, there is a huge spider standing in our way… Really HUGE. In the elevator, the viewing floor is on the 52th floor. If you have seen the guy who have took the photo for us, you will be surprised at the speed he was meddling with the function buttons, too quick even for us to see. I know I looked awful in this photo, can’t really smile 🙂 Then we tried to adjust the camera’s functions by ourselves. Took quite sometime to achieved the perfect settings.

Trip to Yokohama

Currently preparing my stuff to return back to Singapore. Hooray !!! Since I have some time right now, I will do a short write up to my trip to Yokohama. I was supposed to meet one of my business friend in Gunma (群馬), so I decided to push my trip forward and visit my friend in Yokohama since I have been there many times, but mostly for work. I stay in sakuragicho hotel for a night before meeting her the next day. There were nothing to do in the night and I bought my dinner at KFC (which is totally different of what we are having in Singapore), and return to my hotel. Took some shots at the Ferris wheel and the amusement land as well.

A Walk Through the Ancient World of Geisha at Kyoto’s Gion

The history of Gion (祇園) back dated to the Middle Ages, where it has been a district built t accommodate the needs of ttravelersand visitors visiting Yasaka Shrine. Slowly, the area gained its fame and become one of the most exclusive and well-known geisha (芸者)districts in Japan. While geisha refers to “artist” or “person of the arts” in Japan, Gion geisha uses a local term called geiko (芸子), meaing “a child of the arts” or “a woman of art”. Though there are considerable decline in the number of geisha in Gion, it is still famous for the preservation for the traditional architecture and entertainment. Partial of the district is being preserved under national historical buildings and there are ongoing restoration on the streets og Gion, including …

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1st time using email blogging

the weather is nice today and i decided to test out the blogger feature. I did not expect it to be that easy and fun.. One of the good feature provided by blogger, the only bad thing is that emailing through mobile phone in Singapore cost a bomb…. Seriously, I have neglected this blog totally, because I was wandering in my own world the past few months, or last 2 years… Right now I am going to recall all I have done in Osaka, and do some write up asap …

Way back to the train station

We decided to walk our way back to Kyoto station and we saw this temple which are decorated with bright orange beams.. (I forgot the name, will update again) and saw this American singing along with the ducks and birds. Sentimental eh !? Perhaps we are not sawing much of this in Singapore anymore. Anyway, there was this old man feeding the ducks and pigeons at the side, which is prohibited in Singapore as well … Should include that in my new blog as well. As we walk deeper in the temple, I found this ! I know this is a vintage car, but I am not sure what maker it is. This car is certainly still works, looking at the number plate it has. Anyone …

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