Jie Bakery and Confectionery – Three Decades of Traditional Bread

Jie Bakery & Confectionary

Living near the Tai Seng area, I have seen this bakery shop since I was young and after I returned from my Japanese language study in Osaka.  Even thought I was back in Singapore for more than five years, everytime when I drove through Upper Paya Lebar Road, I will take a short glance at the only shop that are still open along the line of shophouses where everyone else were closed. At times, you will see van (we called it bread van or 面包车) stopping along the road and picking up some of the prepared bread for delivery.

Last week, my girl friend and I happened to finish work early and while we was traveling along the street, we decided to take a peek at the bakery. Matter of fact, my girl friend was a die-hard fan of bread and the bakery has aroused her interest long time ago. We drove into the small lane and parked right in front of the bakery and there you could see loaf of freshly baked bread lying on the shelves.

Traditional bread lined along the shelves
Freshly bake bread loaf cooling off on the shelves.

As we slowly walked toward the bakery, you could see few of the bakers behind the kitchen busily lining up the bread onto the shelves while a lady was sitting behind the counter watching videos on her iPad. Right beside her was racks of cotton-white bread stacked on a big blue racks, as if she was waiting for someone like us to come by and buy the bread.

We were scrutinising the bread and the lady just suddenly start to introduce the bread – there was plain bread, sweet bread and some coloured bread as well. At the side of the counter, there was a very small price list for spread on the bread and we decided to buy two loaves – one plain and one sweet flavour. We chose to spread butter and kaya over the plain bread while peanut butter and butter over the sweet bread. Within a few minutes, she skilfully spread the bread and packed them back into the original plastic bags.

Even thought we had just finished our dinner at MBFC’s Hokkaido Ramen Kaiko and my girl friend was still feeling bloated, she could not resist but to take out two slices of bread and started chewing on it. The bread was so white and soft while the spread blended perfectly, bringing out nostalgia memories of our childhood where it was a luxury just to had that kind of bread.


The two loaves of bread cost about $5.80, but definitely we thought it was worth the price. These are one of the very few traditional bakeries you can find in Singapore which still retain the taste of traditional bread as compared to Japanese or European-style bakeries sprouting up in busy crowd. If you are also a fan of traditional bread, your trip will not be wasted. Furthermore, if you happened to visit the bakery in the noon, you might just be in time to taste another traditional food – Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint, a duck specialist shop right beside it.

Jie Bakery and Confectionery
123 Upper Paya Lebar Road (View Map)
Singapore 534837
Tel: +65 6289 7461

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