A different method of billing in Germany

Right now I am in a small town in Germany and I saw something quite interesting about paying the money.

I was having a drinking session with some of my colleagues at a bar and when it is about time to go and ask for the bill, instead of the waiter going to the cashier for billing, they will carry a wallet (I suppose IT IS the cashier) and they will make the remaining changes on the spot.

The only place which I can think of this method used in Singapore – the wet market.

But I would really admits it is a good way to reduce waiting for the customers.I think we should have more of this kind of services in Singapore aparts from the wet markets..


Life is irony

Sometimes I think that life is irony. Things don’t always goes that way we wanted it to be and at time, we encounter surprises which we are too shock to accept it as well.

Looking back in my spent life, regardless of work, relationship, friends, etc, all kinds are happening just as like our fate are being fixed to it, you would not really know what is going to happen next day. Things are moving everyday and we are trying to adapt to our “new” environment almost every seconds.

Perhaps that is what we called experience, things which we have gone through are just a way of building up the experience and by the time we grow old and think back about it, we start to wonder how comes things are coming into life which are not really up to our expectation.

Just some crap, but I still think that life is irony…

A Great Rule For Success: Think on pa…

A Great Rule For Success: Think on paper.

Step 1:     Decide exactly what you want.
Step 2:     Write it down.
Step 3:     Set a deadline on your goal.
Step 4:     Make a list of everything that you can think of that you are going to have to do to achieve your goal.
Step 5:     Organize the list into a plan.
Step 6:     Take action on your plan immediately
Step 7:     Resolve to do something every single day that moves toward your major goal.

Extracted from the book “Eat That Frog” written by Brian Tracy teaching 21 methods which one can cultivate habits to get more things done in lesser time.

Almost 3 months I am back in Singapore

Couldn’t really remember the last time I have been blogging since I came back to Singapore. Work load is getting a bit messy at the current moment and it goes the same for my life as well. Ironically, hopefully i get to grow older with all the problems which I am encountering right now and make me a better person.