Happy Birthday Mr. Garry (Kelly)

Smoking after our dinner at Teru Sushi Zen Dining. 

Happy Birthday Garry !!! Today was my best friend’s birthday and he would like to keep it a low profile celebration (not sure if I posted this considered a low profile). We had a good dinner with dozen of one dollar oysters and a special made “Sushi Cake” at Teru Sushi.

Best wishes to my brother and hope that he can find good ways out of life as well !

Meanwhile, I would like to share one proverb that my girl friend has taught me yesterday as well. I will named it the best quote for today !


Collagen Rich Ramen Lunch at Tsukada Nojo Westgate

Well, the graduation lunch was not actually for me. It was my girl friend’s sister whom has just graduated and we did not wait for the buffet at the institute as there was too many people so we decided to shift to Westgate for our lunch. Maybe it was a weekday and noon time, we are fortunate that the crowd wasn’t there and we need not wait to get a seat.

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Interior of Tsukada Nojo.

Interior of Tsukada Nojo.

About Tsukada Nojo

Tsukada Nojo actually have their own poultry farms located in Miyazaki which is southern Kyushu. The location is surrounded by nature and they are raising precious chicken called “Jitokko” that only grows in that area. “Jitokko” is a very valuable brand chicken in Japan. The chicken is raised in an organic way with thorough quality control higher than its government’s stringent standards. It is a “rare chicken” in Singapore as there are only limited number of farmers that are allowed to ship it overseas.

Tsukada Nojo has split their menu into two parts, serving a la carte hotpot ramen in the day and Bijin hotpot steamboat (美人鍋) from evening. Since it was in the late afternoon, we still make it in time for their day menu.

Bijin Men – Spicy Hot  (美人麺こく辛).  Price: S$ 16.80.

Besides allowing the customers to choose the different flavours available from their menu, they also have three different type of noodle that you can select – Thin Egg Noodle, Rice Noodle and Thick Mochi-mochi Noodle. For me, I selected the Thin Egg Noodle in Spicy Hot flavour.

Tsukada Nojo have a special way of delivering the ramen to the customer. Instead of the normal way of putting all the ingredients into a same bowl, they have cooked the noodle with the soup flavour selected in a  hotpot while the rest of the main ingredients are placed on a “plate” which acted as a lid for the noodles as well. I really thought this is a very good idea because this allows the customers to select the type and amount of each ingredients that is deem adequate based on customer’s taste and preference.

The Bijin Men broth has an opaque pale broth with a sticky-lipped intensity and rich, buttery texture of light cream. So how was it achieve? The chicken bones are cooked with water for eight hours and then allowed to be simmered down. The process allows the conversion of the collagen into gelatin that thickens and adds richness to the broth. With all the flavours in the broth, it is no wonder that they have prepared the ingredients in its most natural taste.

Chicken Nanban with spicy sauce, companied with some lettuces
Chicken Nanban with spicy tar tar sauce, companied with some lettuces. Price: $8.50.

Chicken Nanban is a very distinctive dish because it is a fusion between the Japanese, Americans and Singapore. The chicken has been deep fried and a thick orange tar tar sauce has been poured over it. Furthermore, the sauce has been modified further to be spicy to fit into the Singaporeans heavy taste bud. It is simply a heavy weight fried chicken with the sauce while the lettuces are there to keep the heat down a little. The unique combination just open up your appetite for more.

Nikumaki Onigiri with Red Chilli Oil (肉巻おにぎり). Price: $3.80 per piece.

You would be amazed but the delicacy that are coming out of Miyazaki, the Nikumaki Onigiri is no exception. While onigiri might has been around in Japan’s food history, Nikumaki Onigiri was born only in the 20th century and was gaining popularity in Japan as well. It is a rice ball wrapped with thinly sliced pork seasoned with their special sauce and baked until it is crispy. The Nikumaki Onigiri might look like an ordinary giant meatball, but when you first bite on it, the combination of the meat  and rice brings about an exquisite and balanced taste that spread deliciousness throughout your mouth.


Our overall experience at Tsukada Nojo was very fulfilling, not only we get to enjoy the exquisite Miyazaki’s Jitokko and all their local delicacies right in Singapore. Given their quality and service, I think that the food are reasonably priced. Anyway, I will be back again for their Bijin Steamboat Buffet.

Tsukada Nojo
#03-04 Westgate
3 Gateway Drive
Singapore 608532

Opening Hours
Daily 10.00am to 10.00pm

Absolute Body Relaxation at Z Spa at Serangoon Gardens

What is written on my blog post is exactly what Z Spa is trying to say as well. we passed by Z Spa on the other day while trying to locate Palm Acupuncture Treatment Center. I did not see any guest inside the spa but just two masseurs sitting on the chairs near the entrance chatting away.

I just briefly took a look at their menu and walked away as it looks much more expensive for a normal massage. But after checking their website, the prices they are offering are quite reasonable. At the same time, they do provide quite a wide range of spa services as well.

Z Spa Services

  • Swedish, Aromatherapy, Balinese, Javanese, Fusion, Hot Stone Massage
  • Manual Lymph Drainage
  • Back Massage
  • Foot Massage
  • Pre-natal Massage
  • Slimming Massage
  • Traditional Jamu Wrap
  • Ear Candling
  • Bust Enhancement
  • Waxing Services
  • Exfoliation Therapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Facial Treatments

Z Spa

No. 83 Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 555979
Tel: +65 6487 7666

Flashback – Photo of Green Field Beside Serangoon NEX

This photo was taken about 3 months back while I was standing on the top floor carpark of NEX. The parcel of land next to NEX has been empty for quite sometime since NEX opening, but there wasn’t any news on development on this piece of land at all. Wonder what will be happening next ? Residential or commercial ?

Special Sushi Birthday Cake at Teru Sushi (Former Akira Japanese Restaurant)

Entrance of Teru Sushi at Link Hotel.
Entrance of Teru Sushi at Link Hotel.

It was my best friend’s birthday and we thought of giving him a treat as his birthday present. (Correction: I was too lazy myself to shop for a gift hence giving him a treat is the only way to cover my laziness). We have made reservation for a private room with tatami seats. Of course, if you dislike folding your legs, you can choose for normal tables or sushi counter instead.

While the male lead is late for dinner, we ordered some appetisers for our empty stomachs.

The Appetisers

Pitan Tofu (Homemade Tofu with Pitan Sauce). Sprinkled with chopped spring onions and topped with Ebikko. Price $ 6.00.

I first encountered Pitan Tofu in a Japanese restaurant in Robertson Quay and ever since I have been in love with it. It has a much better taste than those I have previously tasted at Nara Japanese Restaurant.

Grilled Puffer Fish. Price $ 12.00.

I have tasted Puffer Fish Capriccio, Puffer Fish Shashimi and Puffer Fish Shabu Shabu, but it was my first encounter with Grilled Puffer Fish. The taste and texture is similar to one of the common food that could be found almost anywhere in Singapore – Bak Gua (Pork Jerky). The exterior is slightly charred grilled and moisture is locked within the meat. It is very chewy and juicy that once you start, you can’t stop. Dipped in some mayonnaise and ebikko for a more enriched taste.

Freshness From The Sea

Omakase Sashimi Moriawase. Salmon, White Tuna, Sliver Fish and Amber Jack in two styles. Price: ??

The chef was very friendly and during my previous visit, I have order an Omakase course for 4 person. Omakase (おまかせ) in English means “leaving it to the chef”, you does not have to think hard for the dishes while the chef will plan the menu and as well sequence of the course meal. The Omakase Sashimi Moriawase is a chef’s recommendation of the fresh assorted sashimi. The assorted sashimi includes Salmon, White Tuna, Sliver Fish and Amber Jack in two styles., not forgetting the chef’s fresh catch recommendation. Although the sashimi is really fresh, we did not manage to finish it because only two out of four of us eat raw fish, but it was not wasted. See below to find out more.

Fresh Hiroshima Oyster. Big and Juicy. Price: $ 1.00 per piece !

Hiroshima Prefecture has been a famous location for the production of oysters and they accounts for 60-70% of Japan’s oyster production which is consume domestically and overseas. We are lucky this time round that Teru Sushi is having a dollar an oyster promotion ! We ordered a dozen of oysters and later during the middle of the course, another half a dozen of it.

The oyster was almost in identical sizes and each of them are laid in its shell beautiful like a giant pearl. The chef has carefully scrapped the connecting part of the oyster from its shell, so all you would need to do is to squeeze few drops of lemon juice and fews drips of Tabasco sauce, bring it to your mouth and let the oyster slowly slides into your mouth. The oysters are really fat and juicy that every moment you chew on it, you could taste the freshness of it. Definitely I would say that the oysters are better than those I have ate at Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro.

The Sashimi Leftovers

Tempura Sliver Fish.

Fried Amber Jack Fish Bones.

Mentioned in the earlier part of the post, we did not managed to finish the Sashimi Moriawase, so what the chef did was he uses the leftovers of the silver fish and made an tempura out of it. While for the Amber Jack bones, he had deep fried it into extreme crisp that you could chew every single piece of the bones and swallow it. Can you imagine how Japanese created this dish to consume a fish without leaving a bone ?

Teppanyaki Mono

Pan Seared Foie Gras. Goose Liver with special sauce. Price $ 16.00.

They have pan seared the Foie Gras with precision, leaving the outer layer slightly crispy while the middle portion remains creamy and rich. Together with their special sauce, the Foie Gras are of right flavour and texture. Much better than the Pan-fried Foie Gras which I previously ate at Immanuel French Kitchen which cost almost the same.

Teppanyaki Kurobuta (US Black Pork) with Homemade Shogayaki Sauce. Price: S$ 22.00.

The slices of Kurobuta taste really juicy and flavourful with the combination of spring onions, onions and garlic. You can taste a mixture of little bit of sweetness and saltness from the tender slices of Kurobuta.

Teppanyaki Bean Sprouts. Price: $ 7.00.

I always though that bean sprout is a “not to be miss” item for Teppanyaki and the birthday boy share the same thoughts as well. In most Teppanyaki, bean sprouts are stir-fried only with garlic but they have include ingredients like shredded spring onions and carrot with some slices of mushrooms which make the dish looks more vibrate with colours. Bean sprouts are crispy and well-seasoned.

Teppanyaki King Prawn with Homemade Lobster Sauce. Price: $ 18.00

Another of my favourite ingredient – prawns and also the chef recommendation. The king prawns are topped with their special homemade lobster sauce and the meat are tender and juicy. Try eating with the fried garlic and it taste even better.

Teppanyaki Lamb Rack with Homemade Black Pepper Sauce. Price: $ 14.00

The lamb rack are medium cooked with a beautiful brown exterior and tenderness within. Coupled with their homemade black pepper sauce, the lamb rack does not lack of rich taste. The meat could be easier ripped off from the bones and the taste kept getting stronger on each chew on the meat. It was also another chef recommendation.

Rest of The Menu

Kani Tama Mushi. Steam Egg Custard with Fresh Crab Meat. Price: $ 15.00.

A hilarious “incident” happened during my last visit on this dish. While I have left the chef to plan for my course, they have presented two servings to four of us. While I initially thought that it was supposed to be per pax per serving, I had insisted that both of my clients to take one serving each. End of the day they had to stuff themselves as it was just to fulfilling.

This time we ordered two servings as well, but to share among four of us. The Kani Tama Mushi is an alleviated version of the conventional chawamushi that are commonly served in Japanese restaurants. Teru Sushi presented the dish in a round plate and topped it was generous servings of fresh crab meat and ebikko. The ingredients together with their gravy makes just a perfect combination. Another chef recommendation as well.

Kama Shioyaki. Grilled Yellowtail Cheek with Salt. Price: Seasonal.

The Yellowtail Cheek are char grilled with great balance and the meat within are still soft and juicy while the salt just further enhance the sweetness of the fish meat.

Garlic Fried Rice. Price: $ 5.00.

In order not to wake up in the middle of the night to look for food, we needed some carps and ordered the garlic rice. The rice are well seasoned and fried with garlic. The taste are well-balanced and the smell of the garlic are not overwhelming. As the rice is already seasoned, it is a dish that goes well with the Kama Shioyaki.

Kinoko Tofu. Homemade Mushroom Tofu. Price: $ 12.00.

The dish came out last and we are almost full but we had to stuff ourselves as this was one of the unique dish that I have came across. It was the chef recommendation’s homemade Kinoko tofu. The tofu are mixed with shreds of mushroom and then deep fried to have a crispy outer layer. Rested in the bowl with the broth, this dish create a multiple layers of taste and combination which make your tastebud feel alive.

The “Special” Sushi Birthday Cake

As today is my treat to my best friend for his birthday celebration, we did not ordered a cake but instead the chef has came up with the idea to have a “sushi birthday cake”. After the end of the course, the waitress brought in the cake, which gives all of us a surprise ! What a creative idea of the sushi cake. The cake is layered with Salmon sashimi and topped with avocado, ebikko and mayonnaise. Very delicious but also fulfilling. We could not finish the cake by ourselves that we had to share with it together with the staff of Teru Sushi.


The total meal cost about S$300+ which translate to S$75 per pax. The prices might be slightly on the high side but I believed that they have provided really good service and the head chef is always out to interact with the guests to find out more about their needs. Of course, if you don’t mind, it would be the best that you leave it to the chef as I have much confidence that he could plan an ideal Omakase meal for you.

Teru Sushi
#01-01 Link Hotel
50 Tiong Bahru Road
Singapore 168733
Tel: +65 6438 5394

Chen Kang Wellness at MyVillage (Serangoon Gardens)

After two failed attempts at The Organic Spa and Palm Acupuncture Treatment Center, we went to myVillage to get some veggies for my BBQ event at night. While we walked passed level 1, we saw this Traditional Chinese Medicine wellness spa right in front of the lift. Without any delay, we checked with the reception for available slots. Unfortunately, they could not accommodate three of us together under the same time slot so my sister will go ahead before we two join in an hour later. 

The masseur that was supposed to serve her was sitting right in front of the reception, while she heard the order from the receptionist, she seems unwillingly to serve my sister. Before entering their premises, my sister even ask if she would need to take off her shoes, she continued to walk in front of her without answering or turning back to acknowledge. However, once my sister stepped into the massage area, she rudely replied my sister that shoes has to be taken off.

Her poor service and attitude angered my sister which she decided to cancel the massage and walked off.

PS: At this point of time, we was just complaining about the poor services and attitude but I believed that we will be back for a massage review.

Chen Kang Wellness

#01-21/22 myVillage at Serangoon Garden
1 Maju Ave
Singapore 556679
Tel: 6634 5400

Newly Opened ! The Organic Spa at Serangoon Gardens

After our unsuccessful try at Palm Acupuncture, we decided to try our luck at The Organic Spa which was located just beside the stairwell. Matter of fact, I had caught a glimpse of the spa when I parked my car along the parking lot beside it. The staircase was brightly lit and the feeling was so homely. The reception counter was facing directly at the end of the stairwell and the Operations Manager, Carol, whom was standing behind the counter greeted us politely.

She showed us the menu and recommended the Jamu Clay Pot Therapy which uses heated oil used for Jamu massage. As the spa was opened not long ago, they are having a promotion, which the oil massage would cost only $28 for a 60 minutes session. We thought it was a good deal and decided on the promotion, unfortunately they are fully booked. The earliest timing provided to us was the next day, Sunday ! We could only leave with disappointment again.

I was looking through their website (will be under going major redesign soon) and below are their current promotions.

The Organic Spa Opening Promotion

At the same time, they are also having Christmas Special offer. From now until 31 Dec 2014, get 15% discount on all their products and services for the first 500 customers. (Non-promotional items only).

The Organic Spa’s Signature Massage

Certainly they have a list of interesting massaging which I will be coming back one day for it (especially the Jamu Clay Pot Therapy).

  • Jamu Clay Pot Therapy (Jamu Massage + heated oil).
  • Tai Chi Chopsticks (Using Chopsticks to tap, knead and press on acupressure points). I have tried similar technique, check out my review at Huang Ah Ma Oriental Spa.
  • Ginger Wellness (Ginger Essential Oil + Massage).
  • Bamboo Torch (Massage using heated bamboo stalks of varies length and diameters).
  • Rolling Magic Ball (Special healing crystal balls to massage acupressure points).

The Organic Spa

77A Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 555973
(2nd Storey, beside UOB Bank)
Tel: +65 6286 0381

Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday – 12.00pm to 9.00pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays – 10.00am to 7.00pm

Adept Therapy – Release Your Constant Tension

Photo by Adept Therapy.

In 2001, Jacob Chandra, founder of Adept Therapy started off his career into spa business. Jacob was trained by various masters and populars with his client. His vision is to share his skills and build a team of skilled therapists to serves its customers.

Adept Therapy now have a team of skilled male and female therapists which has been given internal and external training. These therapists has also received international certifications such as ITEC, CIBTAC, WSQ Spa Certifications.

The services that they are providing:

  • Foot Reflexology
  • Massages
  • Express Chair Massage
  • Oil Massage
  • Deep Tissue / Acupressure Massage
  • Ear Candling
  • Gua Sha

In addition, to provide more assurance to the customers, many outlets of Adept Therapy are registered with Police Licensing Category I and CASE accreditation.

Currently, Adept Therapy has six outlets located along the island to serves it base of customers. Information as below.

Adept Therapy

#01-70 Icon Village
12 Gopeng Street
Singapore 078877
Tel: +65 6223 5168

#02-29 Coronaton Plaza
587 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 269707
Tel: +65 6466 1632

#B1-123 Lucky Plaza (Previously at #01-84)
304 Orchard Road
Singapore 238863
Tel: +65 6887 4218

#02-08 Serene Centre
10 Jalan Serene
Singapore 258748
Tel: +65 6463 5193

#03-26 Holland Road Shopping Centre
211 Holland Avenue
Singapore 278967
Tel: +65 6467 5507

#02-36 Bukit Panjang Plaza
1 Jelebu Road
Singapore 677743
Tel: +65 6892 8260

Amarin Spa at Marina Mandarin Singapore

Photo by Amarin Spa.

Amarin Spa is nestled within Marina Mandarin Singapore, an acclaimed award-winning 5-star luxury hotel. Situated comfortably against the backdrop of the majestic atrium, bathed in natural light and echoed with a orchestra of songbirds during the day.

Staffed with professionally trained consultants wellness advisors and therapists that puts your well-being first. Amarin Spa has a exquisite selection of innovative and elite beauty products from exclusive names like the reowned Gatineau and Dr. Payot from Paris. Their professional therapist delivers this exotic quality in facial treatments, body massages, body scrubs and wraps, using blend of essential oils and herbs to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Amarin Spa

Marina Mandarin Singapore, Level 5
6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square
Singapore 039594
Tel: +65 6845 1161

Operating Hours:
Daily – 10.00am to 10.00pm

Traditional Javanese Massage Hut at SAFRA Yishun

Javanese Massage is an oil-based massage that originated as an ancient system of healing with a history of over 3000 years in Indonesia. In Javanese massage, it uses pushing and stroking techniques predominate, working to ease muscle and joint pain. The massage relies using deep thumb pressure pushing, pressing and circling along and around the body’s energy meridians to break down tensely knotted muscles and to stimulate the body’s lymphatic system into releasing its self regenerative power.

Traditional Javanese Massage at SAFRA Yishun offers an convenient locations, while you can allows the children to play at the playground and enjoy and rejuvenate yourself in the traditional Javanese massage.

You may also wish to check out the others Traditional Javanese Massage Hut outlets for your convenience.


15% off all ala carte service during weekdays

Traditional Javanese Massage Hut

SAFRA Yishun Country Club
60 Yishun Ave 4
Tel: +65 6555 7737

Operating Hours:

Monday to Friday – 1.00pm to 10.30pm
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays – 11.00am to 11.00pm