Spam Kimchi Ra-Myon at Bugis Plus Seoul Yummy

I was at Bugis Plus waiting to catch the Steve Job movie at 9.20pm but I would need to fill my stomach before the movie. Despite having Korean food just one week ago at Manbok Galbi Korean BBQ, I ended up choosing korean cuisine again despite the great varieties of Japanese ramen restaurants available at that level.

It actually impressed me when they are serving small portions of appetisers just like other korean restaurants although I have ordered only one bowl of ramen.  However, the waiter was trying to serve me more of those which I found it redundant as I would not be able to finish my ramen and the appetisers all together, so I requested him to stop serving more to me. Save it for other customers.
Here comes the ramen and at the first look, it appealed to me as a cheap and “I am not so good to eat” presentation. My girl friend and I agreed mutually that it looks slightly like a home cooked instant noodle. Supposed to be a Kimchi ramen, but the Kimchi used was terribly tasteless and you could taste that no efforts was spent on the soup base. I have been to Korea twice and tasted how they flavoured their food to cover the cheap taste over sausages and luncheon, but not this. Not recommended.

Kimchi Ra-Myon
Spam Kimchi Ramen

As mentioned in their logo, korean casual dining and I wonders if this really means casual cooking as well. Nevertheless, I might be the one that ordered the wrong dish in the vast variety on the menu. I will come back some day for the Army Stew they are promoting ferociously.

Bugis+, 201 Victoria St #04-11,S188067
Tel: 6509 6900
Operating Hours: Mon to Thu – 11.30am to 10pm, Fri to Sun – 11.30am to 10.30pm

Manbok Galbi Korean BBQ Restuarant at Tanjong Pagar

Door face of Manbok Galbi (Sorry for the bad take)

Today was a special occasion because I was meeting one of my sister’s friend whom I have not seen him since Chinese New Year and they were going to have dinner together. My sister asked me to join them for dinner, but have not any good suggestion dining place and it was when Manbok Galbi Korean BBQ came across my mind. I have visited the restaurant two weeks ago and I am still yearning to go back because of the friendly staff and my curiosity of BBQ eel which they have advertise. I roped in my girl friend and buddy for the dinner as well.

We was meeting up for dinner at 7pm, but as usual, Tanjong Pagar is packed with cars and carpark lots along the road was all taken up and we had to go to the nearest carpark at the estate. Upon entering the shop, the entire restaurant was filled with people and we are lucky just to have a table for five of us. The shop owner recognised me immediately as he tapped on my shoulder and brought me a chair so that we can all sit around the table comfortably.

Ordering food is one of my forte and given my appetite for my liken food, I actually placed orders for two set of meat, one set of mushroom, one fried seafood with rice cake, one mackerel kimchi soup, two bowls of cold noodles and last but not the least, THE EEL.

Before the start of the big feast, here are some appetisers. These are normally provided during the start of the course, accordingly to korean culture. A nice way to wake your stomach for better food later.

The korean side Dish (also called Pan Chan)
The Korean Side Dish (called Pan Chan)

Then it came the pork belly, marinate pork and mushroom. One thing I liked about this restaurant is they really care about the food that the customers are eating and will take the attention to check on the food when it is being barbecued. One reason I revisit this restaurant is because they are still using conventional method of usage of charcoal. Though it might take longer time to cook as compared to electrical or gas type of BBQ grill, but the time wasted is definitely compensated through a better taste.

I would say that this is a bad choice. It does not really tasted like it is being carefully cooked and the dish turn sticky after the gravy started to dries up. We did not finish this as the rice cake is too fulfilling and we are afraid that will left no rooms for other food coming in soon.

Seafood with Rice Cake

Seafood with Rice Cake.

Next in the line is the Mackerel Kimchi Soup. Cooked in a korean styled hot pot, the soup is boiling and lively with aroma smell of kimchi. One thing I liked about this soup is that it does not have the stench of the fish and the texture was quite smoothening and not overcooked or boiled. A big favourite for my girl friend who is a fish-nivore.

Kimchi Mackerel Soup

This was a total joke ! While we was placing our order earlier on, we was choosing between the seafood rice cake and the seafood pancake, but the waiter actually served it to us ! We split the pan cake and gobbled up within minutes without noticing that the waiter had actually placed it on the wrong table. It was till half of it being gobbled up, we discovered that this was not part of the order. Though it was too late, but we still informed the waiter as this might be another table order. Guess what ? Since there is no turning point, he decided we can keep the dish and free of charge. What a luck ! The pan cake unlike those I have eaten in other restaurant as it has a more soft and chewy texture compared to being crispy fried in other korean restaurant. A dish to be try as well.

Before we knew it, our table looked like this !

A table full of food !

Not done yet, I still have the cold noodles ! Initially we thought that two bowls of this noodles should be sufficient enough to share among five person, but we was totally wrong. The portion of the noodle was quite huge and it took an substantial amount of space in my stomach before I cleared one bowl with my buddy. The noodle is very chewy and if you eaten it while it is cold, it tasted the best. Maybe they does not want to ruin the taste of the soup, they did not actually put in a lot of ice to keep it cool. Anyway, my buddy and I finish the second bowl after everyone were bloated and we thought we should just “throw away” into our stomach.

Korean Cold Noodles
Korean Cold Noodles

Last but not the least, the star of the night, BBQ EEL ! I was a first-timer barbecue an freshly caught eel. In fact, the eel was taken from the fish tank right near the entrance door and being handled in the kitchen. While it was being serve to us, the eel is still twitching, seemingly alive ! Honestly, though it is eel like Unagi, but it has a totally different taste without the teriyaki sauce used in Japanese food. Honestly, it is hard for me to describe the taste because it was my first time. However, tasting the freshness and tenderness of the eel with tint smell of charred crispy skin, I would say that $55 for an eel is a worthwhile try.

The eel lies flat on the grill
It started to curl up
Turn it over and grill the other side.

It has been a great pleasure to dine at Manbok Galbi Korean BBQ, given that the father and son restaurant showed their great passion and hospitality to all of their customers while providing quality original korean barbecue food. Apart from that, the ambience of the restaurant is also good for spending quality time with your friends.

Manbok Galbi Korean BBQ
63 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088484
Tel: 6221 9942
Operating Hours: Mon to Sat – 11.30am to 3am, Sun – 11.30am to 12mn
Parking is available along the roadside, but it is hard to get a lot during peak hours. You can try parking at Tanjong Pagar Plaza multi-storey carpark which is less than 5 minutes walk to Manbok.

Salad at The Queen and Mangosteen British Pub

vivocity queen and mangosteen british pub

Today was Hari Raya and it was a good day for relaxation. Just nice that one of my supplier engineer was around in town for the last day before his midnight flight back to Turkey. He wanted to buy bags for his little son and daughter, and was asking if we could bring him to buy the bags. That is how we ended up in Vivocity.

After two hours of searching, we could not find any suitable bags for his children and we are exhausted and looking for a place to sit down for a drink and small bites. 
Since that we all are smokers, we looked for restaurants along the river and finally stumbled upon The Queen and Mangosteen British Pub. Though it was a pub, but we are not in favor for a drink but just coffee and light beverages and of course the salad. 
I ordered a Classic Caesar Salad with prawns while the engineer ordered a Smoked Salmon Salad.
Smoke Salmon Salad.
Classic Caesar Salad with Prawns
Classic Caesar Salad with Prawns

It is quite unexpected that a pub can produced such a delicious salad. One of the life enjoyment is enjoying good food with great scenic views of Sentosa’s Resort World and bathed in the warm sunshine. 

Mentioned in Iron Lady Chef that she had a blasting dinner here so perhaps I should come here one good evening for a dinner treat !
Vivocity #01-106/107 
1 Harbourfront Walk
Singapore 098585
Reservations can be done online through their website.

Late Night Supper at Haq-Insaf’s Eating Place

After going to Rochester Park and The star, my girl friend and I was unable to find a good place to chill out. Though there are still 24-hour Macs and Starbucks around that precinct, but hey, isn’t that boring ?? (As my friend will be coming late, it would be redundant that we sit down for half an hour before shifting to another place)

It took us almost an hour and we finally settled at Jalan Mas Puteh, an Indian Muslin cum Indian Thai eating place as I could feel my stomach growling for supper… Haha .. Bad eating habits .. 
So what did I order for my supper ? One mushroom prata and one onion egg prata with chilli with mutton curry (too bad they only have the gravy, but not the mutton). One thing which I did not expect is that the mushroom prata is so huge !!! Let’s see how it taste …..
First the onion and egg prata with chilli. It tasted like onion and egg prata actually, with just a tint of spiciness. Nothing special.
Then we goes to the super sized mushroom prata. A surprised taste though. Mushroom is known to be tasteless but they have spread a cost of sugar on the underneath of the prata to make it sweet. The taste coupled with the mutton curry creates a unique taste of sweet, spiciness and flavor of mushroom. Highly recommended.
Apart from this, I took some of the Mee Goreng Thai he ordered. It is very well cooked as well. A try for next time. 

Haq-Insaf’s Eating Place (Halal Food)
15 Jalan Mas Puteh (Directly opposite of Esso along West Coast Road)
Operating Hours: 4.45pm to 4.45am daily
Outdoor tables for smokers. 
Ample parking along the roadside.

7 Types of Irritating Masseurs

Massage is a enjoyable and relaxation process, provided that you are being serve by a good masseur. I have encountered the goods and bad through out the years I have been going around massaging and below are the 7 kinds of masseurs whom I cannot stand.

#1 A Talkative Masseur.
It has been really a long day for you after rushing out reports and finally knocked off in the midnight. You wanted a short relaxation session and visit the late night massages, looking for a decent de-stress session. Greeted politely by your masseur, she started working on your body and so does her mouth. Regardless if you was either a good or bad listener, she just kept trying to have a conversation with you while you are trying to fall asleep during the massage. You ended up more tired after hearing so much. What a “long” day !

#2 The Superpower Masseur.
Massage is supposed to be a smoothening and relaxing process, however, there are sometimes when you are served by a “Superpower”. While not tending to your needs and adequate strength to use, she uses all her might trying to give you the most “refreshing” massage and breaking your bones at the same time. Especially true when you are going for Thai Massage, so beware.

#3 The Sleepy Masseur.
The latest drama has kept the masseur up all night that leaves her restless during the day. She started working on your back as usual and slowly you felt that it is getting softer and softer… and it paused for a moment……..and she continues to work on your back. The cycle continues for the entire cycle and by the time you complete your massage session, you felt nothing but simply fustration. But you are lucky because she did not use her saliva as the essential oil.

#4 The Freestyler Masseur.
You have been visiting this particular massage parlor for umpteen times and out of your luck your usual masseur is out of town and they had to arrange another new masseur to you. Even though the masseur is trained by the spa, she is pressing all over the body without a proper sequence and you did not feel the smoothening effects of the massage and ended your day a bad one.

#5 The Career Masseur.
You are an executive that has been picking up phone calls the entire day and you really wanted to switch your phone to slient mode and enjoy an hour of quietness and relaxation. However, when you lay down flat on the bed, the masseurs is talking over the phone with the customers, making reservations by herself or SMSes alerts are coming in and she is replying it whilst massaging for you. Don’t you just find it annoying that you could not even enjoy the slight tranquility in a day ?

#6 The Scraper Masseur.
One of the taboo of a masseur is not cutting her nails. I really hated when a masseur scratch my skin with her fingernails, leaving red swollen marks. One is because of hygiene reason while another is what happens if your girl friends misunderstood those marks ? You will get yourself into trouble….

#7 The Practical Masseur.
There is nothing much I can describe about this type of masseur, but if they provided really good massage services, tips will be given willingly, not by asking from the customers.

Massage Parlours at Concorde Hotel

Looking for multiple choices of massage or spa around the hotel precinct, Concorde Hotel and Shopping Mall would be the best choices of all. After some research (minor ones), Concorde Hotel is the home to many small individual massage parlours which has a wide range of massage from foot reflexlogy to Traditional Thai Massage. Below are my humble list of massage parlours which I have found out.

If you are yearning for some Thai Massage, you can try out Arunrat Traditional Thai Massage or A Alisara Thai Traditional Massage, both located at the 2nd level of the Shopping Mall.

For ladies that has finish their shopping spree at Orchard Road, you can go to Yuki Foot Reflexology Centre, which is also located at 2nd level.

Options for spa are available right in Concorde Hotel, Zen Wellness and AngelSky8. Treat your body with body massage and spa facilities like Jacuzzi, steam baths and Sauna. Good thing about AngelSky8 is they also have a Children’s corner, while your child enjoys their fun, you can have a totally relaxation at the spa.

Updated 8th June 2013