The Lincoln Lawyer – NTGUILTY

After sacrificing some hours of sleep watching this midnight movie, it is proven to be worthwhile to be late for work next day (oops, hope my boss does not see this post). Mickey Haller (Matthew McConaughey) is a low-level criminal defense attorney representing gangsters, mobs and addicts to get away with crimes with his different approach to justice while he earn his stash easily through his own ways.

If you can see from the poster, the car plate on the Lincoln he sat on wrote “NTGUILTY”, already shows you this guy can be quite a punk though he is a attorney. Liked his attitude and style of handling people in the show.

He was right cool until he signed on to defend rich real estate agent Louis Roulet (Ryan Phillippe) for an case of assaulting a prostitute. This case slowly brings him to link back one of his clients, whom though pleaded he was innocent, yet Haller persuaded him to plead guilty to reduce his sentence from death penalty to life sentence.

This is a great show to watch and the twist is fabulous. I better stop here else all the excitement will be gone by the end of the post. You can catch a glimpse of the trailer right below here. I would rate this movie 4.5/5.

My iPhone 4 Has Overheated !

Why is iPhone so hot ? Because it says so ! 

I was in Jurong Island one day and I accidentally left my iPhone 4 inside my car’s dashboard. Next thing you know, this massage shown up ! I managed to take screenshot of it and best part of all, which mobile phone will alert you when your phone is hot ? Luckily, it did not melt away…

Yuki Foot Reflexology Centre

Address: 100 Orchard Road #02-33, (S)238840

Opening Hours:
1pm to 10pm daily

Tel: +65 6738 6955
Mobile: +65 9615 9378 (Mr. Alfred Ng to make appoinment)

Foot Reflexology
30 mins – $25
45 mins – $33
60 mins – $40

Hand, Neck & Shoulder Massage
20 mins – $20
30 mins – $28

Body Therapy (Massage)
30 mins – $40
60 mins – $70