Businessman found dead at Club One Seven Spa

Mr Yeo Hung Song, a 48-year-old restaurant boss was found dead inside Club One Seven Spa on 19th November 2012. He was found inside Room 5 which featured a saddle bench with wooden legs and two meter tall frame with metal chains dangling from each corner. It was only after seven hours at 9.30pm, a cleaner knocked on the door of the locked cubicle but there was no response. Two cleaners managed to unlatch the door and found Song’s body naked and on bended knees, with a chain around his neck. On the floor was a towel contained his semen.

The State Coroner said there could been a possibility of suicide. It was also believed that Song was practising autoerotic asphyxiation which could have caused his death. Inquiry heard that he told a friend two weeks ago that he wanted to commit suicide before his death in the spa.

Club One Seven Spa was a two-storey spa that is meant for only registered patrons. Though it is being advertised as a men-only spa, some have mentioned it is dedicated for gays.

Autoerotic asphyxiation, also known as breath control play is the intentional restriction of oxygen to the brain for sexual arousal.  The carotid arteries on either side of the neck carry oxygen-rich blood from the heart to brain. When compressed, in form of strangulation or hanging, create a sudden loss of oxygen and accumulation of carbon dioxide increase feeling of giddiness and pleasure which will heighten masturbatory sensations. It was said that as much as 1,000 people are killed through the practice of autoerotic asphyxiation.

I am quite unsure about why The New Paper decided to publish an past matter in the newspaper and there are some misleading truth stated in the news. It tarnished the reputation of the spa by calling it “gay sex club”. So can we confer all-ladies spa as lesbian sex club and late night massage parlours as sleazy spa ? What are the media trying to prove ?

Source: The New Paper. 

Unfresh food at Holland Village Sushi Tei

Today was my girl friend birthday and I was thinking of bringing her for a good dinner at Holland Village Sushi Tei. However, it has proven to be a wrong choice to be eating in this Japanese restaurant. Though they are able to serve food in a considerably quick time, but the dishes lacks of proper plating and it looks as if they are cooking a home dish. 

Dragon Roll I ordered was warm, so was the mango topping. Furthermore, the rice was very sticky and tasted just like glutinous rice. All together it creates a disastrous effect.
Sashimi of 3 Kinds. It is a combination of Yellow Tail, Tuna and Salmon sashimi. The appearance of the slices already shown the lack of experience of the person slicing the fish while each slice look almost 1 cm thick. The Yellow Tail tasted dried and each slice of it was falling apart. The Tuna was in deep red colour and the texture was mushy. Paying $30 for such standard is really a waste of money.
While I actually informed one of the waitress about the sashimi, she look stunned and walk away without saying anything and it was only after 15 minutes, the manager to rectify the problem. Hey, I was paying $200 plus dollars for a 4 pax meal and this was what we get from the food and service ? I think Kopitiam standard can be better than them. 
What a day !

Tuina Oil Massage at Green Apple Spa (Jurong East)

I was having a great headache today and thought of going for a massage in Jurong area. The day before I was actually wanted to visit V Wellness Spa but instead I accompanied my friend for supper. Today, we was finding the other branch of V Wellness Spa called New Wellness Spa. we was looking around the neighborhood for the spa and was stumbled upon a big poster that write “Green Apple Spa”. I was astonished as I was a regular at North Bridge Road’s Green Apple Spa, but they are totally  unrelated. Of course we thought it was an imitation to attract customers but after the massage we have thought otherwise.

They specialized in Tuina massage and the spa was manned by Chinese nationals which we thought the service might not be that good. The spa was clean and the envoirnment was quiet. We went for a 90 minutes body massage and the results were good.
The masseurs was very good with their finger works, working deep into the aching areas of the body, especially for my masseur, Ms. Alice. It can be felt that her hands are experienced and managed to pin point correctly all my aching area. Of course, this has been one of the most painful massage I had but at the same time pain reliving. 

During the course of massage, there was cheeky guy that came in to ask for massage and query if he could choose the masseur which immediately we knew he was looking for something different. Why do people still think that late night massage is always something special ? That a stupid thinking. Look at the poster outside !

Well coming back for the spa, we have paid $75 for a 90 minutes body massage which we considered it to be expensive given that town area are charging the same price, but it is definitely offset through the skills of the masseurs. Moreover, they are CaseTrust accredited with good business practice. I am sure that I will be back for the massage again.

The only downside is they only have 5 rooms and could be occupy easily even in the midnight so it is better to make a reservation before going down. 

Blk 343, Jurong East Street 31, #01-61
Singapore 600343
Opening Hours: 10am to 5am daily
There are ample parking lot available at the carpark right behind the spa during the night so no worries with it. 

Harrods Handmade Belgium Chocolate

My friend was back from her short vacation from UK and she bought a souvenir off the shelve from the UK airport. A Harrods Belgium chocolate.
Though the packaging was not really fantastic that is from a high quality maker, but never judge a book from its cover.

There is 3 different flavors, dark, normal and milk chocolate in the box. I chose the dark chocolate and the first bite impression it has a great texture without being very sweet. Each piece of chocolate was decorated with natural ingredients like walnuts, sunflower seeds and raisins. Complimented with the natural taste of the nuts and raisin, it truly brings out the flavour of the chocolate . 
My friend indeed know how to make a good choice, thanks ! Below is the information of the chocolate just in case you want to look for it .