Banyan Tree Spa to open its first spa in Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands

Located on the 55th floor of Marina Bay Sands Hotel, the 1,213 sqm Banyan Tree, the treatment rooms are themed with Tree of Life design and the new spa “infuses the sleek glamour of modern interior with Banyan Tree’s tradition of staging sensual Asian-inspired experience to exude a unique sense of place, according to publicists.

Marina Spa offers the guests a suite of distinctive treatments in 15 uniquely designed rooms with spectacular panoramic views, including 2 Royal Double Spa Suites that offer Tropical Rainmist treatment, a Beauty Salon, a Tea Lounge for post-treatment relaxation and also a Banyan Tree Gallery. Apart from this, in-room massages are also available for guests staying in the 24 hotel spa suites at Marina Bay Sands.

The guest will be pampered with a wide range of choice of 35 treatments and services which favourites include a comprehensive menu of 90 or 120-minute session of massage, body scrubs, facials and beauty treatments.

Marina Bay Sands Interim CEO George Tanasijevich said: “We aim to make Singapore proud by opening the city’s first-ever Banyan Tree Spa at the height of nearly 200 metres in the sky, and welcome Singaporeans to visit this spectacular spa.” The CEO also mentioned that with Banyan Tree’s Spa expertise and outstanding service, it would further strengthen the appeal of Marina Bay Sands as an iconic destination that bears return visits.

Banyan Tree are returning their roots in Singapore after spending the last 17 years establishing 64 spas in 26 countries, including the famous Laguna Phuket in 1987. The Banyan Tree brand pioneer, Ho Kwon Ping, said “Banyan tree is finally returning to its roots in Singapore. We are bringing the best of the Banyan Tree Spa experience t our home ground, and proud to have the stunning location of Marina Bay Sands to plant our first flag.”

How to gain trust if you are going to buy packages from Spa providers ?

Customers have shooed buying spa packages after the recent spat of True Spa and Subtle Senses sudden closure which have left them stranded and their money lost without using the services. The incidents hurt the spa industry as customers’ confidence on spa providers has dropped dramastically. In order to boost the Spa Industry, CaseTrust,
an accredited arm of Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) has involved in working hand-in-hand with spa providers who wish to demostrate their commitment and transparency to consumers.

Being a CaseTrust accredited spa providers, CASE provides greater protection for consumers as they have in place consumer-friendly policies to protect the consumers interests.

Here are some coverage and service which accredited spa providers should have:
Insurance Coverage for Pre-paid Packages – to assure consumers whom have signed up for pre-paid treatments that the value of their un-utilized sessions insured.
5-day Cooling-Off Period – Consumers enjoy a cooling-off period of at least 5 working days, seeking full refund of payments for spa packages if they do not wish to proceed with the services offered.
Stress-Free Treatment – Consumer can rest assured that spa providers will adhere to “No Selling” policy once entered the treatment room.
Clear Fee Policies – Spa providers to clearly articulate and documented policies on charges and refunds.
Well-Define Business Practices and Systems – Redress system with proper and clealy defined resolution for both business and consumers when dispute arise.
Well-Trained Personnel – The spa provider has to provide good customer service and train sales staff whom do not practice unethical sales tactics

For more details of CaseTrust on Spa providers, you can check it here.

I have compiled a list of Accredited Spa & Wellness Parlours under CaseTrust and update this list as frequent as possible. You might want to see the listing here.

Rapellez | Relax Revive & Rejoice

Address: 541 Orchard Road, #18-03/04  (S)238881
Tel: +65 6736 0567

Address: 1 Coleman Street,  #03-09 (S)179803
Tel: +65 6224 0567

Address: 300 Tampines Ave 5, #05-06 (S)529653
Tel: +65 6443 0567

Address: 200 Upper Thomson Road, #01-08 (S)574424
Tel: +65 6556 0567


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D’Light Spa, the ladies-only spa in Hougang Heartland

Ladies out there, enjoy a secluded haven with D’Light Spa ladies-only spa for comfort, healing and resting. I think I am not a person who is familiar with Punggol area and always though that it is still under development and there wasn’t much spa in this precinct. But after viewing the Groupon offer of the day, I discovered this 4th year operating ladies only spa in Punggol.

They provides massage, facial, waxing and spa services to ladies out there who wanted a good break away from the bustle and hustle of urban living. You might also wish to try out their signature massage like Scentsational Indulgence (60 mins) which uses 3 different exquisite essential oils blended and indulge into your body and senses; or you can also try their Herbal Compress which uses traditional herbal which are steamed and applied directly to the body together with a relaxing massage to relieve any sore muscles and body aches with the herbal heat penetrating your body.

For those who wanted to show off their belly in the public, you can also try another of their signature treatment, Sexy Belly (50 mins) which they will do spot massage cum wrap to let other envious of your slim belly.

Blk 212 Hougang Street 21 #01-325
Singapore 530212
Tel: +65 6387 0862
Opening Hours: Mon to Fri – 11am to 8pm, Sat, Sun & PH – 10am to 7pm or

True Spa members to file for $700,000 lawsuit

247 True spa customers has banded together to file a lawsuit against True Spa to reclaim about $701,000 which they have paid for the services but not utilised through spa treatments.

The winding up of the company in their final bid to reclaim the monetary loss was first of its kind in Singapore where consumers owed relatively small amounts by their service provider to seek legal redress to get their rightful money back. The customers has assigned their debts to 3 individuals whom themselves are the True Spa victims.

The court application by the four plaintiffs to liquidate True Spa was filed on Wednesday, 20th July 2011. A move after several letters of demand and statutory demand issued in March by some 240 customers and have not received any payment yet.

Source: Salem Ibrahim Partners

The plaintiffs’ lawyer Salem Ibrahim mentioned that his clients are applying to the court for a grant that allow them to appoint a liquidator of their choice to look into True Spa’s account, as the customers themselves would like to see how much was collected and utilised.

The move to wind up the company is a last resort as mentioned by one of the creditors, planning director Kvein Hoo,41, after options they have explored, including filing claims with the Small Claims Tribunal while another creditor, project manager Nimrod Chuang, 34, is trying to gather more of fellow True Spa via Facebook account, whom are “Victims of True Spa Subtle Sense

True Spa was reportly to have a huge base of 8,000 members, whom an unclear number of them took up a goodwill offer converting to True Yoga and True Fitness memberships.

True Spa’s previous reply was they no longer hold any assets, as it has been transferred its business operations to Subtle Sense in April 2010. Subtle Senses ran into trouble and went into voluntary liquidation October 2010. As True Spa customers are deemed not tobe creditors of Subtle Sense, therefore they are not entitled to any proceeds from ongoing liquidation.

Channel News Asia, True Spa customers move to wind up company, 13th July 2011.

Massage could reduce back pain problems ?

A study was carried recently involving around 400 patients aged 20 to 65 who has chronic low back pain found that relaxation massage, such as Swedish-style massage and more structural massage provided by therapists with advanced training benefits the patients.

The Seattle-based researchers from the Group Health Research Institute revealed their new research report that a weekly one-hour massage could benefits the patient and a study also show that a 10-week massage treatment reduced pain more than medications and exercises, with the effects lasting for 6 months.

At the end of the 10-week treatment, nearly 40% of patients in the group said their pain was nearly or completely gone, as compared to 4% in the usual care group whom the patients received treatments e.g take pain medications or muscle relaxants, seeing doctors or physical therapist, or not doing anything.

A prior study from National Institutes of Health also found out that massage therapy have immediate benefits of pain and mood among patients with advanced cancer.

– Annals of Internal Medicine, journal published on July 5th 2011.

Home-based Javanese Urut Batin (Manhood Therapy) at Choa Chu Kang

I found this home-based therapist in the Youtube and he was promoting his home-based massage and spa in Choa Chu Kang. His name is Bobby, a maly-mix male therapist, claiming to have more than 15 years of experience and provides professional Javanese deep-tissure massage, Javanese Urut Batin (Manhood Therapy).

From the Youtube videos, you can acutally sees that his home is quite nicely decorated and the ambience wasn’t that bad either. If there is any who has tried his service, kind enough to be our guest review to maybe give us some idea how his services was like ?

Apart from that, he is also promoting a water called KANGEN WATER. He will provide 5 litres per person for each visit and if you need a reusable portable plastic water containers, he sell it at $5.00.

Just a brief look at the services he provides.

Javanese Deep-tissue Massage, $50 for 60 mins, additional $25 for 30 mins. *
Swedish Massage, $75 for 90mins (minimum), additional $25 for 30 mins.
Javanese Manhood Therapy (Urut Batin, for MALES only), $25 for 30 mins.

He also provides outcall massage at a rate of $150 for 120 mins for

  • ONE client or
  • TWO clients at 60 mins massage each.

Additional extensions at $25 for 30 mins. The rates does not include hotel charges and he will provide protective PVC sheeting and disposal cotton sheeting to protect bed from staining.

Address and Opening Hours:

Operating Hours: Late moring till late nights, need to call to confirm appointment
Tel: 8387 7780 (Bobby)
Exact location was not mentioned but says it is 5 minutes walk from Choa Chu Kang MRT.

What is Tui Na ?

Tui Na is a form of Chinese hands-on body treatment that uses Chinese taoist and martial arts principles to bring the body to balance. The principles are based on eight principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine which the practitioner may brush, knead, roll/press and rub the areas between each of the joint (known as eight gates) to open the body’s defensive “chi” to get the energy moving in the meridians and muscles.

The advantages of Tui Na can be divided into two sub-category, mainly external or internal.

The external focus on specific problems on chronic pain associated with muscles, joints, and skeletal system. It is especially effective for joint pain (such as arthritis), sciatica, musclse spasms and also back, beck or shoulder pain. Aparts of this, it can also help in treating conditions such as insomnia, constpation, headaches (migraines) and tension due to stress.

While the internal advantages of Tui Na is to work around the energy of the bodycalled Qi, using the acupressure techniques to directly  affect the flow of it. The practitioners develop a special awareness of the Qi, working directly on the patient’s body to release tension in the body and better balance of Qi.

Kira Beauty & Wellness

Kira Beauty & Wellness offer their services to the hardworking ladies out there and with their signature Tui Na Body Massage which helps to improve blood & lymph circulation, restoring vitality to the fullest and leaving you totally refreshed and recharged !

#03-12, 181 Orchard Road, Singapore 623889
Tel: +65 6333 8787

View Singapore Spa & Massage by BeriShiok in a larger map


23 Serangoon Central, Singapore 556083
Tel: +65 6484 0131

View Singapore Spa & Massage by BeriShiok in a larger map


301, Upper Thomson Road, #01-56, #01-76, Singapore 574408
Tel: +65 6458 2006 / +65 6458 4585

View Singapore Spa & Massage by BeriShiok in a larger map

Operating Hours for all three outlets: Mon to Fri – 11am to 8pm, Sat, Sun & PH – 11am to 6pm.

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Sadhu Thai Wellness | Rejuvenate . Renew . Repose

It is Sadhu Philosophy to provide authentic and affordable Thai massage and wellness services to the contemporary individual. Unlike normal Thai massage, Sadhu has fused Indian Yoga together with Thai Massage to concoct thai yoga massage.

275 Outram Road, Singapore 169064
Opening Hours: 10am to 11pm daily
Tel: +65 6221 8809

They are also providing 4 different packages for individual to indulge in overall body wellness, the Sadhu Golden Treatment ($250), Sadhu Wellness ($189), Sadhu Silver Package ($630), Sadhu Gold Package ($1188).