3 Old School Tidbits That Brings Childhood Memories

Remembered the times while you was young ? There was these simple tidbits selling in the neighbourhood grocery stores and it could provide us with such happiness when we managed to persuade our parents to get one for us. Eating tidbits is considered a luxury as a child in the past. After so many years passed and being a grown up, sometimes these “old school” tidbits does bring back some childhood memories.

While I was traveling to Nilai, Malaysia, I managed to find some of the old school tidbits which can be rarely found in Singapore nowadays.

Big Q (on the left)
It is a hollow corn cracker coated with curry powder. Surprisely, the taste of the tidbits did not change after so much years. I managed to finish 10-20 sticks at one go !

Tora (Centre)
As mentioned on the box, it is really biscuit ball coated with chocolate. However, one thing which it did not mentioned is that there is toy as well.

Ding Ding (on the right)
Contained 2 pieces of sweet that tasted awfully, but also has a toy inside. I am not sure but perhaps of copyright issue with Doraemon, the cartoon character resemble Doraemon but with ears and hands with fingers. haha !

Are You Ready For a Maggot Therapy in Singapore ? More Patients in Singapore Turning to Maggots as a Medical Treatment.

Source: Straight. Picture for illustration purposes only

Origin Scientia, the only maggot producing company in Asia, is increasing its production to meet the demand of more patients in Singapore turning to maggots as a form of medical treatment.
Maggot therapy has seen and three- to four-fold increase in the past four years in Singapore and orders has been received from hospitals in Hong Kong as well. Origin Scientia mentioned that the increased demand is because of increased knowledge about the therapy and lack of similar medical products available in the markets to do the type of medical work that medical-grade maggots are able to accomplish.


The maggots speed up the removal of dead tissue, which aids in faster healing process. Maggots are removed from the wound after two days. Next, fish collagen is used to quicken tissue growth, especially in the treatment for burns and chronic wounds.

Director of Origin Scienta, Carl Baptista took consideration and looking at a variety of different ways to get good chronic wound care to people in homes, both Singapore and regionally as one of the major problem faced by people with chronic wounds is the inability to move around well due to wounds on their feet. By having a mobile clinic or mobile wound care service, they can go to those that requires the services and reduce the amount of moving time for those affected to reduce the risk of worsening the wounds.

The company plans to open a laboratory in Jakarta next month as well as four locations next years, including China, India, Vietnam and Malaysia.

You can find out more information at Origin Scienta’s Website.

Source: CNA

Body treats for mothers at Jamu Massage Singapore

Jamu Massage Singapore (JMSG) was established to all mothers and moms-to-be to prepare them for a whole new experience. As the mom undergo pregnancy, there is a change psychologically and physically which could said to be traumatic to both the mother and the baby. Therefore, through Jamu massage,  it will not only aid the new mummy in reducing of psychological and physical stress, it also helps the baby in the womb.

Jamu Massage Singapore has been a specialist in the confinement trade for more than 24 years, after seeing that there is a lack of quality and experience professional therapists to serve the mummies to overcome their pre-natal discomfort and post-natal worries.

Moreover, one of the advantages that Jamu Massage Singapore is providing is that mums does not need to leave home to massage parlors or hospitals for the pre-natal and post-natal massage. The therapist will pamper the mums in their own home to experience before and after their child delivery.

Jamu Massage Mummy Oriented Services

  • Pre-natal Massage – 4 months before the Estimated Delivery Date
  • Post-natal Massage (De’ Jamu) – 5 days after the delivery through Natural Birth, 3 weeks after the delivery through C-section.
  • Slimming Treatment
  • Baby Massage Tutorial
Jamu Massage Singapore provides Pre-natal massage 4 months before estimated arrival of your baby. Each session is priced at SGD 82, lasting 1 hour. They have package sessions at the following rates;
3 Sessions – SGD 240
5 Sessions – SGD 375
7 Sessions – SGD 490
9 Sessions – SGD 610
* Terms & Conditions applies

Find out more exclusive promotions for mums on Jamu Massage Facebook Page.

Jamu Massage Singapore

167 Woodland Street 11, #02-23 & #03-23,
Singapore 730167
Tel: 6632 7796

Updated on 20th September 2014

Oriental Chopsticks Massage at Huang Ah Ma Oriental Spa Chamber

Few days ago, I received an email from Jasmine Tay, their Corporate Accounts Relations Manger that they are currently having a promotion for their foot massage and special chopsticks massage which took me more than two weeks to confirm due to my heavy schedule at work. Finally, I managed to squeeze out my time to enjoy the wonderful experience.

The oriental spa is tucked away at the corner of Porcelain Hotel which is pretty easy to locate if you are traveling along Mosque Street as the brilliancy of the coloured wallpaper will draw your quick attention at first glance. If you are driving, you can simply parked your car along the street car park lots at Mosque Street. However, do remember to put your coupons as this area is a “Hot Spot” for “Uncle Sam”(ie. summon).

The oriental spa’s entrance sits behind the sofa on the left side of the reception and unless you have very good observation, it is not easily noticeable if the doors are closed. As I make my way into the spa, i was being warmly welcomed by the receptionist.

We were ushered to a relaxing waiting area where they served us a cup of hot ginger tea while they make preparation for our foot reflexology. The masseurs then came in to show us the way into a foot reflexology room which we are sharing with another two guests whom are leaving soon. The room is well equipped with a television providing a wide range of TV programmes whilst we sit back, relax and pampered ourselves with an awesome foot reflexology by their skilful masseurs for a 60-minutes Royal Foot Massage ($48).

In case you are unaware, The Oriental Spa Chamber also named as Huang Ah Ma is a proud concept by Mary Chia Holdings Limited. Huang Ah Ma, is a traditional Manchurian expression for Royal Father. The customers get to receive royal treatments services as though you were a member from the royal family. This fantastic concept spa targets the audience of both men and women serving them with prestigious Oriental treatments. Customers are thus spoilt for choice of awesome treatments in the quiet and serenity of their oriental settings together with their well trained therapists.

Soon after our wonderful foot reflexology treatment, we were ushered politely to a couple room for their special 60-minutes chopstick massage ($68) (Note: this is their latest original treatment that’s being newly added to their house of menu!!). We felt so blessed and would like to hereby express our heartfelt appreciation to Huang Ah Ma for allowing us the special priviledge for the taste of their new treatment.

With the plain use of just a couple pair of chopsticks, we felt the collision of the chopsticks being gradually rubbed against the selected various parts of the body. Its felt similar like how you feel when you are receiving a Guasha treatment in TCM. We felt the blood flows through our body releasing a burst of positive energy leaving us feeling refreshed after the fantastic one hour of treatment. Masseurs were constantly applying their skills with extreme precision to ensure that we are not in any way feeling uncomfortable during the process. Nevertheless, don’t you worry, as they are more than willing to accommodate to customers’s needs if in case, we cant take the pressure at all. The overall experience left both my girlfriend and me an unforgettable one. We both simply enjoyed the treatments to the max.

Other Facilities at Huang Ah Ma

  • 21 Massage Beds
  • 8 Foot Reflexology Stations
  • 1 Couple Room
  • 1 VIP Room


We will definitely be back for more on the skilful treatments at Huang Ah Ma and i am already spreading the word around to people i know on their speciality chopsticks massage which is a “MUST TRY”. Blessed us, Huang Ah Ma has also now extended their operating hours to as late as 3am to cater to midnight owls out there. Sounds wonderful, isn’t it? Thank you Huang Ah Ma for coming up with such a thoughtful idea. I’ll definitely pay a re-visit to your premises for a relaxing and soothing massage treatment real soon again.

Spa Info

Huang Ah Ma Oriental Spa Chamber 50 Mosque Street
Singapore 059528
Tel: +65 6536 1661
Opening Hours: Mon to Sun – 11am to 3am

Weekend Plan: 5 Things You Should Do For Your Beauty and Soul

You’ve been working for a straight five days and the five days before that and the five days after that. Not to mention all the things that you do when you come home. All that housework that needs your attention and that never stops, not even during weekends. You deserve days and days of pampering, but you don’t do it, because you know that it will only make all that work pile up and wait for you to come back home. However, if you plan it carefully, you can get all the pampering you need in just one weekend and still keep your schedule as planned. Here are the five things that you need desperately to replenish both your body and your soul:

#1 Do Something Alone

During the week, you are overburdened with your work and your family, but what really makes all the difference is the excess of communication. You get so immersed into communication with others that you forget about yourself. Therefore, try and organize something that you will do on your own. Only you and yourself. Go to see a movie or shopping or just for a nice meal all on your own. It will be relaxing.

#2 Do Something With Friends

 Replace all the negative communication with the positive one. Invite your friends for a brunch downtown or some activity that you guys enjoy. It will do wonders for your soul and you will feel a lot better and far happier.

#3 Read 

You don’t have enough time for a big book and all the activities over the weekend. However, some nice collection of short stories can find place in your schedule and it will do your wondering mind a lot of good. It doesn’t need to be long, but it needs to be high quality. Choose a short novel over a magazine.

#4 Make Your Own Cosmetics 

You can browse the Internet and find some really interesting recipes that you can do at your home to pamper your body and face. These will not be as strong as those chemical peels that you can get at a regular spa, but they will give you something creative to do and you’ll have fun and pampering at the same time. This is also a nice joint activity for girls.

#5 Have A Good Massage 

Invite a friend or go by yourself, but splurge for a professional, relaxing massage. It will not replace the whole spa weekend, but it will give your body and your soul the much needed boost for a new work week. 

There are tons of other things that you can do on your own to replenish your energy. These tips are mainly about things that you can do on your own or with a friend. However, if you have the time and the money, you should definitely enjoy some of those spa weekends in some amazing and wonderful spa. That really does wonders for you and makes you a new person.

author-pic About Guest Blogger
Sophie is a beauty specialist from Perth, Australia. She is currently working at a prestige clinic for plastic surgery in Perth. Thanks for sharing the beauty tips & tricks.

A Alisara Thai Traditional Massage

Source: A Alisara Thai Facebook Page

A Alisara Thai Traditional Massage has been open for almost 15 years in the shopping centre providing authentic thai massage to tourists and nearby hotels. They also provide outcall massage services to customers who wish to have their massage in their own private atmosphere.

Services they are providing:

  • Thai Traditional Massage
  • Aromatic Oil Massage
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Neck, Shoulder, Back Massage
  • Face, Head Massage

A Alisara Thai Traditional Massage
100 Orchard Road, #02-67 Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall
Singapore 238840

Tel: +65 6732 8171
Mobile: +65 9128 1018 (Call Frankie Ng to make appointment)
Opening Hours: 12pm to 10pm daily

Updated on 18/09/2014

Knead Your Pain Away in Container-styled Massage Spa – Nimble Knead

nimble knead front door

Hidden in the old nostalgic charm of the Tiong Bahru Estate, is a hidden gem of a humble yet remarkable massage spa – Nimble Knead.

Why do I say so ? Reason simply being their creative settings of the place. Their slogan “Free Shipping to Anywhere Your Mind Takes You”. Well, don’t mistaken that as a “Free Cruise Trip” or even “Free Shipping of your Personal Effects to Anywhere of the World”. What they meant was simply having your treatments done in their specially designed shipping containers. Awesome, isn’t it ?

It was during this one fine evening before the sunset and after a dreadful IPPT, which drains my energy out to exhaustion that I decided to treat myself to a good massage, in order to reward towards my diligence and efforts that I put in earlier on. Luckily, being magazine savvy, my girlfriend recalled this unique massage spa which she came across from her earlier browsing, Nimble Knead at Eng Watt Road, Tiong Bahru.

Upon arrival at Nimble Knead, ironically, the first thing that caught our attention wasn’t the Shipping Containers in there ! But the tantalizing aroma of the place. It’s a good time to enjoy this diffusing scent for an almost immediate calm and easeful mind, especially for the restless me, after my strenuous IPPT.

We were warmly greeted by two friendly staff at the reception and guided to be seated, while filling up a short form indicating our full details and types of preferred massage, that includes the level of strength, body area which requires more attention and focus.

What actually also interest us was the Spa Menu. The body Scrub Menu was deliciously described, with terms like “Magic Mushrooms” (with famous ingredients like Lingzhi and Shitake etc). Chocolicious (made of 100% Cocoa Powder etc) and so on.

They also have a choice of “Back to Back” on their massage menu, which offers a full concentration just on the back area, that do not require customers to turn around for the massage on the front body.

nimble knead couple room

As soon as we completed the form filling, we were lead to our Couple Massage Room in one of the Containers. Upon changing to their bath robe as provided, we were being pleasantly treated with a relaxing foot salt soak, accompanied with a simple foot scrub by the therapist, before we head towards our splendid massage in the same room. Lightings were dim so as to ensure a more lazing environment in order to unwind ourselves in this comfy room.

The masseurs were attentive and taken good care of our needs as requested, such as to ensure that we are well covered properly throughout the session. One thing to compliment about them is before proceeding with the head massage, they washed and cleaned their hands thoroughly to ensure hygience and cleanliness, which I believed to be aromatic hand wash, as fragrance lingers whilst they work on the massage on our head.

As we finished our massage, the masseurs were patiently waiting outside our room and guided us to their little backyard garden for a sip of hot ginger tea. Sitting at the garden refreshes our mind and gives pleasure. Though man-made, the greenery does makes our body and mind sound. The overall interior of the spa premises was wonderful and creative. Having the concept of using specially designed shipping containers as their individual massage room is pretty awe-inspiring. I personally find this idea brilliant. Cool.

Comments and feedback were enquired again upon our payment to ensure we had enjoyed our massage. The smiles of the staffs and masseurs were welcoming. Thumps up on their courteous and positive approach. And a plus on their meticulous care, detailed attitude and services which made both our massage a delightful one.

As its now been classified on part of my list as well, I will definitely give Nimble Knead a re-visit again as it is a sensational experience not to be missed.

Nimble Knead
66 Eng Watt Street #01-28
Tiong Bahru Estate, Singapore 160066
Tel: +65 6438 3933
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm daily (Last appointment at 9.15pm)

Affordable French Cuisine Dinner at Immanuel French Kitchen (Salute Casual Dining Coffeeshop)

After two months of constant reminder (or nagging) from my girlfriend, we finally visited the Singapore’s most “atas” Coffeeshop. In fact, we visited Salute Casual Dining coffeeshop in the late afternoon, but most of the food stalls were closed for preparation.

We returned again the late evening, about 8pm and the coffeeshop was packed with diners. Unlike other traditional coffeeshop, stalls at Salute Casual Dining coffeeshop focus more of european cuisine, which gives you a fresh experience of what could have been made up from a neighbourhood coffeeshop.

About Chef Immanuel Tee

Before I start off with my reviews on the dish, allow me to first introduce the chef, Immanuel Tee. The young local chef graduated from SunRice GlobalChef Academy and took his position as Keystone’s head chef at young age of 25. The young culinary talent has an impressive resume where he took his stints in some of the most prestigious restaurant such as Guy Savoy (Singapore), 2 Michelin Starred Pastorale Restuarant (Belgium), Le Bistrot de Sommelier (Singapore), JAAN Par Andre (Singapore) and Restuarant Andre (Singapore).

Exorbitant rent hike has forced Keystone to closed its door and Immanuel, whom attempted to open a restuarant but could not materialise due to financial constraints found his dream after deciding to set up a stall in a coffeeshop.

Pan-fried Foie Gras in Miso Soup (Entree) (S$16.50)

The Foie Gras was pan fried to slight charred texture and topped with seaweed and Japanese seasonings companied with some radish immersed into a bowl of miso soup. The Foie Gras tasted really creamy but I thought the seasonings has overpowered the freshness of the Foie Gras itself. My girlfriend did not really like the dish and think it is too rich for her.

Pork Belly Braised in Kakuni Style (Main) (S$16.90)

For me, I ordered a main which was their signature Pork Belly in Kakuni Style. The braised pork belly is accompanied with an Onsen egg, a bed of light potato foam with croutons and Duxelle of mushroom with onion and bacon. Each of them has its own distinctive taste. The pork belly tasted like those we have eaten before in traditional chinese restaurant while the combination of the sides enhanced the taste of the Pork Belly, bringing its taste to another level. However, the only downside – the pork belly was slightly overcooked and hard to chew on.

Having the idea to serve french cuisine in a neighbourhood coffeeshop is already attractive enough to catch your attention. Furthermore, serving decent french cuisine at affordable prices proved to be another attention seeker. If you are impressed with local talent and like french cuisine, this will be the stall to visit.

French Immanuel Kitchen
Blk 119, Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-40
Singapore 151119
Mobile: 9297 3285
Email: immanuelfrenchkitchen@gmail.com
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday – 12pm to 2.30pm (Lunch), 6pm to 9.30pm (Dinner)

Vietnamese Pho Pork Ribs Noodle and Drip Coffee at Pho Pho Telok Ayer Street

I was supposed to join my sister and her boyfriend for a jog at Punggol Park this evening but I could not make it as I was still stuck in my work and I had to forgo my exercise regime (it was the beginning of the regime actually). My sister had mentioned she wanted to have a massage after her jogging and we promptly booked for an appointment at Club Street’s Le Spa.

I picked up my girl friend and we arrived at Club Street early and decided to stroll along Amoy Street to look for some “small bites”. There was a few restaurants along the street, but none offered a small bite. We walked towards Amoy Street Food Centre, most of the stalls are not opened except for a Zi Char stall (I believed it was quite popular due to the crowd on a saturday night). I saw there was still some queue and thought I might not be able to reach the spa in time if waiting time is too long. Therefore, we skipped and walked into Telok Ayer Street.

Hidden in the dark street of Telok Ayer Street, the brightly lit signboard of the vietnamese cuisine restaurant caught my attention. We walked towards and asked for the menu and without much hesitation, I order a Pho Pork Rib Noodle and Vietnamese Drip Coffee. I was just in time for their last order at 9.30pm.

The Pho Pork Rib Noodles ($12.90)

While the friendly waiter that took our order set the cutleries on the table and poured us some cold water, I took a puff along the roadside. Before I could finish my stick of cigarette, a waitress came out with the noodle ! Unexpectedly fast !! Perhaps it is near closing time and crowd was not that much.

They have separated out the noodles and the garnishes so that one can choose what to add in for each personal taste. It also comes with a bowl of Keropok as well. I simply threw in all the parsley and mint leaves together with the lime juice and tuck it immediately. The soup base was clear and slight taste of citrous enhance my appetite (remember I was just looking for a small bite only). However, the only setback was the noodle soup was not hot enough, but that does not really affect the overall taste. The pork ribs was so soft and tender that you does not even requires any strength to chew the meat away from the bone. (^_^)

Vietnamese Drip Coffee (without milk – $3.50, with milk – $4.50)

I was concentrating savouring the noodles, the served the drip coffee and allows it drips slowly into the unique glass cup. By the time I had finishing savouring the noodles, the drip is almost done and the waitress came and remove the filter for us. The sugar / milk was already in the cup so what we had to do was to stir it and enjoy the coffee.

The cup of dripped coffee was relatively small and the colour resembled of an expresso shot. On the first sip, you could taste the acidity of the coffee and a lasting strong bitter after taste. Perhaps Vietnamese like their coffee sweet, i thought too much sugar or milk does cover up portion of the coffee’s original taste. Nevertheless, the vietnamese coffee definitely has its own unique taste and aroma.

Other Charges: 10% Service Charge, 7% GST
Payment Method: Accept Cash or NETS only

Pho Pho Vietnamese Cuisine
123 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068592
Tel: 6534 9741

Finding Authentic Thai Food in Midnight ? Try Aroy Dee Thai Kitchen !

We have just finished our late night massage at Robertson Quay’s Natureland and definitely we are starving since we have not taken our dinner at all. Looking for dinner at 11pm is definitely a hard choice, especially I have been eating Japanese food and steamboat almost twice a week for almost a month !

Getting sick of it, we thought a change for the tastebud will be a great choice. As recommended by one of my friends, we decided to “spice” up our night with a authentic thai food at Middle Road.

Since there was only 4 of us, we ordered two carbos, a dish and one soup as a complete meal.

Seafood Tom Yam Soup – Maybe we did not indicated clearly during our order, the soup is slightly different from what we thought. (Most of the time, Tom Yam soup should be in clear form). However, that does not spoil our appetite. The soup is filled with generous serving of seafood and it is choking spicy ! The only setback – they served it warm.

Pineapple Rice – Appearance wise, it looks more like a egg fried rice rather than pineapple rice. Simply love the golden yellow colour of the rice (yellow is my favourite colour) and it does taste like egg fried rice, with a after taste of pineapple. Tasted better when coupled with meat floss.

Phad Thai – This is the other carbo I was mentioning about and it was also the best dish among these four we have ordered. Also generously served with squid and prawns, the noodles had a tint taste of ketchup and bearable for those ketchup-haters (I am one of them). Highly recommend.

Thai Fish Cake – Last but not the least, the fish cake ! Well deep fried and tasted good when eat with the sauce. The sauce tasted more towards sweetness than spicy. Well, I would actually believe this was one of the dish that makes me full. (combination of fish with flour).

Overall, the late night dinner was fulfilling, although sweat was pouring all over my forehead due to the spiciness from the Tom Yam soup. For those that are tired of Indian Prate or Bak Chor Mee for late night dinner or midnight supper, you can come to Aroy-Dee to satisfy your tastebud.

Aroy-Dee Thai Kitchen
262 Middle Road
Singapore 188989
Tel: 6336 8812
Operating Hours: 11.30am to 6am