Sofitel Open Second Spa Outlet at Sentosa in 2015

The Sentosa, A Beaufort Hotel, at 2 Bukit Manis Road is set for a major overhaul that will see its name changed. Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa will be their new name, marking the second spa by the French hotel brand. Their first spa opening, Sofitel So Singapore is schedule to open on 31 May 2014. Undergoing a 12-18 months multi-million dollar renovation, it will be release in second half of 2015. The hotel will still be name The Singapore Resort & Spa Sentosa until transformation is complete. DP Architects and MaxStudio will lead the renovation works. Beside the room, public areas will also get a complete new look, as well as the current Botanica Spa. The new So Spa includes 14 luxurious treatment rooms, …

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Special Shirodhara Head Treatment at Bail’s Dewi Fortuna Spa (Day 1)

Today was the first day of our trip in Bali, my girl friend and I have planned to have at least one massage everyday for our next three days stay in Bali. That should be one of the main purpose of coming to Bali, isn;t it ? After we finished our exquisite balinese lunch at Warung d’Sawah and “checking-in” at my friend’s villa for a short rest, we excitedly asked the driver to bring us to a nearby spa for a good body massage. While the driver drove us around to look for a place to massage, most of the spa salons are fully booked until we reach this spa – Dewi Fortuna Spa. No doubt the first impression of the spa does not throw a …

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North Indian Cuisine Supper at RK Eating House

We have no intention of eating anything but as you know guys, we will feel hungry whenever we see food. Although RK Eating House is famous for their prata, but we are trying something different today – North Indian cuisine. One of the “mistake” we made was ordering of the Large Teh Limau Ice (Ice Lime/Lemon Tea). When the waiter prompted us the size of the tea, we asked for large. The size of is about two cans of Oolong Tea, about 660ml. Gigantic ! I think by the time we finished our drinks, we are done for supper. First to be served was the Kambing Soup. Unlike those I have tasted in other prata shop, they have put an egg into the soup which was …

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Oyster Craze at Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro

The restaurant was tucked away in the dark alley of Greenwood Avenue which if one does not pass by accidentally, it will be almost impossible to reach out for this fabulous restaurants. They have two branch along the same stretch of shophouses and it was pretty filled up with guests during dinner time (about 7.30pm). It was a dinner arranged by one of my girl friend’s best friend whom has a wonderful experience at this restaurant, in fact, it was one of the best restaurants when she was dating with her now-husband (how lovely!) So what is the great deal with this place ? First of all, they are a seafood specialist selling and serving coldwater fish as well as seasonal seafood from Australia, New Zealand, …

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10 Tips to Enjoy Your Solo Overseas Trip – Safely

I was surfing through the Facebook today and one of my friends who has been traveling in Europe has written a great post which I think should be shared with everyone ! I will keep the originality of the entire post, complete with explanation of the Singlish jargon. When I told my friends/colleagues that I’m going solo for my Europe trip, I have reactions like: “Wah, sibei(very) brave to travel Europe alone. Dangerous. Confirm kanna(get) robbed/pickpocket” “You know hor(ya), that one time my so-and-so went to Europe with a BIG group and kanna(got) rob. So hor(ya)…” So now I’m back (thank god, safely), just thought to share some tips. Some of them might be useful to you; some seems ridiculous while others might just be crazy …

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Over Easy (ACA3) – Chilling Near The Seafront at Fullerton

Looking for places to chill in the night while overseeing Marina Bay Sands ? Below is a good place for recommendation. Erdinger (1 Pint) – S$ 16.00Kronenberg (1 Bottle) – S$15.00Lemonade with Mint Leaves – S$ 9.00Cranberry Juice – S$ 8.00Nachos (Recommended) – S$ 16.00 Additional Charges10% Service Charge7% GST 1 Fullerton Road#01-06 One FullertonSingapore 049213Tel: +65 64230701Fax: +65 64230769

Way to Bintulu – Visiting the 4th Largest Town in Sarawak

We flown our way from Brunei to Bintulu via MASwings and it was also the first time I have take a flight in a turboprop plane. We boarded the plane using a rear door (quite usually for passenger plane) and the plane has only two rows of seat of either side. Some travellers have mentioned that smaller aircraft are more prone to turbulence, but nah. That really depends on the weather and we landed in a smooth ride within an hour. While being to Bintulu is my maiden trip, understanding from my client and superior that during the past, the airport is only a doorstep away from the town and it was in fact listed in the Guinness World Records as the town sited nearest to …

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