Another tree fallen …

I was driving my friend back to his house this morning and there was this tree lying across two lanes. Seems like the rain yesterday is quite heavy….

Spa customers irate over closure of Subtle Senses branches

Customers of the spa Subtle Senses are irate over the closure of the last two branches at Cuppage and Mosque Street.

Liquidators were seen on Tuesday at the Mosque Street branch of the chain which took over customers from another spa, True Spa, when it closed down earlier this year.

A provisional liquidator from Stone Forest Corporate Advisory said it was in the process of looking into Subtle Senses’ accounts.

Mosque Street Branch Subtle Senses Closed Down

It hopes to hold a creditors’ meeting next month to address questions from employees, creditors and customers.

Some employees are also saying they have not been paid salaries.

Both branches of Subtle Senses at Cuppage and Mosque Street have closed indefinitely.

Subtle Senses closed its Ngee Ann City branch earlier this month.

Customers said they have lost faith in the spa industry and will avoid buying spa packages.

“I’ve lost about S$9,000. Some people have lost about S$4,000 to S$7,000… It’s not fair. Now, the economy is very bad and we have to lose this kind of money, it’s not fair to us,” said a Subtle Senses customer.

Channel NewsAsia, 19th October 2010

Buffet Dinner at Hanabi Restaurant and Sake Bar at Odeon Towers

hanabi restaurant and sake bar at odeon towers.

I think it really has been a long time last time I managed to come for my appointment in time. Phew ! This time round, I am the one waiting for those that are late. Took some pictures of the restaurant while waiting for them.


I did not really know that we are going for buffet this evening and anyway, I have not eaten anything since morning. Good time to replenish my stomach ! After calculation, we have eaten a total of 21 different dishes that night, but considering that the portion are miserable, like a piece per person ? (The food did not really fill my stomach and I was craving for something else though)

Really, I do not know what is so nice about Sashimi. Love it in the past, but does not really fancy it now. Perhaps I have lived in Japan for too long ? Getting a bit sick of it.

こっちは日本料理食べ放題をやってる、友達は前に全然言わなかった。まあ、いい。朝から何も食べなかった。 総会計は21類の料理食べたが、お腹まだ空いてるって。多分おいしくないので、ほかの食べ物を食べたいわ。

Sashimi 刺身盛り合わせ

Miso soup みそ汁

Shitake mushroom 焼きしたけ
Shishamo ししゃも
Yakitori 焼き鳥
Salmon Yakitori 焼き鮭
Ebi Tempura 海老天ぷら

Agedashi Tofu 揚げ出し豆腐
Saba Shioyaki (Mackerel with salt) サバ塩焼き
Smoked Sake Salad 薫鮭サラダ
Tebasaki 手羽先
Teppan Tofu 鉄板豆腐
Teppan Tori 鉄板鳥
Chawamushi 茶話蒸し
Tori Skin, Liver & Heart 鳥かわ、リーバとハート – Just like to add an additional comment that this dish was horribly charred, tasted bitter.
Buta Kimuchi 豚キムチ
Pork Belly Miso Soup 豚バラみそ汁
Kimuchi Soup キムチ汁
Tori Katsu 鳥カツ
Cream Dory
Wakame Udon ワカメうどん

My personel feel is that this restaurant is good for those that have big appetite while the taste wise seems to be normal or slightly below the standards. I think we paid around 40 bucks each for the buffet. The only plus point I would give them would be the atmosphere, it has a fusion of Japanese’s styled Izakaya with a modern design and space.


Anyway, for those who are interested in Japanese cuisine buffet, you can still give it a try. Details as below.

Hanabi Restuarant and Sake Bar 花火ラストランと酒バー
331 North Bridge Road
#01-04 Odeon Tower, Singapore 188720
Tel: 6338 6626

Opening Hours:
Lunch: 11.30am to 2.30pm (last order at 2.15pm)
Dinner: 6.00pm to 10.30pm (last order at 9.45pm)
Operates 7 days a week.

Lunch: Adult – S$ 29.00++, Children – S$ 18.00++
Dinner: Adult – S$ 33.00++, Children – S$ 20.00++

Stay tuned for more Singapore food reviews at my new blog, Fooding Singapore !

Nothing much to do so we decided to land ourselves in Marina Barrage for kite flying viewing. Managed to notice this view while climbing the spiral stairs. Perhaps we are there too early, there wasn’t any wind at all and kite flying as well. By the time I reaches the top, I was perspiring with sweat. Then it is time we decided to go for some desserts.

Marina Barrage’s Pump House

Dinner with friends at Ebisboshi Shotengai

It was the 1st time I visited here. Anyway I was so busy working these few days that I did not even know that there was this Japanese restaurant hiding inside of Iluma. As usual, I was late for my dinner appointment again and all my friends has finished their meals right after I came into the restaurant.


My lobster ramen set. tasty looking ?

Closer view at the lobster ramen

I would admit that after staying in Osaka in 2 years, I am actually not really adapted to Japanese food in Singapore because the taste and freshness of the dish is quite incomparable. But well, face the fact that I am living in Singapore. The soup does tasted delicious but I found that it is a bit salty, perhaps salt is getting cheaper nowadays while the lobster are getting more expensive. I wasn’t really sure it was lobster or just crayfish that I was putting inside my mouth. Both looked almost identical.


The lobster ? Or just another cray fish ?

 The salad don’t really look fresh isn’t it ? Indeed, it was horrible..

Salad. サラダ

 This was much a fusion kind of gyouza with a sauce that I did not really fancy at. Perhaps I was too full after eating the ramen, but definite it would not be the kind of gyouza I would be looking forward at.

Gyouza (Fried Dumpling,餃子)

Late Dinner at Chomp Chomp Hawker Centre

Serangoon Gardens is a central place for restaurants and banks and during the night, the After so many times I have been to Chomp Chomp (at Serangoon Gardens), I did not noticed that there was this stall right in the front, perhaps most of the time I would only eat seafood or stringray, or maybe it was just opened not long ago ? Anyway, the stall looks clean and simple, which to our perception that the food is not nice. I was thinking of going for the Penang Prawn Mee but instead I have chosen the Lor Mee because it has really been some time I last eaten the Lor Mee.

Surprisingly, despite of the humble look, the ingredients are generous. With one and a half egg (quite rare nowadays to give some much), fish cake slices and meat. On top of that, the chili is also very exciting as well, though it was chili paste, it definitely can be compared with chili padi. Guess what ? It cost only SGD 3.50. Highly recommended.

Lor Mee Lor…

The uncle certainly has his way of enjoying his job, grilling the chicken wings while drinking beer ! I think he has drank at least 2-3 mug of beer while I was having my dinner.. Woo ..

Old couple managing the shop together… How lovely.

I would say that the chicken wings are marinated well and grilled perfectly. I am not sure about it, but the skin does have a bit taste of honey. Even without the chili sauce and lime, the chicken wings will taste well.

Grilled Chicken Wings