Delicious Durian Lava Cake at Ice Edge Cafe

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I believe a lot of you have tried before chocolate lava cake, but how about durian lava cake ? I was with one of my friends and he mentioned that the durian lava cake was fantastic and after craving for two weeks, we finally landed ourselves to try our the special lava cake. The cafe is located at the corner of a building, right in front of the roundabout at Kovan Road so it is not difficult to find the cafe. Though only thinking of trying out the lava cake, but since there was three of us, we ordered a profiterole to share among us.

Mao Shan Wang Durian Lava Cake

Mao Shan Wang Durian Lava Cake

The Mao Shan Wang Durian Lava Cake ($14.80) is decorated nicely on an elongated plate with the lava cake topped with a half strawberry and a cup of scoop’s while ice cream. You can select your own choice of ice cream from their wide range of premium gelato ice cream selection. They even took little effort to use a stencil to put their cafe’s name on the plate.

Once you cut open the lava cake, you will see the thick durian cream oozing, followed by a tint aroma of durian. On the first touch on the tastebud, you could taste the rich flavours of the lava cake while it is still in it’s warm state.

2 Scoop Profiterole

Here comes the next dessert, 2 Scoop Profiterole ($12.00). We ordered only two puff but they also have a choice of three puff available on their menu. Same as the lava cake, we can have our own choice of gelato ice cream from their selection which they substitute as fillings for the puffs. The top of the puff is coated with a layer of melted dark chocolate and sliced almonds are sprinkled on top of it. However, I thought that the puff was slightly hard when eaten with the ice cream. I would recommend that you allows the ice cream to melt and soften the puff a little before starting to indulge in it. Though it is our choice for the ice cream, the staff did not really recommend which ice cream is more suitable for both the lava cake and profiterole and ended up that she put lychee martini into the profiterole which was a total mismatch. It would be good if they would recommend and ask the customers before selecting the correct choice of ice cream on the profiterole.

In conclusion, the overall experience is still good after having to taste to durian lava cake. I think that they should be awarded for their efforts and creativity in putting the king of fruits into a new style of dessert. Worth trying. Definitely I will be coming back for more with my friends again.

The bill comes with 7% GST and 0% Service Charge.

#01-10/11 Simon Plaza
2 Kovan Road, Singapore 548008
Tel: +65 6858 5729
Opening Hours: 12pm to 12am daily
Ample parking along Kovan Road
Nearest MRT: Kovan MRT

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