Han Shi Fang – Steamboat and BBQ King at Upper Paya Lebar Road (汉食坊)

Han Shi Fang at Upper Paya Lebar

Apart from the Saturday Cafe that has opened recently near my house, another new Chinese steamboat restaurant, Han Shi Fang has surfaced along the same street. Apparently there was not much crowd due to its new opening, but we decided to give it a try as the steamboat looks decent.

The restaurant was not lavishly decorated and the interior looks more like a family-styled setting. Just felt some homely in here.

Herbal Soup Base (left) and Pork Rib Soup Base (right).

The concept is slightly different and it incorporates steamboat and BBQ together. While most of the steamboat restaurants are offering one soup base with BBQ, they are able to split the soup pot into two sections and offer more varieties of soup base, offering greater choices for your tastebud.
Of course, if you are looking into their Pork Ribs Soup Base and Herbal Soup Base, you will need to pay an additional of S$10 each for the soup base.

Unlike conventional steamboat, they are using ceramic pot, which takes longer time to heat up but also longer time to cool down.

What a feast ! Meat, Veggies and Seafood for only S$58.

Since we are not sure what to order, we went for the set meal which is S$58 for 2 person. In addition of their new opening, they are giving 10 % discount on the set meal which we thought it is very reasonable price.  That mounts up to a dozen of dishes including veggies, pork, lamb and seafood as well. One of the feature for the seafood, the prawn and crab are prepare alive, meaning to say it is still wriggle its legs while being served onto the table ! Those shown above are only a portion of the dishes and there was more to come later. Check out the live seafood below.

The live seafood  – Prawns and Crab.


Overall food experience was good. The staff are friendly and they served food in generous portion based on the price tag for the set meal. One of the must try dishes will also be their handmade dumpling which tasted really good.
Han Shi Fang – Steamboat and BBQ King (汉食坊-汤烤火锅王)
331 Upper Paya Lebar Road
Singapore 534949
Tel: +65 82238976

Opening Hours:
Till 11am daily

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