Hot Pot Culture’s Buffet at Marina Square Suspended for Business after a WHOLE Rat was Found in One of the Dishes

Hot Pot Culture at Marina  Square
Hot Pot Culture at Marina Square.

Grossed as the post title might seems, National Envoirnment Agency (NEA) has suspended Hot Pot Culture in Marina Square following reports that a rat carcass was found in one of its vegetable dishes from a porridge buffet.

Ms Caron Chan was the unlucky customer that have found the shocking discovery. After finding a rat’s tail in one of the vegetable dish, she scooped up “a chunk of meat” which was a rat carcass.

The supposed to be value-for-money porridge buffet for the group of colleagues and turned into a stomach churning experience after Ms. Caron Chan allegedly spotted the dead rat.

Why Did Staff Wants to Serve a New Batch ?

While she had approached one of the staff member, there wasn’t any immediate reaction taken and she was handling something else before asking the help of another employee to remove the dish.

She apologised to Ms Chan and said that they will serve a new batch.

Ms Chan was completely turned off by their find and together with her colleagues they left the restaurant without paying and informed the table next to them about the incident, which they had already eaten the dish.

The lady at the table next to them was still charged by the restaurant. She lodged a complaint with the NEA as well.

Why No Actions Being Taken to Stop Serving Customers ?

While the following day, Yahoo Singapore called in to Hot Pot Culture, the manager on duty said she was unaware of the rat incident as the manager on duty just told her that the dish was not fresh and they had to replace it.

Ms Chan was also puzzled why didn’t the staff stopped the buffet line, but instead of making replacement for the dish.

The words of the “rat findings” has been widely spread in Singapore media, such as Facebook, Stomp, All Singapore Stuff and many other more.

Photo from The Real Singapore.

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