Clear the name of Pearls Centre’s Massage Parlor

After being tormented by the fact that Pearl Centre‘s massage parlors are providing sex services, it is time that they are cleared of their grievances. Being hulked at providing sex services, legitimate massage parlors suffered losses as their reputation are ruined for the fact that secret corners of the sex parlors are causing much confusion to which is real massage and which are sex service providers.

Shop owners finally took actions to clear their name

Frustrated that the sex parlors are root cause of their bad business, they decided to take action against these parlors to closed them down once and for all. Legitimate business owners joined together in force to hire a Private Investigator at a cost of $6,000 to secretly investigate women soliciting for their sex services and footage of these are secretly recorded as a evidence that this was illegal massage parlors that provides “special services”. If you are a tourist and you could see scantily-cladded women finding customers, how would the image be given to you ? Singapore is a “clean and green city”, not “Sex and the City“.

Pity for legitimate massage owners

When Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy in 2008, the effect rippled the entire world and business was not doing good at all for many business owners. Facing stiff competition from fellow massage owners is already giving them enough woes, not to mention the volume of customers was greatly reduced and everyone is trying to save their pocket from over spending, those illegal sex parlors are making things worse by snatching their business and ruining their reputation in the shopping centre premises. I think it is a right move that business owners stand up together to fight for their reputation and give them a justice.

Hope legitimate massage owners businesses will flourish in the future

I am a great fan of massage and spa in Singapore, but at times I do doubt those parlors that are poorly lit or covered entirely with opaque wall stickers. Different owners have different thinking. It might be the case that legitimate owners wanted more privacy for their guests, but ended up being mistaken as sex service providing massage parlors. Hopefully, after busting these sex parlors, the massage owners will earn their rightful reputation and get recognize as traditional masseurs for the skills and knowledge in the massage industry.

I could not help but to voice out my concerns after seeing a news from Asiaone that shop owners are trying to fight and maintain their reputation as legitimate owners

Massage Wiki: Pre-natal massage benefits mother-to-be

In the days of a modern city, lifestyles have become fast-paced and stressful. This also leaves the same to the mother-to-be. Being in pregnancy marks a new journey for the expectant mother and going through a nine months transition before the childbirth, the expectant mother will be stressed both physically and emotionally.

It is important that a expectant mother and her husband know how to maintain her well-being during pregnancy to ensure that child is healthy whlist in the womb and a smooth delivery. Beside doing regular exercise, adequate rest and healthy diet, expectant mother can also try pre-natal massage to ease pain physically, which will in turn helps to reduce emotional stress as well.

Pre-natal massage are therapeutic bodywork which are tailored specifically to the needs of the expectant mother and the style of massage changes when she goes through different stages of pregnancy. It is beneficial to the health of the expectant mother itself and of course to the womb. Below are some of the benefits which pre-natal massage helps in.

Benefits of Pre-natal Massage

  • Relieve stress on ankles, neck, lower back and pelvis (weight-bearing joints)
  • Reduces swelling in hands and/or feet by increasing blood and lymph circulation
  • Give emotional support to expectant mother through nurturing touch
  • Improve delivery and reduces labor pain for muscles that are use during childbirth
  • Aids in relaxation
  • Beats insomnia
  • Reduce depression
  • Improves expectant mother’s sleep
  • Assistance in maintaining proper posture
  • Regulating of blood pressure
  • Eliminates lactic acid and enhance circulatory and lymphatic systems.

When should Pre-natal Massage be carried out ?

Pre-natal massage are recommended to start after the second trimester, however, it is often advised that proper medical consultation are to be sought prior to having massage. The massage are tailored specifically to expectant mother’s need as her body goes through changes.

Where can I perform pre-natal massage ? 

Singapore does have specialized spa for pre-natal massage and as well home services which they could called the masseurs to their home to perform the therapeutic bodywork.

How can I find an experienced masseurs ?

One of the ways to find an experienced masseurs is through word of mouth, normally via other mothers or you can actually search online for pre-natal massage where there are more than a dozen choices to choose from. As far as I know, Jamu pre-natal massage is pretty popular in Singapore and there are many good reviews on it, circulating in the forums and youtube as well.

Berishiok is looking for recommendations from all women who have been to pre-natal massages and we will be glad if you could share and tell us more about good spa and massage or individual experiences with pre-natal massage masseurs. You can send us an email at to share this piece of information.

Heart Springs Spa at Funan IT Mall

I did not really expect to find a spa right in the heart of an IT and Electronics Mall. Located on the 4th floor of the shopping mall, it is hidden conspicuously and quietly at a corner, but because of its dimly lit and peaceful appearance, it actually attracted my attention. I was thinking this was not a really “hot spot” for shoppers, but perhaps it could be the one that really provides quiet and tranquil atmosphere. Definitely will be giving it a try soon.

I took photos of the banners outside of the spa and they are having promotion as well. Pricing for body massage and foot reflexology looks decent too!

Address: 109 North Bridge Rd, #04-32 Funan DigitLife Mall, S179097
Contact Information: Tel: +65 6338 0831 / 6338 0863,
Operating Hours: Mon to Sun – 10am to 10pm