Singapore ads on Old Man Hates Massaging Sexy Models

Source: TNP

The following videos was a creative piece of work by Jobiness, a job search portal. The uncle plays as a disgruntled massage therapists for professional models complaining his “nightmare” about giving these sexy models a massage. He might thinks it is the worse job ever, does anyone wants to take over his job ?

Though he ended up finding a desk job, but he still get harassment by the fellow female colleagues for him to massage for them.

Background about the “Uncle”

The massage therapist “uncle” was Mr. Toh Kia Hing, a 53 year-old sound engineer working at Chinoiserie, a dance club near Esplanade. He was single and has not been in a relationship for the past seven years. Although the advertisement was broadcasted in two versions, Hokkien (Chinese dialect) and Singlish, he was actually a Hainanese.

How He Managed to Cliche This “Nightmare” Advertisement ?

Recounting on how he landed this job to star on the advertisement, one of his old friends and the director of the advertisement, Nicholas Lee, whom was role was “Ronnie” in Channel 5 sitcom “Under One Roof” call him and soon landed the role two weeks after the audtion.

Women Really Difficult to Serve ?

In the interview with inSing News, he mentioned that being a engineer for more than 30 years, he would rather massage a microphone than a woman because it doesn’t nag. Though there is negative comments from viewers that he hated women, but he said that laughter was set in during the rehearsal and the girls were fun to work with.

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