Finally, i Got My Haircut ! – Headlines Hairdressing by Gary Lee

Headlines Hairdressing at International Plaza
Newly Opened Headlines Hairdressing Salon outlet at International Plaza.

I was so proud of myself because I have achieved an amazing feat of not cutting or trimming my hair for almost two months ! However, as days goes by and my unkempt hair is getting on my nerves by falling over my forehead almost every other day, I think it is really time for a good haircut. My girl friend had helped me to booked an appointment at Headlines Hairdressing International Plaza outlet late in the evening.

Interior of Headline Hairdressing
Luxurious styled salon by Gary Lee himself. That him in the photo !

In the past, I does not really have a preference over any hairstylist or salon, but after I was recommended to Gary Lee, I thought he really had a good foresight and incredible skills to manage your hair which can really fits into your image. Apart from that, Gary really had a good sense of humour which will keep you entertain throughout your haircut session. I will always go for the “Omakase”, meaning leaving it to him to cut and style my hair, which he never failed me and his returning customers.

For those interested in having a haircut, below are the salon information. Do remember to call in to make an appointment !

Headlines Hairdressing
#03-32 International Plaza
10 Anson Road
Singapore 079903
Tel: +65 6223 3133

Prior to that, International Plaza has recently revamped on its interior and the lightings and decoration are really creative with style. I took a photo or two to share with all !

International PlazaInternational Plaza

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