Wild Oats @ Punggol – Chilling At Night By The Reservoir

If you are looking for a place to chill in Hougang  / Punggol area in the night, you can go to Wild Oats @ Punggol. Besides serving drinks and small bites, they also have soccer match airing as well . You can just chat your night away. I was meeting my friends to discuss about some property-related issues while I order the Marina Top Shell which is new on their menu and the famous Chicken Wings with ultra spicy chilli sauce.

Unfortunately, I suppose the Top Shells did not live up to the standard, as it was covered almost with cabbage which I almost mistaken it as a bowl of salad. The top shells are also thinly sliced with a lack of onions as well. Overall, the small bites tasted too bland.

Erdinger (Half Pint) – $ 9.50
Erdinger (One Pint) – $ 13.00
Mango Tango (Mocktail) – $ 7.30
Chicken Wings – $ 7.80
Marin Top Shell – $ 8.00
Just in case that you are looking to go for a drink, below are some information of their serving timing:

  • Main course – 5.30pm to 10pm
  • Finger food and desserts – 4pm till late
  • Drinks (Last order timing) – Sunday to Thursday – 12am, Friday – 1am, Saturday and Eve of Public Holiday – 2am
7% GST. No service charge.
Wild Oats @ Punggol
Hougang Ave 8 Punggol Park
Singapore 530000

Spa Rael at Goodwood Park Hotel

If you are looking for a 5-star hotel with spectacular spa, Spa Rael will be the one. Enclaved in a luxurious 5-star hotel, it is reflected by the elegant and tranquil ambience which captures the serene beauty of surrounding lush greenery. 18 luxurious spa suites are set among 6,0000 square feet of botanical beauty on the outside, complemented by an extensive private space for peace of mind on inside.

History about Goodwood Park Hotel

The Singapore hotel has a rich history of luxury and exclusivity.  Built in the 1990, the hotel began as a Teutonia Club –  an elite enclave for the expatriate German community in Singapore.

In 1918, three Jewish brothers by the family name of Manasseh bought over the property and renamed it Goodwood hall after the residence of Duke of Richmond and Gordon in England. It was registered as a restaurant-cafe-entertainment establishment in 1922. During this period of time, Anna Pavlova, one of the world’s greatest ballerina, held a magnificent performance at Goodwood Hall.

In 1929, the Manassehs turned Goodwood Hall into Goodwood Park hotel, catering to businessmen from Malaya and it became one of the best known hotels in the end of 1930s and one of the most noted guests that period of time was Duke of Windsor, and then also visited by the Prince of Wales of England.

However, World War II broke out in Singapore in 1941, the Goodwood Park Hotel was converted into a residence for high ranking Japanese soldiers for three years. After the war has ended, the hotel served as a British War crimes Court before it was return to Manasseh descendant, Mr. Vivian Bath in 1947. Mr. Vivian Bath then made the hotel a local history to be the first hotel in Singapore to have a swimming pool in its premises.

A rapid expansion of Goodwood Park is saw in the 1960s with the introduction of air-conditioned Goodwood taxis, longest bar in Southeast Asia and a air-conditioned wine cellar. In 1963, the hotel was bought over by Malayan Banking Group and changed hand again in 1968 to become the property of late Tan Sri Khoo Teck Puat, a former Managing Director of the Bank. The hotel underwent massive renovation and expansion when Mrs. Mavis Oei, the hotel’s current Chairman and daughter of Tan Sri Khoo Teck Puat took over the hotel.
Goodwood Park Hotel has been upgrading continuously to be par with the world’s best and since played host to many well-known celebrities and personalities all over the world. In March 1989, the historic tower of Goodwood Park Hotel was gazetted a national monument by the Singapore Preservation of Monuments Board, which has since merged with the Singapore National Heritage Board.

The hotel celebrated her 110th Anniversary on the 21 September 2010.

Spa Information

Spa Rael
Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Road
Singapore 228221
Tel: +65 6732 9633

Stiff Neck Relief Massage at Xing Mei Spa

Frontage of Xing Mei Spa
The spa is located along the neighbourhood in Jurong West

I was driving my colleague home when my Watsapp ringtone sounded – a message from my girlfriend. Her sister yearns for a foot massage and asked if I will be interested in joining them. As a matter of fact, both my girlfriend and I has been wishing for a massage since two weeks ago which I have been tied down by my busy work schedule. Without much hesitation, I agreed promptly and eagerly picked them up at their house.

Originally we thought of visiting Club Street’s Le Spa, but thought it is really unnecessary to travel from Jurong to city area just for a last minute massage. Through my girlfriend’s sister recommended, we headed for a 24-hour massage spa in Jurong West which was only five minutes drive away.

Xing Mei Spa is not really difficult to find as it is located beside a 24-hour clinic. The green signboard and orange neon spa’s name is eye-catching in the night while shops are closing one after another. A group of middle age women was sitting right in front of the spa, happily chatting and laughing away. Looking at their attire, they are most likely to be the masseurs for the spa.

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1st floor interior of Xing Mei Spa
Massage chairs lined along the first level of the spa.

Upon entering the spa, be enticed by the aromatic scent that floats in the air while the receptionist greeted us with a smile over the counter. Opposite the counter was four big-sized foot reflexology chairs which some customers were enjoying their massage under the dark purple lit atmosphere.

It is nine in the night and it seems there wasn’t much customers at this time and making a booking was as simple as snapping the fingers. (However, during my conversation with the masseur later on, they tends to be more busy with more customers coming in late night.)

My girlfriend’s sister opted for a foot reflexology while my girlfriend and I preferred having body massage. To my surprise, the receptionist has asked one of the masseurs to usher both of us to our treatment room on the second level which I never expect the spa to be of this scale. The masseur led us through a narrow walkway connecting to a staircase while she check our if we preferred to have a couple room. She led us through a series of treatment rooms (about 6-7 rooms) before reaching the end of the passageway and showing us into our room.

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The couple room was in simple design and looks much like a normal home except with two massage beds sitting right in the middle of the room with sides almost in contact with the walls, I wondered how could they possible give us a proper massage. Right in the other corner of the room, there was a another door to a bathroom which we could use privately. They provided us with disposable shorts instead of underwear which is much easier to put on. The masseurs prompted us twice if we were ready during our course of changing and I am puzzled because we just entered the room not long ago.

Much to our comfort, we laid down onto the spacious massage bed, resembling those of Chun Tin Road’s Le Spa. As usual, I always requested for a masseur with stronger strength and the other masseur recommended this Malaysian Chinese masseur to me.

Without further delay, she gently rub and knead randomly along my neck, as if she was in searching for something and later commented on my old injury – stiff neck.

Using a combination of acupressure and constant stroking, she applied adequate pressure against my common aching points and meridians accurately using her thumbs and elbow, while moving inch by inch onto the shoulder blade. The masseur was so detailed that she moves my arm around to work on meridians along my shoulder blade.

Without much focus on my back, she moves onto my extended, hamstring and quads which was tremendously “sensational”.  She had massage along a hardened meridian which she explained which was caused by frequent crossing of legs. While the 60 minutes are coming to an end, she massaged my head and there was sharp pain on the top of the skull. As explained, there was “wind” and one of the common cause was washing hair in the night without drying it properly. Bingo !

The massage session ended soon and I just felt so lighten over the shoulders and back. Amazing.

Some lessons which she has taught me today

  • Refrain from staying up late and looking at computer – cause of stiff neck
  • Refrain from crossing legs while sitting down – cause for pain and tightened meridians along hamstring and quads.
  • Refrain from washing hair in the night without drying it properly – cause of “wind’ in head which will leads to headaches.
The spa has been operated for more than two years and despite just being a heartland spa, they have maintained very good cleanliness. My girlfriend has also commented her masseur was skilful, so was mine. The prices are reasonable (body massage at $50, foot reflexology at $35), you are paying for a good deal for experienced masseurs. By the way, for those looking to relieve your ache, you can try out my masseur, Bobo.

Other Services They Are Providing

  • Cupping
  • Scraping (Guasha)
  • Acupressure
  • Ear Candling
  • Epilation

Spa Info

Xing Mei Spa
#01-56, Blk 492 Jurong West Street 41
Singapore 640492
Tel: +65 6567 5055
Opening Hours: 24 hours daily

This article was updated on 2 Dec 2015.

Delicious Cabbage Roll and Mango Dessert at Ang Mo Kio’s Hong Kong Dessert (谢记)

Hong Kong Dessert Shopfront

Since I was still early for my hair cut appointment, my girlfriend had the sudden crave for dessert which she has been thinking for the past few weeks and highly recommended by many other customers as well for their desserts. The Hong Kong Dessert is located in a small shopfront at Jubilee Square. Looking through the glass windows, customers are scattered around the tables, chatting and enjoying their desserts.

Hong Kong Dessert Interior

The entire shop is not very big and I think only possible to house about 12-15 pax maximum with their tables. We was greeted by a Malay auntie whom show us their menu. Surprisingly, given their small shop yet they have a large menu and best of all, it is halal as well. Initially, we was only interested in the desserts but as we skipped our lunch, we thought to have something light as well.

Hong Kong Dessert's Vietnamese Sugar Cane Prawn Roll and Fried Yam Ball
Hong Kong Dessert's Cabbage Roll

These are some of the food which we have ordered. The portion are not very big, but definitely it still helps to fill our stomach for the time being.

Top Right: The Fried Yam Ball (S$4.00) might not have an appealing look, but the taste is really heavenly. The crust is very crispy and the flavour of the yam is seasoned perfectly. Really delicious.

Top Left: The Vietnamese Sugar Cane Prawn Roll (S$ 4.50) is slightly disappointing. Perhaps it took them quite a while to serve the dish, the crust was soft though fried into golden colour. Tasted more of flour than prawn in the dish. Sugar cane ? Maybe just an ornament I suppose.

Bottom Left: One of my recommendation is their Cabbage Roll (S$ 3.80). My girlfriend like this dish so much that she even took my share ! They steamed the cabbage roll and the flavours are all locked within the cabbage. The cabbage are soft and sweet, with the nicely marinated filling, it tasted a really good.

Hong Kong Dessert's Mango with Aloe Vera

Here comes our dessert ! This is for my girlfriend, the Mango with Aloe Vera (S$5.00). This is one of the new combinations I have seen for mango dessert. I took a mouthful of the dessert and definitely mango does tasted well, but as aloe vera itself has a very strong  distinct taste. Dessert itself is very refreshing, but I thought all would like the overwhelming taste of aloe vera.

This is my heavy weight champion mango dessert, Mango with Glutinous Rice Ball and Black Glutinous Rice (S$5.00). The serving was so generous that you could see it is almost overflowing from the transparent bowl. The citrus mango combined with the sweetened black glutinous rice paired up perfectly and the glutinous rice ball helps to reduce the sweetness of the dessert. However, having carbs and carbs together,  I slowly felt glutted.

One thing I like about Hong Kong Dessert is they operates more like a home cooked rather than commercialised whom dish out dessert after dessert without any hesitation. Although their presentation might not be the best, certainly they have maintained a good standard in their taste and service. Will be back for more in near future.

Hong Kong Dessert
#01-02 Jubilee Square
61 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8
Singapore 569814
Tel: +65 6457 1203
Opening Hours: 11am to 11pm daily

Superb Thai Charcoal BBQ at Red Hot Chlli Buddy Mookata at Tanjong Katong ~ หมูกระทะ

Red Hot Chilli Buddy Mookata Shopfront

Today we have another gathering for the purpose of celebrating my girlfriend’s sister graduation from UniSIM. We planned to have our dinner at Clarke Quay’s Hai Di Lao, but after calling and checking, we have to make reservations three weeks prior to the dinner ! Crazy ! We decided to give up our plan and booked for Red Hot Chilli Buddy Mookata instead.

Located along the busy street of Tanjong Katong, the restaurant hides in a near corner yet standing out with it bright signboard. it can be easier located, just nearby to the Caltex petrol station and there are ample public parking right behind the restaurant.

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Red Hot Chilli Buddy Mookata's special interior design

Comparing with other Mookata restaurant, Red Hot Chilli Buddy have shown their attitude with their chic modern interior. Colourful graffiti painted over the walls and paired with catchy thai-themed music, it allows you to dine in a great atmosphere. I believe this reflects on their positive attitude towards this restaurant as well. (They even designed the floor as well !)

Red Hot Chilli Buddy Mookata menu

The waiter greeted us politely and guided us to our reserved seats. Their menu is very simple and straightforward. They have two main type of ordering food – one is set meal for 2 to 5 pax or Ala Carte Buffet. As most of us are big eater, we opted for the Ala Carte Buffet (S$26.80++). They have their house-made specialty drinks as well which I think it is highly recommended that everyone should have a go, especially the green tea with milk.

Red Hot Chilli Mookata Big Pot !

Red Hot Chilli Buddy Mookata special chilli sauce !!!

Here comes the Mookata pot ! Unlike conventional pot which we gets in other Mookata restaurants, they have a bigger pot for soup and grilling. I didn’t really care much and just poured in all the food served into the pot without waiting for the rest to arrive.

While waiting for the food to cook, the shop owner brought our his chilli sauce. As explained, they have spent efforts inventing their own chilli sauces. The red sauce is spicy with a tint of sweetness which is recommended for meats while the green sauce is mixed with parsley and sesame, tasted more of citrus with spiciness recommended for seafood. In fact, both are good combination with either meats or seafood. The meats are fine-tuned with light marination, which allows you to get a good taste of the meats with the sauces. They have also a good variety of meats and veggies which you can choose from. PS: You should really try grilling the smoked duck and eat with the sauce, simply heavenly delicious !

Red Hot Chilli Buddy Special Thai Style Fish Paste

Another specialty is their invention Thai Style Fish Paste ($12.00++). The paste can either be grill or boil in the soup and both gives a unique taste. I preferred it the to be grilled as the taste is enhanced with the charred flavour from charcoal. It is also fun to squeeze the paste and create your own special design.

Good specialty drink, Good specialty chilli sauces and Good thai style fish paste, what else you can say for more in a Mookata ? I would highly recommend them for their services as well. We spent an average of $30+ per pax which I believe it is worthwhile. For those Mookata lovers, try to make an reservation before going down as though they are opened for only more than a month, they have been fully reserved for the past month !

Red Hot Chilli Buddy Mookata – Thai Charcoal BBQ
273 Tanjong Katong
Singapore 437056
Tel: +65 6447 0887

Enjoy Wide Range of Massage at Knead at Holland Village

Knead offer a wide range of massages that you can select from the most common Swedish Massage to Therapeutic Back Massage for a more specified point massage.

They also have couple rooms which allows couple to relax and enjoy the massage treatments together.

They also provide some other services like:

  • Ear Candling
  • Navel Candling 
  • Cupping 
  • Facial
  • Facial Massage
  • Cream Scrub
  • Threading (Hair Removal)

Knead at Holland V
Holland Village, 36A Lorong Mambong
Singapore 277693
Tel: +65 6467 0323
Opening Hours: 10am – 9pm Daily (Last appointment at 8pm) (Except Chinese New Year & Christmas Day, may close early on other Public Holidays)

Updated on 9th October 2014

Health Benefits That Massage Therapy Has To Offer

Massage by definition is the process kneading / rubbing / applying pressure by the use of hands over certain points of the body. For acupressure it could also be pressure points on the face, scalp, palm and soles.

Physical Benefits

1. In most of the accidental/sports injuries that occur, the rehabilitation process usually starts with a trained physiotherapist who along with exercises also massages the injured area with their hands or with cold/hot packs to relieve the tension in the muscles till the pain subsides.

2. Massage therapies are highly beneficial for an otherwise healthy person wherein brushing the body with thick bristle brush with bottom to top movements helps in lymphatic drainage, thereby increasing the immunity of the body against infections.

3. For the older generation who want to maintain an active lifestyle massages of the individuals joints help in maintaining the agility of the body and alleviating arthritis pain.

4. Massages are being increasingly used for sports persons just before they go out to play to improve energy, relax the muscles and help in quick movements for cricketers, boxers and kabaddi players.

5. It has also been proven that massaging the face and applying pressure on certain points also help in releasing the congestion in the sinuses helps in clearing blockages and an ease in breathing issues.

6. The world over massaging babies and infants before their showers is done so as to strengthen the bones, formation of ligaments that would in the future help the baby in taking the first steps to a healthy walking manner.

Psychological And Cognitive Benefits

1. In decreasing emotional stress that was caused by the trauma suffered by the patient. Helping the patient in improving the quality of sleep. The release of the pressure on certain nerve points also improves and clears up the thought process thereby quickening the recovery.

2. Relieving stress/anxiety related issues in public personalities before their speeches or appearances at high profile events with a gentle massage on the scalp and temple points.

Aesthetic Benefits

1. Massages like shiatsu and pressure on the face have also shown reduction in fine lines and crow’s feet if coupled with a good diet of fruits and green veggies.

2. A massage post vigorous exercise help in maintain body posture and alignment, thereby improving a person’s overall look.

The past decade the medical community has realised the importance of physical/emotional/ social rehabilitation through the various types of massages like The Swedish massage, Warm stone therapy, Deep tissue massage, Aromatherapy and have started providing majority of these services in-house. Countries like Saudi Arabia, Europe are including reimbursement of at least 50% of medical cost of physiotherapies and massages with their insurers like BUPA Arabia and EHIC cards so as to integrate them into the mainstream medical insurance system.

The benefits though would only last if the patient continues with the therapies on a regular basis just like his regular health checkups. These therapies have now improved the lifestyle and physical health of many and is also becoming an increasingly lucrative profession. Making it a point to get a body massage done weekly, just for the fun of it actually does wonders to one’s mood and a happy and smiling person is always a welcome sight.

author-pic About Guest Blogger
Alissa Jones is a passionate blogger who works on behalf of EHIC. She has been writing contents on the web professionally since 2006. As an avid reader and blogger, she shares her experience through her articles on Travel, Education, Technology, Parenting and many more.

IKEA to Recall Two Pasta Products – Due to Undeclared Soy Content

Swedish furniture retailer on 1st October 2014, Wednesday announced its is recalling two pasta products – Pastaalgar Fullkorn and Pastaalgar – after detecting soy content that is not declared.

During the press release, IKEA said analyses of the pasta products indicated presence of soy, which is not declared on the packagin. Soy is an allergen and those who are allergic to it may experience an adverse reaction if consumed. However, IKEA added that it is safe for anyone who is not allergic or sensitive to soy.

“Safety is of highest priority for IKEA and as a precautionary measure, products with all date stamps are recalled,” the company stated.

All customers allergic to soy or otherwise concerned are welcome to return to the Swedish Food Market at their nearest IKEA store for full refund.

This is the second product recalled by the furniture retailers. In September 2014, IKEA issued a global recall of its Gunggung children’s swing, saying it poses a risk of serious injury.

Sourece by Channel News Asia