Delightful Breakfast at The Marmalade Pantry in Fairways Drive

Waking up on a Sunday morning for breakfast is one of the hardest tasks that I cannot accomplish over the last three years since I started the work life. However, as a promise to my current girl friend, i own her a breakfast which I only managed to fulfill 3 weeks later. However, things don’t get that smoothly in the morning as I sank back into the bed after turning off the alarm and was late for the appointment.

The venue was not chosen at the point when we met, while I was in for Forty Hands at Tiong Bahru, she was keen in bringing in to Riders Cafe, which is steps away from Marmalade Pantry. Arriving at the Rider Cafe, it was overwhelm was people queuing outside the restaurant and we dropped the idea and went to Marmalade Pantry instead. I am just that impatient to queue for food at times, especially in the morning when the sun is bright.

The Marmalade Pantry at Fairway Drive

Upon entering the premises, we was greeted by a Filipino waitress who show us our seats. We choose the outdoor sitting as compared to the indoor air-con atmosphere as my girl friend wanted to enjoy the sunlight and we are both smokers which makes our life easier to access the smokers’ corner.

outdoor sitting at Marmalade Pantry
Outdoor sitting at Marmalade Pantry

She wasn’t a big eater and could only managed a soup and a cupcake. Though the portion is considerable small, she couldn’t finish either of it and I will have to “assist” a bit in clearing her food.

Field Mushroom Soup with truffled croutons
Field Mushroom Soup with truffled croutons

I tried on the mushroom soup and it wasn’t really that fantastic as compared to some other restaurants. The soup was served warm and it has a faint taste of bitterness and without much fragrance of a mushroom soup. I would have fared it 2/5

red velvet cake with coconut cream cheese frosting (By Fooding Singapore)
Red Velvet

Next right up was the Red Velvet cupcake. Basically I don’t fancy sweet stuff therefore i think it would be unfair for me to say that it is too sugary for the taste bud. But my girl friend loved it anyway and i will left it to her to rate this cupcake next time.

Eggs Benedict, Eggs topped with rocket leaves
Eggs Benedict

Here comes my breakfast ! Eggs Benedict. I have always liked rocket leaves though some find it hard to adapt to the slight bitterness in the veggies. Same as the mushroom soup, it was served warm, or I would say cold, didn’t really liked the way they treated the food. If you eat the eggs and hams without a tinkle of salt and pepper, the food tasted staled. I finished it quickly as the portion wasn’t that big after all. 2/5

Definitely a thumb up for the atmosphere as well as their services. However, if you are looking for a fulfilling brunch, their portion might be slightly small. The bill came up to $50 plus inclusive of 10% service tax and 7% GST. I would consider this as a fair deal for brunch.

Marmalde at the Stables
55 Fairways Drive, Singapore 286846
Reservations: +65 6467 7748
Opening Hours: Tuesdays to Fridays: 3.00pm to 11.00pm, Saturdays and Sundays: 10.00am to 11.00pm, Closed on Mondays

Late night massage at Imperial Apple Spa

Imperial Apple Spa at tras street

As usual, I ended my work late till 2 am in the morning and there was a sudden urge to release the stress was so strong that I decided to go for an massage. This time round, I decided for a new change and went to Imperial Apple Spa.

Housed in the Union Building, and was designed into two floors. There is a total of 6 VIP foot reflexology rooms which friends and family can enjoy their foot massage whilst watching movies and chatting in privacy. The 2nd floor housed 9 individual rooms, including couple rooms for personal space and privacy.

I was greeted promptly by the male receptionist and he checked his schedule which he managed to find a masseur for an one hour body oil massage. The masseur was call upon and came out from the resting area, which was right behind the counter. I was ushered to the second floor to my room.

The room I assigned to a raised bed covered with towels and also a shower room in case I can use to wash off the oil after the massage. The room was dimly lit and makes me sleepy almost immediately. While the background was playing music softly, which I supposed they have broadcast it in the entire spa.

Entrance of imperial Apple
The entrance of Imperial Apple

I was handed over a disposable underwear to change and have to take off all of my clothing. I rested onto the bed and the China masseur knocked softly at the door to check if I was ready for the massage. She came in with towel which are used to cover my body and check if the air-con temperature was good for me.

The massage started … She wasn’t using much strength as I was expecting and there was some parts of the body which I think she neglected totally. As I have been used to oil massage, I reckon that the amount of oil on my body was too much and it actually felt watery instead. However, as I relax my body, the tiredness set in and I felt asleep not long after. Woke up in a daze, she prompted if I needed a massage which I didn’t, pay the bill and went home immediately.

Though after the massage, I could still feel areas of my body not relaxed and stickiness caused by the use of excessive body oil. Not really a good massage experience after all.

Berishiok Ratings
Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Hygience: 3.5/5
Skill: 3/5
Price: $55 for 60 mins body massage

Spa Information

Imperial Apple Spa
Union Building
171 Tras Street (Behind Amara Hotel), Singapore 079025
Reservation: +65 6225 1555
Monday to Sunday: 10.00am to 6.00am daily
Parking: If you are not afraid being summon by the police, you can just park along the road side outside of the spa considering if you are visiting in late hours.