“Cold” Dinner and Creme Brulee Dessert at Ice Edge Cafe

What a day ! Rain has just plagued the entire afternoon and it was still drizzling even in the late evening. The weather was cold and wind just blow relentlessly. I was picking up my girl friend from work and we are heading towards Ice Edge Cafe for a dessert. But since I have not taken my dinner, we headed for the main course as well.

ice edge cafe seabassSea Bass – Seared Seabass, watercress Rissotto, edamame beans, tomato salsa and Lemon scent. Price $20.80.

The Seabass are pan-seared to golden brown on the outside while the locking the tenderness and juice of the fish meat within. Rissotto tasted slightly salty, but a good combination with the fish.

BBQ Pork Ribs. Ice Edge’s Special smoky BBQ baby pork ribs, roasted potatoes and salad. Price: $21.80.

Comes in a big serving (about 5-6 spare ribs). The pork ribs are covered with peppery BBQ sauce and the meat is tender. Potatoes are nicely roasted to golden brown as well. However, after eating half portion of the pork ribs, I started to get sick of the taste, maybe due to the overwhelming taste of BBQ sauce. Overall, the meat is good and I think should be sharing dish for two.

Fish “n” Chips. Ice Edge Fish “n” Chips served with fries, side salad and Tartar sauce. Price: $14.80.

My sister came to joined us for the dinner and ordered a main as well. The herbs battered fish is nicely fried to golden brown while still locking great flavours inside. Fries are very crispy as well. A dash of lemon is sufficient to make the fish more than delicious. Goes well with or without the Tartar sauce. Recommended for Fish “n” Chips lovers.

Creme Brulee with Two Scoop of Ice Cream. Price: $15.30.

We have chosen Belgian dark chocolate and Salted Caramel ice cream to go with the Creme Brulee. The Creme Brulee was served cold instead of warm, maybe it is Ice Edge’s way for the dessert. The Salted Caramel ice cream is really salty and took away taste of chocolate. Feels like eating a mouthful of ice seawater whenever I inserted a spoonful into my mouth. Belgian chocolate was a beauty. Dark chocolate with a hint of bitterness, good to counter the sweetness of the Brulee.

For those that are interested in desserts that they are serving, you can also take a look at my previous visit at Ice Edge Cafe for Mao Shan Wang Durian Lava Cake and 2 Scoop Profiterole.

Ice Edge Cafe
#01-10/11 Simon Plaza
2 Kovan Road
Singapore 548008
Opening Hours: 12pm to 12am daily (Last order at 11.20pm)

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