Romantic Seaside Candle Light Dinner at Jimbaran Beach Restaurant

After two hours of rejuvenating spa treatment at Dewi Fortuna Spa, it was almost seven thirty in the evening and our stomach was rumbling. It’s time for dinner ! However, we does not know any good restaurants in this area, we asked for recommendation from the driver since he did brought us to a good restaurant for our lunch at Warung d’Sawah. Without further delay, he took us for a thirty minutes journey before reaching Jimbaran Bay.

Even before entering the restaurant, the smell of charred grilled food creeped into our noses and on the left side of the entrance was a few men grilling busily to serve the food on the tables. A receptionist welcomed us with a smile and showed us to our table. We was sat down and order our drinks, Mango Juice for me (Rp 40,000) and Tumeric Honey Lemon (Rp 80,000) for my girl friend while we enjoyed the sound of gentle waves splashing against the seashore and an occasion sea breeze.

We ordered a Seafood Basket (Rp, 500,000) which should be one person portion since my girl friend wasn’t a big eater and it proven to be a right choice. The basket include a lobster, a crab, two fish and three prawns. It was also being served with soup and Bali’s signature vegetables. The seafood was grilled with perfect timing and without much seasoning, we could taste the original freshness of the seafood. However, it actually took them some time before serving to us. While we looked around, most of the patrons was not being served as well. But the wait is worthwhile.

During our course of meal, there was a random tourist that bought some fireworks from a lady and discharging it into the dark skies and brightening the skies with an array of bright colours. There was also a live band that walks to our table and sang us a slow jazz song while we dined and enjoyed the twinkling stars up high in the skies.

Oh, by the way, did I mentioned that we did not have the candle on our table while we was eating ? The waiter actually came with one after we are done with our food. Humorous ! Time to go back to the villa for an early rest…

Government Tax and 15% service charge applicable.

The ambience was good but it would be even more beautiful if we could have reached earlier to catch a glimpse of the sunset. Food was pretty decent but the only damaging factor was the long waiting time.

Bawang Merah Bar & Bistro
Kelan, Jimbaran Bay, Bali 80361
Reservation: +62-36-770210 / +62 -36-2168521 / +62-36-2168525
Opening Hours: 12pm to 11pm daily
Direction to the restaurant: Bypass Jimbaran No. 96 Mumbiu Nusa Dua. 2. Jimbaran Bay, Kelan Beach, Tuban – Kuta
FREE pick up available.

A Glimpse of Kuching in East Malaysia – A City of Relaxation

Kuching is the last station for my overseas trip in Borneo before returning to Singapore. We arrived at Kuching International Airport from Bintulu in the late evening and one of our friends picked up us and send us to Pullman Kuching Hotel which was estimated 30-minutes journey away from the airport. Despite being the third largest city in Sarawak, the traffic flow was smooth with minimal vehicles traveling on the road.

We went to Top Spot Food Court which was 5-minutes drive located near Pullman Hotel. It is a seafood centre that is located above a 6-storey carpark with magnificent view. Seafood stalls are neatly arranged in an L-shaped and hundred of tables and chairs filled up the enormous land space for selection of your own. Fresh vegetables and seafood are lined up on stall front and customer are free to select their favourite food and request for any cooking method to the waitress. The food was good and reasonably priced. Three of us ate a fish, clams, soft shell crab, noodle and vegetables that cost only RM 66 / S$ 25. After a fruitful dinner, it is time to return to the hotel for a good night rest.

Bukit Mata Seafood 25 Sdn. Bhd (猫眼嶺海鲜25有限公司)
Taman Kereta Top Spot Food Court
Kuching, Sarawak
Tel: +60 (12) 8099522 / +60 (19) 8899838 / +60 (19) 8891266

It was a  hectic second day while we visit few clients in Kuching around the industrial before coming back to the city centre. Even so, due to the smooth traffic in Kuching, we waste no time getting caught in traffic jams which we often have in Singapore, but managed to spend more time with the customer. One noticeable thing about Kuching was the human and vehicle crowd during the noon. It is amazing that you hardly see anyone walking on the streets ! You can see from the photos I have taken when I returned to our hotel in the noon, the streets are empty.

One of the scenery I loved is the Sungai Santubong river that runs through and meanders around the city. It is especially beautiful during the night.

Kuching has not undergone major development in recent years while the overall population is only around 325,000 people. Though it resemblance Singapore in the early 1950s-1960s, the slow-paced city is a good location for retirement. Time to packed my stuff and back to Singapore, the bustling city.

My girlfriend has mentioned before that Borneo is one of the top places she yearns to pay a visit and hopefully she settle down as a property agent and the dream will be realized soon.