Delicious Durian Lava Cake at Ice Edge Cafe

ice edge cafe door front
I believe a lot of you have tried before chocolate lava cake, but how about durian lava cake ? I was with one of my friends and he mentioned that the durian lava cake was fantastic and after craving for two weeks, we finally landed ourselves to try our the special lava cake. The cafe is located at the corner of a building, right in front of the roundabout at Kovan Road so it is not difficult to find the cafe. Though only thinking of trying out the lava cake, but since there was three of us, we ordered a profiterole to share among us.

Mao Shan Wang Durian Lava Cake

Mao Shan Wang Durian Lava Cake

The Mao Shan Wang Durian Lava Cake ($14.80) is decorated nicely on an elongated plate with the lava cake topped with a half strawberry and a cup of scoop’s while ice cream. You can select your own choice of ice cream from their wide range of premium gelato ice cream selection. They even took little effort to use a stencil to put their cafe’s name on the plate.

Once you cut open the lava cake, you will see the thick durian cream oozing, followed by a tint aroma of durian. On the first touch on the tastebud, you could taste the rich flavours of the lava cake while it is still in it’s warm state.

2 Scoop Profiterole

Here comes the next dessert, 2 Scoop Profiterole ($12.00). We ordered only two puff but they also have a choice of three puff available on their menu. Same as the lava cake, we can have our own choice of gelato ice cream from their selection which they substitute as fillings for the puffs. The top of the puff is coated with a layer of melted dark chocolate and sliced almonds are sprinkled on top of it. However, I thought that the puff was slightly hard when eaten with the ice cream. I would recommend that you allows the ice cream to melt and soften the puff a little before starting to indulge in it. Though it is our choice for the ice cream, the staff did not really recommend which ice cream is more suitable for both the lava cake and profiterole and ended up that she put lychee martini into the profiterole which was a total mismatch. It would be good if they would recommend and ask the customers before selecting the correct choice of ice cream on the profiterole.

In conclusion, the overall experience is still good after having to taste to durian lava cake. I think that they should be awarded for their efforts and creativity in putting the king of fruits into a new style of dessert. Worth trying. Definitely I will be coming back for more with my friends again.

The bill comes with 7% GST and 0% Service Charge.

#01-10/11 Simon Plaza
2 Kovan Road, Singapore 548008
Tel: +65 6858 5729
Opening Hours: 12pm to 12am daily
Ample parking along Kovan Road
Nearest MRT: Kovan MRT

Famous Tau Sar Piah From Kedah

My girl friend’s cousin was visiting Singapore with her boy friend and they have brought us a Malaysia local delight, which was as well one of my favorite snack as well – Tau Sar Piah. As soon as I reached home, I could not wait to open up the box to see what is waiting inside for me like a small boy.When you open the box, you will see two layers of identical Tau Sar Piah stacked neatly and the top of the Tau Sar Piah is coated with a layer of golden brown color.

While taking my first bite of the Tau Sar Piah, you would not even noticed that there was a crust at all ! Simply because the crust is so soft and blended so well with the filling that you would not even noticed it. Though it might seem similar to those that you can buy fresh in Singapore, but the taste is  definitely different class. Indeed, as mentioned on the box itself, it is a Lao Zi Hao.

Lau Zi Ho Enterprise
No. 746, Jalan Kuala Ketil, 08000 Sungai Petani,
Kedah, Malaysia
Tel: +60-4-4233266


How to install Whatsapp on Macbook.

Have you ever thought of installing Whatsapp onto your Macbook so that you can chat your laptop while doing your work at the same time without keep looking at your mobile phone ? Unlike apps like Skype and Viber, they already have a platform ready for installation from their website. Thanks to android emulator called bluestacks, it is now all possible for Whatsapp to be readily available and installed on MAC or PC.

Step 1. Go to and download the Windows or MAC version that is appropriate for you. Please note for Macbook users, the minimum requirement is OS X 10.6 or later.
Step 2. Download and install the file. The file size for Macbook application is about 116mb so it might take a while. One thing I liked about Macbook, the Drag and drop application installation. Simply easy.

Step 3. Open Bluestack application and at the bottom left corner, there is a search icon, click on it and search for Whatsapp application. Once you have found it, click install.

Step 4. After you have installed the Whatsapp Messenger, you will be prompt to sign in with a Google Account. The application will prompt that Google Account is not linked with this phone (Bluestack). Click finish setup to close the window. Please note that I have use a proxy gmail address for demonstration purposes.

Step 5. It is a bit tedious on the installation of the Whatsapp app for the first time. Now, go back to the Search Icon on the bottom left again and click it. This time there will be an additional pop-up window showing Whatsapp on from different platform. Find and select Whatsapp Messenger. I did not manage to capture the screenshot of the Whatsapp icon, but you if screen slowly, you will see the app.

Step 6. After clicking the icon, you should see the page top like below. Click Download and then Accept and Download. The next step it will bring you to phone verification via sms or phone call.

Step 7. If everything goes well for the above steps, you will see the screen like below. Click Agree and continue. Here is the tricky part, the whatsapp will prompt for an verification via sms and it will fail as the verification cannot be done via Bluestack. Tap “Call Me” and receive the pin from the phone call instead and enter the verification code and you are almost done.

Step 8. Completed ! You are into your Profile info page and click next will bring you into the conversation list.

Drawbacks On Using Whatsapp on Macbook

  • If you are already in the conversation list, you might not find all the existing conversation except for group chats. This is because the Bluestack does not sync the contacts from your iPhone. You will need to add in contacts one by one from the Whatsapp on the Macbook. 
  • The existing group conversation does not show the trailing messages from the iPhone. What you type now does not appears on your iPhone either.
  • The interface of the Whatsapp is slightly different. After you have finish your message you want to type, press Right and Enter to respond to a reply. To interchange between different conversation, you will have to press Esc and select the conversation again.
  • When you are using Whatsapp on Bluestack, you are automatically logged off from the iPhone. If you decided to switch back to mobile phone, they will ask for SMS verification again. One important thing is if you decided to switch back to Bluestack’s Whatsapp and again to iPhone’s Whatsapp in short period of time, it will block you number temporary, so be sure to take note of that. 
Hope that this article has helped those looking for solutions to use Whatsapp on a Macbook and feel free to feedback or ask and I can try to help. Thanks for viewing !

When Hot Stone Meets With Ramen – Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen at Liang Court

The ramen shop is bright decorated in bright red, tucked away in a corner of Liang Court. With a large bright red signboard, it easily attracts my attention while I was walking around the shopping complex to find a restaurant to settle down for my late night dinner.

Tonkotsu kazan ramen

Tonkotsu Kazan originated from Osaka, Japan, the same province which is famous for their kinryu ramen. Although the dish was created in Osaka, but they does not have a physical shop in Japan itself at the moment. Their signature dish is Ishiyaki Ramen, meanings Hot Stone Ramen. Ishiyaki was a traditional method used to make roasted chestnuts and sweet potatoes and the combination of the two traditional cooking bring the ramen to a whole new creativity level.

For a “volcanic” feel, I opted for the Karamiso Ramen set. The noodle and ingredients are beautifully set in the sizzling hot preheated 300 degree celsius stone bowl and after their specialty Tonkotsu soup is being poured in, they covered it with a inverted cone shaped funnel. While the dish is “erupting”, there are white smokes coming out from the top of the funnel.

Beside there creativity, one of the focus will be on their specialty Pork Broth. The soup is being prepared early in the day by simmering the finest pork bones for long hours, skimming off all the scums to make a clear soup base. Soup stock from pork heads and vegetables like Chinese cabbages, carrots, Chinese leek, etc are also added into the soup to create a various flavours levels yet providing nutrition, calcium and collagen.

Here is the end product of the volcano ramen ! The miso ramen is topped with chilli spicy minced meat and garnished with thinly chopped spring onions. Definitely the ramen is hot and spicy, however, after continuously sipping of the ramen, it actually tasted quite salty. Furthermore, the portion of the noodle was not small either. I managed to save some soup for the rice (forgot to take photo 🙁 ) and both rice and soup blended instantaneously, creating another dish of it’s style. I will come back for more !

Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen
Liang Court #01-10
177 River Valley Road, Singapore 179030
Opening Hours: 11am to 10.30pm daily
Tel: +65 6397 6636

Late Night Massage at Han Dynasty ROCCA Balestier

Han Dynasty at ROCCA Balestier

I managed to finish early with my appointment and decided to give myself a good massage after a week of battle at work. Our usual spot was Green Apple but decided to have a switch at Tang Dynasty but along the way on Balestier Road, a banner caught my girl friend attention which reads 24 hour massage and we decided to give it a try.

The massage spa is located on the 4th floor, which was previously Xian Zu Ge. The oriental-styled interior was similar to Tang Dynasty and our hunch was confirmed after we asked the receptionist. Knowing that this was a weekend and we are hoping that this massage parlor would not have much customers, but we are all wrong. It is around 10pm and they are fully booked while the next available timing was 1am which we have opted for it.

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As mentioned early on, the interior design seems to be following the style of Tang Dynasty and I really liked the ambience of this place, perhaps it is located more away from the crowd and it is on a high floor. The quietness and serenity of the environment itself is already a plus to the parlor.

The waiting area which was just beside the foot reflexology stations. 

I managed to rope in my sis for the massage as well and we both opted for body massage while my girl friend has preferred foot reflexology. I believed they should have a couple of foot reflexology rooms but the one assigned to my girl friend was just right behind the reception counter. Although it is not a large common with big screen like Green Apple does, but certainly it provides the cosiness and compensated through the skilful masseur.

As for the body massage, both masseurs for my sis and I were fantastic. Through the way which they are doing the bodyworks, you can feel that these are experienced hand working on you instead of those newly trained staff that are following the process. Both of us asked for the masseurs’ name for future booking again.

The only uncomfortable part was the receptionist shown a bit of arrogance when she thought we would not be interested in the massage after she told us their spa is fully booked. That pissed us off a bit, but well….

After massage at Han Dynasty, three of us has agreed that it has became the No. 1 in the Top 5 late night massage list.

Spa Information

Han Dynasty
ROCCA Balestier 221 Balestier Road, Level 4 Tel: + 65 6254 6466Opening Hours: Sun to Thu – 10am to 3am, Fri to Sat – 10am to 6am www.handynastyspa.comCarpark is located at the basement of the building. Usually empty during wee hours.