Sabaai Sabaai Traditional Thai Massage at Boat Quay

Photo by Sabaai Sabaai.

Sabaai Sabaai is situated in the bustling night life of Boat Quay, Sabaai Sabaai provide street-goers a chance to relax their body before going for the drink in the nearby bars & restuarants. Providing Traditional Thai Massage by certified therapists, they welcome you with their authentic thai massage skills to knead your tiredness away on mattress set on the floor.

Sabaai Sabaai Traditional Thai Massage

49A Boat Quay
Singapore 049838
Tel: +65 6536 3306 / +65 9337 3715
Nearest MRT Station: Clarke Quay (NE5)

Operating Hours:
Monday to Saturday: 12.00pm to 10.00pm
Sunday: 12.00pm to 6.00pm

Updated on 9th Dec 2014.

Reunion Dinner at Dempsey’s Long Beach – With Yu Sheng !

It is hard to imagine how time passed and soon we are entering the year of Snake. As usual, before the starts of the Chinese New Year, my friends and I would all gather together to have our own annual dinner at Dempsey’s Long Beach. I supposed this is the third time which we are having Chinese New Year Dinner at the same location.

Prosperity Yu Sheng - for the good year coming
Yu Sheng

It is a tradition in most Chinese people to have Yu Sheng aka Lo Hei in Singapore. It is a dish that symbolizes good luck and fortune coming year and a must dish prior to the start of dinner. We had two tables and decided to combined our Yu Sheng together to make a mega one. Something special as compared to the previous year, the Long Beach actually uses strawberry sauce instead of the traditional honey sauce. I didn’t took a photo of the end process of the Lo Hei, as it has always been the case that we are messy all over the table. Perhaps because of the strawberry sauce, the Yu Sheng tasted watery but not as sweet. The overall taste was not bad. A new fusion to the Yu Sheng !

Steamed Live Scottish Razor Clam with Minced Garlic
Steamed Live Scottish Razor Clam with Minced Garlic
This is another dish which we never fails to eat as well. Personally I liked the taste of garlic and together with the soy sauce and tang hoon, it makes a perfect combination ! (Though I have to take two portions since my girl friend has a small appetite, but she managed to finished all the garlic before passing it to me….) The dish was cooked in perfect timing and it was not that “rubbery” and easy to swallow. 
Live Golden Stripe Lobster | Long Beach
Live Golden Stripe Lobster
The Stripe Lobster was a signature dish at Long Beach and definitely it lives up to its reputation. Compliment with sweet flakes covering the entire lobster, the freshness and juiciness of the lobster meat together with the crisp of the flakes is never too full to have a second serving. A must try dish !
Traditional Peng Cai (or treasure bowl)
Traditional Peng Cai (Treasure Bowl)

Last but not the least, the Traditional “Peng Cai” or Treasure Bowl. Nevertheless, this is not a must dish to eat during Chinese New Year but it symbolizes good fortune and most of the chinese people likes it. The dish consists of few main ingredients including, brocoli, prawns, abalone, tofu skin, mushrooms, sea cucumber, carrots, duck meat, pork, dried scallops and maybe other more meat which I did not managed to see all neatly placed in a claypot and boiled with superior broth. The portion above is good for 10 person easily without ordering any other dish, and of course we did not even managed to finish half of the dish after we have eaten those above. The good thing about it is the restaurant has actually catered (or maybe foresee the dish could not be finish at all) the claypot to be taken home which we can consumed later. Phew !

Overall the service of the restaurant is good, with attentive manager and waitress, I would say it is a good place for dinner. How about the price ? I did not pay a cent as it was a treat from my friend, but I would have guessed it might be over $600 per table.

Long Beach at Dempsey
25 Dempsey Road, Singapore 249670 (Left turn to Dempsey via Holland, before Peirce Rd)
Reservations: +65 6323 2222
Opening Hours: 11.00am to 3.00pm, 5.30pm to 1.30am daily