Dinner at Satay by the Bay

After a disappointed High Tea at Vivocity’s Max Brenner, we decided to have our light dinner elsewhere. Given consideration that one of my friends is from Japan and we should have bring him to a unique place for dinner. Hence, Satay by the Bay. No thoughts of what food to eat, but if we are talking about local delicacies, then it should be Satay and Zi Char. I was starving since this was my first meal of the day. Otah For the appetitizers, we ordered the Otah (fish meat cake wrapped inside banana leaves). Normally, it should taste a little spicy and you can smell the aroma of banana leaves. However, the Otah which we ordered missed the mark totally. In fact, it was quite sweet …

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Max Brenner Chocolate Bar at Vivocity

Before I start writing a blog post regarding Max Brenner at Vivocity, I read many others reviews from many sites and there was many negative reviews on hungrygowhere.com. I thought I was just too sensitive over their service, but I think I was not wrong. In fact, my first encounter with Max Brenner was during my stay in Melbourne Australia for my sister’s graduation ceremony. They shown a lot of creativity in making of chocolate-based drinks and desserts which was I thought it was quite unique. Of course it is a good thing that we are able to enjoy Max Brenner, but I think they lack of quality customer services which might just ruin their names. Banana Split I was suppose to have a lunch appointment …

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Manpower Crunch Close Down History Long Tong Seng Coffeeshop

It is a saddening news when you heard that a long serving Coffeeshop are closing down due to manpower issue. While the government has been strict particularly on foreign workers working in Singapore, it has been a hard task nowadays to look for locals to really take over traditional cultural food.  Furthermore, with the spur of restuarants that are coming up in the precinct, people are looking more on the “packaging” of the Coffeeshop rather than the “contents” itself. It will be sad to see that our future young generations will not be able to enjoy such traditional food anymore.  Below is the article I saw from AsiaOne News App. Yesterday, Tong Seng Coffeeshop owner Ong Choon Seng expected the largest turnout at his halal eatery …

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Beauteous Spa at The Adelphi

Beauteous Spa has shifted to a now location at Adelphi. They are providing services such as Bust Treatment, Face Treatment, Eye Treatment, Neck Lifting Treatment, Body Treatment, Slimming Treatment & Waxing Treatment. They have also introduced the latest oxy face treatments which boost oxygen consumption and increase the natural energy of the cells. Over a long term treatment, it stimulates cellular renewal and minimize open pores for younger, firmer, elastic and luminous skin. Get the first trial at $38 only ! 1 Coleman Street The Adelphi #B1-28Singapore 179803Tel: 6333 5817beauteous88@gmail.comwww.beauteous.sg