Wisdom Tooth Extraction ! Anesthetic Wearing Off Soon…

Random Photo – Taken from the hotel while I was staying in Melbourne with mom and sis.

After a tormenting week of toothache, the dentist called yesterday to inform that there is an evening slot for my wisdom tooth extraction which are initially scheduled two weeks from now. Instead of dragging on the pain for the next two weeks, I booked the appointment immediately without much hesitation.

Weather was so bad today, so was the traffic. I left office at about 5.45pm but reach Heartland Mall at almost 7.30pm. The vehicles are all slow moving (maybe Monday blue) and raining just dropped the visibility of the roads as well. In fact, my girl friend managed to reach earlier then I do by taking the train even though she left the office at 6.15pm. Crazy traffic jam, just drained all my energy away. I made a phone to DP Dental and informed them I will be late which someone else could jump my queue and go ahead first. But…

I am not sure but even when I reached the dental clinic, it took me 15 minutes for all the paperwork and procedures, I was ready to be “admit” to the “surgery room”. The stern looking dentist gave me a greeting and started off inspecting and explaining to me the procedures of the entire surgery.

Wisdom Tooth Finale

Once everything is all set, we are ready to go. First will be the anesthetic which took about 5-10 minutes to be effected. Only the first injection has a a sensation of needle jabbed into the gum, the rest is just felt the force but no pain.

Then they have this piece of clothing that covers upper portion of my face and my chest, leaving only a hole for the mouth. By the way, the clothing covered my eyes so I could not see what are the tools and actions they are doing.

Extraction of upper wisdom tooth is easy. Before I could get prepared for the extraction, the dental surgeon just sound out that the tooth is out.. less than 5 minutes. Next is the tricky part, my lower wisdom tooth is growing horizontal so my gum has to be cut open, extract the tooth and stitch back again. The next signal from the dental surgeon that there will be some drilling which will caused some vibration. He drilled about 3-4 times and stopped. The tooth is being extracted and the last part will be stitching. Once everything was completed, I just take a look at my watch.. A mere 15 minutes and two tooth are removed !

By the way, I think that DP Dental are providing really good services from the moment you stepped into the clinic, in the surgeon room which they will carefully explain to you, and their professional surgeon to finish the surgery quick and painless.

However, I thought the price might be slightly on the high side or I have not been visiting dental for too long ? The total bill is about $1,500+ (without GST) which breakdown as follows:

I am not sure if $250 for an extraction is considered expensive for private dental clinic or market rates ? The last time I did my extraction was maybe $100++ ? The end bill totalled up to S$ 420+, inclusive the GST which I had to paid. 
Now I am back home a happy man with two of my decayed tooth in a container and waiting for the last hour before the anesthetic fully worn off. Even thought I have taken the painkillers, I am not sure I will have a good night sleep or nightmare in the mouth.

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