Max Brenner Chocolate Bar at Vivocity

Before I start writing a blog post regarding Max Brenner at Vivocity, I read many others reviews from many sites and there was many negative reviews on I thought I was just too sensitive over their service, but I think I was not wrong.

In fact, my first encounter with Max Brenner was during my stay in Melbourne Australia for my sister’s graduation ceremony. They shown a lot of creativity in making of chocolate-based drinks and desserts which was I thought it was quite unique. Of course it is a good thing that we are able to enjoy Max Brenner, but I think they lack of quality customer services which might just ruin their names.

Banana Split

I was suppose to have a lunch appointment with my other three friends that just came back from overseas, but I overslept and missed my appointment. They chosen a Max Brenner for deserts and coffee while waiting for my arrival.

When I reached, just nice that my friend’s waffle banana split arrived. It looks good on the plating, but tasting it proven too much sweetness for me. My girl friend and I decided to have a cup of coffee before leaving for our dinner. However, while we enter the cafe till I sit down and tasted my friend’s banana split, no waiter actually approach us with a menu and until we requested for it. What I can see is a poor management in the cafe where all the staff is running around, unsure of their tasks. Finally, we managed to order our drinks which took more than 15 minutes to deliver to us and that was when one of my friend suddenly asked “Where is my cake ?” She ordered the cake even before our arrival but was not being serve to her yet. Since that we are leaving after my drink, she already thought it cancelling the order.

Table full of cups and cups….

But what really leaves me in disgust is their cleanliness. On the table that is facing right in front of me what the sight which most of the consumers would not like to see. I am not sure of their standards, but I definitely think that they really need to buck up more on their services and cleanliness. Really hope that they will buck up on their services.

By the way, we paid about $50 for 4 beverages and 1 dessert, the waitress remembered my friend’s cake before we are paying and ask for a minute for it to be served. But why should we give her another minute when we have already waited for 45 minutes ?

#01-116 Vivocity, 1 HarbourFront Walk

Tel: + 65 6278 4218
Opening Hours: Sun to Thurs – 10am to 10pm, Fri & Sat – 10am to 11pm

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