Beauty Hope @ Relaxing at Waterloo Street

Beauty Hope has been opened since 2007 and it is a one-stop beauty solution centre based in Waterloo Street. The spa uses 100% natural plant extracts products to pamper the customers while their comforting ambience also allows customers to sit back and relax during their beauty treatments. They do provide an extensive facial services as well as slimming , hair removal and massage treatments as well. Contact them today to find out more about their services ! Beauty Hope @ Relaxing (Bugis) Blk 261, Waterloo Street, #02-42Singapore 180261Tel: +65 6883293 Mobile: +65 Operating Hours:Monday to Friday – 11.30am to 9.00pmSaturday & Sunday – 11.30am to 6.00pmPublic Holidays – Closed

Bijin Nabe Japanese Steamboat at Tsukada Nojo Chinatown

People queuing outside of the restaurant waiting for their turns. Before the end of year, I hope to fulfill one last resolution for the year of 2014 and that was to visit Tsukada Nojo again for their Bijin Nabe. I had a wonderful ramen lunch at Tsukada Nojo in Westgate previously and today I am here again for their Bijin Nabe, but at their Chinatown Point‘s outlet. Though plans have been laid days ago before the year end dinner, they does not accept reservation if the timing is before 6.30pm and the only way was to personally queue for seats. Traffic was bad that day and since we arrived, it was almost what we had predicted – people lining outside of the restaurant. Do not get it …

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Chia Bee Lor Mee for Midnight Supper !

Chia Bee Lor Mee – Noodles and gravy are being packed separately. Before my sister landed in Singapore from her trip in Bali, her SMS had already came in the afternoon,  asking if I would be interested in having Lor Mee as supper. Knowing my sister for so long, I believed it was not her idea’s at all but it was her boyfriend’s idea ! For me, eating is just life and there is no way I would reject any offer like this, especially for supper. Our initial plan was to go down to North Bridge Road straight and dine at the coffeeshop, but after overwhelming response at home that everyone wants to have supper, we opted to takeaway and have it at home instead. While …

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Singapore-based Firm Developed Halal App To Bring Muslims Food into Social Media – HalalTrip

Screenshot of HalalTrip Website. A Singapore-based firm, CrescentRating Pte Ltd has recently developed a new mobile app HalalTrip, to aid Muslim eaters as well as travellers to share halal restaurant discoveries not only in Singapore, but around the world. This will definitely helps Halal travellers and eaters to have lesser problem looking for a Halal restaurant and at the same time, gives them a wider range of food selection which they can choose to eat from. As explained by chief executive of HalalTrip, Fazal Bahardeen, Halal food is one of the biggest drivers of tourism for the Muslim market and when traveling is concerns, food become an important factor to these consumers as well. The social media element does not only try to discover halal food on …

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Jie Bakery and Confectionery – Three Decades of Traditional Bread

Living near the Tai Seng area, I have seen this bakery shop since I was young and after I returned from my Japanese language study in Osaka.  Even thought I was back in Singapore for more than five years, everytime when I drove through Upper Paya Lebar Road, I will take a short glance at the only shop that are still open along the line of shophouses where everyone else were closed. At times, you will see van (we called it bread van or 面包车) stopping along the road and picking up some of the prepared bread for delivery. Last week, my girl friend and I happened to finish work early and while we was traveling along the street, we decided to take a peek at …

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Oriental Traditional Therapy at Club Street

Seriously, I did not notice this TCM Therapy along Club Street until one day after I had finished my body massage at Le Spa and was walking towards the 7-11 to purchase a packet of cigarettes. At this moment, the brightly red-lit shopfront caught my attention. The shopfront have retained an oriental outlook while inside seems to be neat and tidy. Understands that they do have another outlet at Blk 57 Eng Hoon Street as well, but I will be checking out their services in the one in Club Street. Oriental Traditional Therapy 25 Club StreetSingapore 069412Tel: +65 6735 1101 Opening Hours:9.00am to 11.00pm daily

Bringing Xiao Jian for Training at Smartdoggy Studio

My younger sister called me last minute in the late afternoon to ask if I will be free to bring her loved Bull Terrier, Xiao Jian, for training at Smartdoggy Studio. My dog has been not feeling well for the past week and it would be a good time to train her physical up. I think Xiao Jian was too excited as she knew that we are bringing her out on my car. After she entering the car, it just became a playground for her, walking along my back seats and snuggling into the arms of my younger sister. We set off at 8pm and reached in time 8.30pm. Apparently, we was early and there was no other dogs inside Smartdoggy Academy. Xiao Jian was so …

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Christmas Dinner at Orchid Live Seafood at Jalan Kelulut

Glass door of Orchid Live Seafood were pasted with photos of many celebrities that visited the restaurant. I am trying to catch up with my food blog while right now I am having my staycation with my girl friend at Ritz Carlton for our 2nd year anniversary. Anyway, we visited this restaurant on the Christmas day after a night of great BBQ and gathering with my friends (only few though) on the day before. We were trying to get a simple dinner at Serangoon Gardens but most of the restaurants were closed due to Christmas and Chomp Chomp Hawker just does not appeal to me. Instead we loitered around Serangoon area before reaching Jalan Kelulut for Orchid Live Seafood. I have visited this restaurant about two …

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Kenko Reflexology & Wellness Spa at Marina Square

Bright red signboard that you cannot missed at Marina Square. Kenko Reflexology & Wellness Spa at Marina Square has just been shifted ! They have relocated from the former level 2 to current level 1, right beside 7-11 ! I did not noticed the change until I was walking pass the 7-11, going back to Ritz Charlton hotel where I was having my stay-cation cum two year anniversary with my girl friend. Check Out Their Grand Opening Weekend ! Source from Kenko Reflexology and Wellness Spa. Kenko Reflexology & Wellness Spa at Marina Square #01-211 Marina Square6 Raffles BoulevardSingapore 039594Tel: +65 6333

Big Changes Around My House ! Going for Staycation Today !

Yesterday night was a disaster as my wisdom tooth came back to hunt me down which I had to go down for a super last minute check up at Heartland Mall’s DP Dental. Unfortunately, the surgeon dentist is not around and I had to wait two weeks later to remove both of my wisdom tooth. I am going for stay-cation today at Ritz Charlton and hopefully that the pain will not spoil my day. Bartley Residences in its last stage of works. Weather does helped me a lot this morning. It has been the only few of the weekends that are not raining and sun is shining down on us. While I looked through the Bartley Residences, it seems that only some more exterior works to …

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