Late Night Massage at Imperial Apple Spa at Tras Street

It was a lazy Sunday and my sister decided to organise a “massage” outing at Green Apple Spa. It has been quite a while since the last time I have gone for a much-needed massage. Despite the pestering aches all over my body, I was really tied down to my work and it was the reason to which why I did not update this blog as frequently as well.

After a good massage,  I was looking over the counter and caught a glimpse of the name card placed on the counter. They have actually opened another branch at Tras Street called Imperial Apple Spa. Unlike the current spa, the one over at Tras Street is based on an oriental theme and spanned over a larger area. Below are some information which I have briefly gathered.

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By the way, I also heard from the staff that Green Apple Spa that they are planning to undergo renovations at the end of this year to better serve the customers and also expand their current facilities. Meanwhile, I might use this chance to pay a visit to Imperial Apple Spa.

Facilities: 9 individual, couple rooms for body massage, 6 VIP foot reflexology rooms

Imperial Green Apple Spa
171 Tras Street, Union Building (Behind Amara Hotel), Singapore 079025
Tel: +65 6225 1555
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday – 10am to 4am daily

Feet Haven Reflexology at East Coast Road (Berishiok Review)

Feet Haven Reflexology is tucked away in a old shophouse along East Coast Road. The spa parlour stands out from the line of shophouses with its unique see through shop front and its welcoming signboard. Upon setting foot into this little haven, this place immediately exudes a hint of homeliness, that instantly shaves off all that uncertain tension that needed to be rubbed off, from a long, hard week at work and calmed by the friendly owners and massuers. The owner greeted us politely and promptly offered us ginger tea to keep our body warm.

feet haven - line of foot reflexology chairsLine of foot reflexology chairs after the reception counter.

Despite being a small massage parlour, the place was packed with customers, with more waiting to get their massage fix. We were early for our appointment, so the friendly owners managed to squeeze an one hour session of foot reflexology and body massage for each of us respectively.

Foot Reflexology

Skilled masseur concentrating in the foot reflexology.

And so, a tub of warm water was quickly carried out by the masseur and he added some therapeutic herbs into the water which he pointed out helps with blood circulation in the feet and the back. The therapist patiently started the foot massage and he applied adequate pressure on areas of my feet and of course throughout the massage, kicked up a nice little chat with my friend. He has been in this line for more than 30 years and experienced in foot reflexology. He knows exactly the points to be pressed on and adequately pointed out various parts of my friend’s sole to address the discomfort he was having on his body. Armed with a treasure trove of massage therapy experience, he executed precise acupressuring on my friend’s feet, and cheerfully pointed out the discomfort zones of his body, which apparently amazed my friend with his expertise. He then proceeded to point out the various points in the foot and sole, and on which part of the body would they match with.

Body Massage

The massage bed is located right at the back of the spa. Sorry for the blurry image. 

Meanwhile, I was going through the body massage session in one corner of the room and the massage therapist is doing a really good job. In the initial stage of the acupressure massage, the therapists could already discern which part of the body was aching and points of discomfort I was having. Not only so, he was applying adequate force that did not cause excessive pain during the massage and prompted me if the strength he is using is too strong for me. He was kneading my shoulders and I fell asleep without even noticing it. While i was asleep, I could still feel the therapist working through the aching areas on my body. Upon waking up, I felt totally refreshed and had a sensation of lighter shoulders and a rejuvenated, tireless back.

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It would be better that you can call in to make an appointment with Feet Haven before heading down, especially during the weekends as they have a considerable crowd coming in for their massage services.

They have a signature massage called the Shiok Basic Blend which consist of 45 minutes of foot reflexology and 15 minutes of shoulder and neck massage only at $38.

Additionally, they also have a lunch time promotion which guests can enjoy a 40 minutes Foot Massage at only $20 or 60 mintes Foot Reflexology at $30
*Valid only on the weekdays, 12-3pm, excluding Public Holidays.

Feet Haven Reflexology

#01-01, 136 East Coast Road, Singapore 428821
Tel: +65 6344 7311

Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday – 12.00pm to 10.00pm
Friday and Saturday – 1.00pm to 11.00pm

Updated on 10th Dec 2014.

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