Dinner at Ju Shin Jung Korean Restuarant

Hey, thanks to Allan that everyone turns around because of my roaring. (I think those sitting around that table knew what happened. Anyway, I make sure I will give you a punch the next time you try to pull the same trick again…

Look at our feast, those little dish are actually called “pan-chan” in Korean….

I know it is hard trying finish all the food.. Dun be angry leh…

Let’s take a closer view how much food we have on the table.. there are the lettuces…

The pork and chicken

Eh, never turn on the stove ?!

Those with sweet tooth will definitely like this “pan-chan”. It tasted like ikan with sugar if I am not wrong..


Last but no the least, the most popular food in Korea ! Ginseng chicken soup !

Anyway, for those interested in eating Korean food, or could not find a good place for it, here is the address ….

주신정“Ju Shin Jung” Korean Charcoal BBQ Restuarant

There are two shops in Singapore..

1. 27 West Coast Highway #01-18/19 Yess Centre, Tel: 6464-0872
2. 1018 East Coast Highway #02-01 Tennis Centre, Tel: 6447-9279

A special time on a special day

I was listening to 91.3Fm that day and there was a amazing fact which all of you might want to know.

On the 12:34.56 of 7th August 2009 would be a special time because it would form a sequence of 123456789 !!!

The next time it would appears will be 1000 years later… Where would we be by that time ?