Coffee Break at Made By Lauren Jasmine on Amoy Street

Made By Lauren Jasmine is a new concept store that combines its namesake label with a cafe, to give you a one stop location to shop, eat and drink. Housed in a cozy shophouse on Amoy Street, the frontage is a cafe with 2-3 tables that patrons can sit down to enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee and dessert.

Right at the back alley of the shophouse, you will be able to see the boutique shop. Lauren Jasmine is a local work wear label which was conceptualized and co-designed by Singaporeans Hazel and Liyana who had inspiration to design chic, work-appropriate fashion that are in favour of a corporate look.  The area is lined with ornaments and dresses, of course you can pick and bring it home, with a price.


Having a coffee on a quiet afternoon at Amoy Street is definitely one of the most relaxed activity you could do to break away from the bustling city and settling yourself in the cafe, enjoying a cup of aromatic coffee and a delicacy pastry.

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