Difficulties finding your bookmarked links, use XMarks !

Cannot find your bookmarks links ? You have a working desktop in the office and you also used a laptop to work from home. During your lunch break while having lunch, you found some interesting sites and bookmarked in your office desktop. You reached home wanting to continue with the articles on the particular sites,  but you can’t remember the link which is not found on your laptop! Next day, you import the links using a thumb drive and import the links onto your laptop … Less hassle, sync all your bookmark altogether with XMarks. Mozilla released a plugin, Weave Sync add-on version 1.0 for Firefox, allowing Mozilla users to synchronize bookmarks, saved passwords, browsing history and even open browser tabs. There is a better tool. …

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Budget Restaurants

Food can be extremely expensive in Japan and the number of chain eateries and budget restaurants have risen. These days, even eating at fast food chains can get quite pricey. Plus, Japan aren’t exactly known for their hefty meal portions. So here are a few cheap eateries that are recommended if you are on a budget, though most seem to be popular for their beef and rice bowls: MatsuyaMatsuya is an extremely well known chain budget restaurant that usually serves beef and rice at 250YEN which is a good find. They also have curry, kimichi and pork with rice and several set meals that are less than 1000YEN. Matsuya is 24 hours and also serves breakfast. YoshinoyaWhile Yoshinoya are much more popular for the tastier beef …

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Enjoy the Fireworks in Japan’s Summer Fireworks Festival – Hanabi Matsuri

Japan has a tradition of holding a fireworks festival during the end of july-start of august period which is smack right in the middle of summer. It is a huge celebration in every part of Japan that has Yatai (street food stalls and games) covering the roads for miles and miles. And sure enough, you can expect thousands of people to be there. Most men and women would dress in their respective kimono or yukata and would carry a fan (as the weather is very hot.. and also, it’s part of the style!) as they walk around eating, playing games and stand around the river watching the boats sail pass. These boats are usually sponsored by several companies or universities and would have their staff or …

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Difference between Sento and Onsen

Many people seem to misunderstand these two different bath houses in Japan which is a common topic among travellers. One is the Sento and another will be the popular Onsen. A sento is a communal Japanese Bath house that is most popular in cold weather. The common misconception is that it has natural spring water coming out from it, but it is actually just normal water. The exception is, that they have many different type of baths/pools like a jacuzzi type and jet water type. There are certain Sento where you will have to pay 50/80 YEN to use the hairdryers. And of course, an entry fee is required for any Sento. You will be given a locker to keep your personal belongings in. Sentos are …

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Selling/Buying Manga in Japan

Many people know that buying and selling of 2nd hand Manga is a very popular culture in Japan. Buying 2nd hand manga is not only a cheaper alternative, it is also usually still in pristine condition. Selling of your 2nd hand Manga is called Kaitori (買取). You are not only able to do this with Manga, but CDs and DVDs as well! Places to sell/buy 2nd hand manga: -Tsutaya-BOOK OFF Somtimes they have the option to buy a bundle at a discounted rate which is a steal for customers! Do keep a lookout for these deals.

Watching a Movie in Japan

Watching movies in Japan is almost the same as any other cinema in the world. However, prices may differ for everyone. A popular cinema in Japan would be Toho Cinemas which can be frequently found in O1O1 shopping malls. Special Prices: -Wednesdays are the usual “ladies days” where movie tickets for ladies can be purchased at 1000YEN.-Every 1st of the month, tickets are all 1000YEN.-Senior citizens above 60 years old can also purchase tickets at 1000 YEN. A normal ticket price can be 1500YEN-1800YEN. Popcorn and the like can also be purchased for around 1000YEN with a drink. Please take note: There are usually two choices for American movies/English Speaking Movies. Those that are dubbed over in Japanese. Or those that are in English and have …

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