Izakaya Nijumaru – A Hidden Japanese Restuarant

Cuppage Plaza was much seen as a dodgy on the physical appearance while the building itself is lined with Japanese restaurants and one that attracted my attention was Izakaya Nijumaru. Not because it has almost filled out the entire stretch of shops along the Japanese restaurant, but the crowd that was waiting for their turns. Though I am a person that does not really like queuing for food, I took a chance an waited for a seat.

After staying in Osaka Japan for two years, I have been a great fan of Japanese food that often I will ordered some much food that it takes two to finish ! Below are the some of the dishes I have ordered and finished. (My girl friend did helped me with a small portion 🙂 ). By the way, I have managed to lose the receipt and I could not remember the price.

First to come Chawamushi. One of my girl friend’s favourite. Served hot and comparing with the those you can eat in big restaurants, their chawamushi has one of the most Japanese authentic taste I had ate before in any of the restaurants in Singapore.

Agedashi Tofu. Nicely placed in a small bowl topped with sliced onions and seaweed.

One of my favourite’s Japanese food, Cha Soba.

Grilled Onions.

Grilled Pork Belly.

Ochatsuke with Salmon.


Despite the fact that though the restaurant looks pretty old and hidden right in the corner of Cuppage Plaza, I believed it deserved to be one of the best hidden Japanese Restuarant in Singapore.

Izakaya Nijumaru
5 Koek Road #02-10/12
Cuppage Plaza, Singapore 228796
Tel: 6235 6693, 6235 4857

Enjoy a Cup of Aromatic Coffee with Your Pet Dog at Sun Ray Cafe

Feeling bored at home with your dog in the lazy Sunday afternoon ? You can try going to Sun Ray Cafe. It is actually along the same street as The Coffee Daily which actually serves coffee as well. The difference is that at Sun Ray Cafe, they have a designated indoor air-conditioned area where you can dine together with your dog ! No worries, they are not serving dog food on the dining table to their masters.

I had just finished a late lunch at Serangoon Gardens’ Sushi Tei and decided to go for a short coffee break to digest my heavy lunch. I was always the lover for Long Black, while my girlfriend and sister ordered for hot Latte and Cappuccino respectively. Though being a coffee-lover, the type of coffee which they were serving were much “technical” and would requires great knowledge to understand the appreciation of coffee tasting. Nevertheless, just enjoy the lazy afternoon with a cup of aromatic coffee along the outdoor area and watch the mischievous dog exploring the indoor dining area with great curiosity. aww.. got to study for my RES Property Exams ….


If you like to learn more about coffee, Sun Ray Cafe is definitely a good place you can visit, while the only downside is getting a car park lot. Dog lovers should really try bringing your dog out for their territory exploration !

Sun Ray Cafe
79 Brighton Crescent, Serangoon Gardens
Singapore 559218
Tel: +65 6283 8700
Opening Hours: Mon to Tue – 6pm to 11pm, Wed to Thu – 11am to 11pm, Fri – 11am to 12am, Sat – 10am to 12am, Sun – 10am to 11pm

Hidden Treasure In Taiwan’s Yam Ball & Fabulous Pineapple Tart

Yam Ball

My girlfriend’s sister was in Taiwan for a business trip and she came back with many of Taiwanese local snacks. One of the snacks which I tried was the Yam Ball.

Each individual yam ball is nicely packed with a beautiful packing. Understand from my girlfriend’s sister that because it is freshly made, it does not last long in the packing before it turns bad.
The entire Yam Ball was coated with a layer of golden brown roasted sesame seeds.

The Yam ball was created with layer of thin crust and the ingredients was an outer layer of yam, followed by another thin layer of salted egg yolk and right in the centre is a marshmallow. (Oops, I ate the marshmallow).

Pineapple Tart

Pineapple Tart is one of my all-time favourite snack since young. The pineapple tart is nicely packed in a golden box, just like those souvenirs we received during people’s wedding in the past. While you open it up, it is packed in a bright red wrapper. When you tear open the wrapper, the scent of the pineapple tart is released almost instantly. The entire pineapple tart was baked to golden brown while you can see that the crust is still soft. The crust and the pineapple fillings blended well together, neither too sweet nor sour (in some cases we often experience eating pineapple tarts with artificial sweetness or too sour-based pineapple). 

Singapore Fibre Home Broadband Chart – Who is the Cheapest?


100Mbps – S$ 39.90 per month
300Mbps – S$ 49.90 per month
500Mbps – S$ 69.90 per month
1Gbps – S$ 395.90 per month

*Free Wireless AC Dual-band Router (worth $299)


Fibre Home Bundle

200Mbps – S$ 49.90 per month
300Mbps – S$ 59.90 per month
500Mbps – S$ 79.90 per month

*Free Wireless Modem ($249) + Home Digital Line with unlimited local calls

Fibre Entertainment Bundle

200Mbps – S$ 69.90 per month
300Mbps – S$ 79.90 per month
500Mbps – S$ 99.90 per month

*Free Wireless Modem ($249) + Home Digital Line with unlimited local calls + mio TV (50+ channels)


200Mbps – S$ 39.00 per month
300Mbps – S$ 49.00 per month
GamePRO 300 Mbps – S$ 55.00 per month


Ultra 1Gbps – S$ 49.99 per month
Gamer Ultra Edition 1 Gbps – S$ 59.99 per month

*Have to purchase router range from $69-$259 (after $100 discount from the voucher)

Finally, I Have Reach Las Vegas, The Casino Resort City

The plane has touched down safely at the Las Vegas airport and it is also the end of the tormenting hours of transit and flight from Singapore to Las Vegas. Upon exiting the arrival halls, you will feel alive in the Casino City, with Jackpots machines litters across the luggage collection point.

Something new which you will never see in Singapore, a 24-hour fresh flower vending machine! However, I could not really figure out why would a vendor place this machine at the airport while everyone is rushing to the casino city. The price is stated from USD 10 to USD 20 per bouquet and I would think it is overpriced compared to Singapore (except during Valentine’s Day).

Without any further delay, we quickly exit the airport to look for transport to our hotel, Planet Hollywood. Instead of getting a van or bus, we booked an limousine for 2-hours to take the entire group of six for a short tour around in the Las Vegas Strip before sending us to the hotel. The rates is USD 75 per hour if my memory did not fails me. However, the more important task is to get a local sim card for mobile internet and local phone usage. Funny enough, the driver recommended us a local big electronics superstore which we found out that they ran out of sim cards for sale. How can that be ? Thinking back about it, the airport was actually spacious enough to accommodate at least one or two stalls, why no one is selling sim card at all ?

The Brat Sausages at Plaza Singapura

Fancy a German sausage on the go ? Try The Brat Sausages at Plaza Singapura.

I was trying to get some small bites before I go for my movie at The Cathay while The Brat Sausages caught my attention. Though there was already many restuarants like Brozeit selling German sausages, I thought it is quite a good idea for this particular to sell a meal to consume at their little dining area or takeaway.

I choose the Spicy Italian Pork Set Meal which comes with a drink and fries at a price of $13.40 (I paid additional $1.50 to change my drink to Snapple.) I ordered for a takeaway and ate at the open area outside of The Cathay so that I can smoke after my meal. Definitely it taste spicy but I does not like the baguette which seems to be a bit too hard to chew on while the size of the sausage is comparatively small.


There will be chances of me visiting Brat Sausages to try out other items on their menu provided if I am going back to Plaza Singapura anytime sooner. Felt that the meals are slightly over-priced with the quantity of food.

Plaza Singapura, #B3-39
Singapore 238839
Tel: +65 6884 6874

AVA recalls Yangban brand Korean-made rice porridge after harmful bacteria is found

Consumers have been advised not to eat Yangban brand Korean-made rice porridge with abalone after it was found to contain a harmful bacteria.

Get the full story from The Straits Times.

Read the statement from the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) here:

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) informed the International Food Safety Authorities Network (INFOSAN) that they had recalled Yangban brand Korean-made rice porridge with abalone from retail sales in Canada. The batch of product was recalled because it was found with Clostridium botulinum and it may potentially permit the growth of the bacteria. As there is import of the implicated product, the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore had informed the importers of the affected product to recall it from sale immediately.

AVA advises the consumers who have bought the implicated product to discard the product and not to consume it. Alternatively, consumers can return it to the retailer. Details of the affected product are as follows:

Product Name: Yangban brand Korean-made rice porridge with abalone

Package Description: Red round 288-gram container featuring Korean characters

Package Size: 288gm

Date Marking: Expiry date 2015-01-24

Batch Identification: Batch Code 09:46 YA-02

What is Clostridium botulinum?

Human botulism is a rare but potentially life-threatening disease caused by a neurotoxin produced by the bacteria, Clostridium botulinum, which can be 

found in soil, the environment and contaminated food.

Symptoms associated with the ingestion of food contaminated with botulism toxin can include nausea, vomiting, fatigue, dizziness, blurred or double vision, dry mouth, respiratory failure and paralysis.

“Thick Skin” Popiah at The Old Malaya Cafe Tampines Mall

It has been ages since I last visit Tampines Mall, but as usual, traffic is really that heavy and parking lots are still very difficult to find. It was 3 pm in the lazy afternoon and I was strolling aimlessly with my girl friend after our movie at the cinema. I felt a bit hungry and decide to go for a small bite to fulfil my temporary hunger. I was walking pass stalls and it caught my attention of the popiah stall right outside of The Old Malaya Cafe. It looks delicious as I saw few people sitting around the tables are eating it as well so I set foot into the cafe.

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The cafe was decorated in old Malaysian-style, no doubt that was being suggested by the cafe name itself. Maybe it was 3 pm in the afternoon, there wasn’t much crowd inside the cafe.

Given my “always-hungry” appetite, I thought one roll not be satisfy my hunger, but it was proven wrong. Not only that it filled my stomach, I was unable to finish all of it even with my girl friend’s help. , it proved to be absolutely fulfilling. However, if you take a closer look at the Popiah, the crepe used is considerable thick compare to traditional thin paper-like crepe. Additionally, the ingredients used in the Popiah indeed shine with brilliant colours, but it does not tasted delicious as it might have display. I would say largely because of the dry and hard crepe, it has disdained the taste of the Popiah altogether while since they took quite a while to prepare it, it is served ratherish cold. This leaves me in doubt why there was so many people waiting for the Popiah.


Nevertheless,  I will skip the Popiah next time if I were to re-visit the cafe and give a shot for other dishes on their menu. I did a search on Google while I discovered there were much dissenting consumers who thought that food was not the best of quality.

The Old Malaya Cafe
Tampines Mall #B1-10
4 Tampines Central 5
Singapore 529508
Tel: 6789 9008
Open Daily from 10 am to 10pm