Joke of the Day (In Mandarin)

Unfortunately, this joke is only applicable to those that understand mandarin.






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End my day with Pizza and 2 Movies

Today seems to be a blue Monday, rain drizzling throughout the evening, which is a very good weather to slack on the crouch and watch TV. Decided to off early today and met up with Daniel to have our dinner together. Maybe because of the rain, we decided to stay indoors and ordered Domino’s Pizza. Not really tasty though.

Watching from my Macbook in da Kitchen

The first show we were watching is called 喋血孤城 or Death and Glory in Changde. The plot of this movie is based on a 1943 Japanese attack on a China’s province called Changde 常德. The commander (cast by Ray Lui, 吕良伟) was to defend the city from attacks by the Japanese forces till reinforcements arrive. With only a army strength of 8,000 soldiers, the Chinese are to defend against a 30,000 strong Japanese army.

The lady in the poster (cast by Ann, 安以轩) was the wife of a brave lieutenant (cast by Yuan Wen Kang, 袁文康) who sacrifices himself during a fight by holding and blowing himself and the Japanese enemies together with a bomb in hand. 

The commander also received a telegram from the HQ that they are to defend the city with their lives, meaning “Do or Die with the City” 与城共存亡. Nice show to watch, but I think the next one will be even better.

Main Actress: 安以轩 aka Ann, Source: Sina

 Despite the late hour, we decided to continue our movie marathon. This time round is a English show which Daniel mentioned he has watched during his sis church services.  This movie is based on the best-selling book “The Ultimate Gift” by Jim Stovall.

The story starts with the death of the oil tycoon Howard ‘Red’ Stevens, His whole family gathered at the office of his Lawyer, partner and friend, Mr. Theopillies ‘Ted’ Hamilton for reading his will. While everyone is expecting his inheritance, he left nothing much to them except his grandson, which he has a series of “gifts” for him.

The grandson of a Billionaire, Jason Steven (cast by Drew Fuller) hate his granddad Howard ‘Red’ Stevens for not telling him what has caused the death of his own father and apparently Jason Steven is only interested in the inheritance in the first place. In order to get the gifts, his granddad devised a plan called the “The Ultimate Gift” which will put Jason into a crash course on life and upon completion of each task, he will receive his “gifts”.

Throughout the journey of discoveries, he met with a lady Alexia (cast by Ali Hillis) and her Leukemic daughter (cast by Abigail Breslin) which changes Jason perspective of life and playboy lifestyle completely. This is highly recommended and I think I would have to watch it for a 2nd time, definitely.

Source: Movie Postr

After watching the 2nd movie, I suddenly feels that I am actually living in a comfort zone and there was much more things which I could have done to make my life a better one. I am like passing day by day without a strong goal in mind and almost all things which I have done seems relentless useless, either to others or myself. Perhaps it is time to push myself out of the comfort zone and get some war before it is really too late…..

Oh man, it is already 3 in the morning, should get some sleep else I doubt I would be able to wake up early tomorrow morning. Hey Daniel, it is time you should train up your muscles liaoz…