Rejuvenating Late Night Massage at Le Spa (Club Street)

It was Sunday afternoon and I just finished my haircut at Headline Hair Salon at China Square Central. My girlfriend and I strolled along Club Street to look for some light bites before dinner time. As we passed through Gemmill Lane, there was this spa tucked in between a line of prestigious restaurants, with a 24-hour sign hang at the pillar. Glancing through the full glass shopfront, you could see its distinctive oriental design and it seems to have a nice ambience as well. We walked immediately to try our luck if we could get a slot for massage, but unfortunately the spa was fully booked and have to wait for another two hours before the masseurs are free. While we have another appointment in the evening, we had to give up today’s massage.

Two weeks later, my “itch” for massage come back and we really wanted to try out Le Spa and my girlfriend managed to make an appointment for two body massage in the late evening.

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Reception area of Le Spa

Once you stepped into the reception area, be greet by a beautifully decorated oriental theme reception and received a warm welcome from the receptionist. While preparing the masseurs for our massage, she served us a cup of ginger tea while we sat down at the waiting area.

While I was working under the hot sun during the noon, I was sweating like a swine so I thought to take a good bath before my massage. Unfortunately, the couple treatment room does not come with its own restroom so I would need to freshen up myself at their common restroom at the end corner of the spa. The masseur handed me a towel and robe to me so I could wear it when I finished my shower. (you could not expect me to walk along the common walkway with a towel wrapped around my waist)

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Couple treatment room at Le Spa

The treatment room is very clean and in the centre sits two massage bed with common settings. The massage beds were covered with towels and a rolled up towel which was used as leg rest while we are lying face down. The masseurs politely knocked onto the door to check if we are prepared and we commence with our massage.

While the masseurs starts kneading our tired body, they would constantly check with us if their strength is adequate before proceeding the massage. The skilful masseurs worked effortless with their experienced hands and rejuvenating our bodies during the 60-minutes massage. While we dressed ourselves up in the room, the masseurs had already prepared a drink for at the waiting area before we leave the spa. Their good services have left us a good impression.

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2nd Visit to Le Spa

A week later, we decided to visit the spa again with two of my siblings. My girlfriend called up to make an appointment and surprisingly, she managed to identify her name which most spa don’t, and check if she is asking for the same masseur that had given her the massage during her previous treatment session. Again, the massage was satisfying and I decided to sign up a package with them, noting that it was the only first time that I have signed up for a spa package.

After rounds of experience at Le Spa, I thought they have really put in efforts into customer services and taken good care of all aspects of a customer visiting their spa for a massage. Most of the masseurs are experienced and certainly they also managed to maintain their good standards throughout our times of visit. I would highly recommended this spa for a good late night rejuvenating massage. By the way, I have also added them into my late night massage directory as well. Enjoy ~

Other Services They Provide

  • Le Urban Fusio (LUF) body masasge
  • Le Royal Balinese body massage
  • Le Classic Swedish Retreats body massage
  • Le Imperial Indulgence (Twin therapy) body massage
  • Le Taiwanese Foot Therapy
  • Le Anti Aging Essence
  • Le Luxury Spa Scrubs
  • Le Elemental Aroma
  • Le Signature Guasha Treatment
  • Le Foot Detox
  • Le Therapeutic Cupping
  • Le Rejuvenating Ear Candling

Le Spa – Oriental Massage
14 Gemmill Lane (Club Street)
Singapore 069253
Tel: + 65 6222 6803
Opening Hours: 24 hours daily (Closed between 6am to 10am for housekeeping)

Dessert in High Society at Marina Bay Sands

Dessert at High Society at Marina Bay Sands

It has been two years last since I have celebrated Chinese New Year due to my grandma’s death, a tradition which most chinese follows. It was a quiet year, with negatives news on the economies around the world looming in the news since last year. Furthermore, the festive season is on the weekdays, most of the people have to start work on Wednesday or Chu San.

Fortunately, my wife and I are on leave and we took the liberty to get a good window shopping at Marina Bay Sands together with my sister.

We just had a brief stroll and before leaving home for dinner, we had some desserts at the High Society.

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Rainbow Cake at High Society Marina Bay Sands
Rainbow Cake – in seven different colours.

I would say it is one of the best rainbow cakes that I have eaten so far.

Oreo Cheese Cake from High Society Marina Bay Sands
Oreo Cheese Cake

This is a perfect dessert for Oreo and / or cheese cake lovers. The flavours are well balanced between without each overpowering the taste of it.

Chocolate Mousse Cake at High Society Marina Bay Sands
Chocolate Mousse Cake

I have chosen this dessert though I am not a great fan for chocolate. Unfortunately, it did not really suits my tastebud and I had to down it with my affogato in order to finish the entire cake.

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History About High Society

The company started off in 1994 at Tanglin Mall, where it was selling music CDs to a special group of customers, introducing the latest trends and genres of music to the Singapore public. That CD Shop, today is the most prominent retailer of music CDs in Singapore. 
Beginning in 2005, the company started to produce works under its own High Society record label, partnering with 4 big music labels – Universal Music, Sony BMG, Warner and EMI. Under its belts, they have more than 150 titles of High Society music CDs produced and achieved 3 Double Platinum, 11 Platinum and 26 Gold awards in sales presented by the 4 record labels companies. 
The High Society Cafe and Restaurant was the addition to one of the group of products and services. Decorated in a old world charm of the good life with a twist of contemporary lifestyle living, it allows the guests to indulge in a relax ambience, enjoying the great selection of food and desserts while listening to selections of non-stop great music
The cafe and restaurant are open for high tea, lunch or dinner.
High Society
B2-47, Canal Level
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Tel: +65 6688 7522
Opening Hours: Weekdays – 10am to 11pm, Weekends and Eve of Public Holiday – 10am to 1am