Is Pretty 360 Out To Cheat Consumers Through Hard Selling Spa Packages ? (Same as AP Spa at Dhoby Ghaut)

Pretty 360 Spa

After many comments from my fellow bloggers, I am changing the contents for Pretty 360 blog post. It seems to be that Pretty 360 is providing many different services to the consumer, however many have complained that they are trying to hard sell packages during their visit and does not honour their vouchers.

You may want to post your comments here as some of the consumers have mentioned that they are deleting comments from the facebook and not responding to their request for the refund.

As mentioned by some of the bloggers recently, they have since close down the facebook fan page for Pretty360 while they have open a new spa called Slender Matrix at Wheelock Place.

Spa related to Pretty 360

– Started with another company called Slender Matrix (2014)
– Selling vouchers under the name of AP Spa (2014)
– Slender Matrix taken over by HAACH (29th July 2015)
– Pretty 360 changed name to MK Face.Body.Spa (September 2015)
Spa Information
Singapore Shopping Centre
#05-25, 190 Clemenceau Ave
Singapore 239924
Tel: +65 6337 5360

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri – 10.30am to 9pm,
Sat: 10am to 6pm

This article was updated on 29 May 2016.

Why Do Women Simply Love Foot Massage

In these days, our lives are busier and more stressful than ever. With work, family, school and community involvement all demanding our time and attention, many women find themselves spread too thin. It is easy to forget that having too much stress in our lives can have a negative effect on our emotional and physical health, but it is important to find regular and convenient ways of decreasing excess stress. For stress reduction, many women turn to exercise such as yoga or running. Others turn to spirituality. Especially for women who are on their feet all day, feet massage can be another great way to relax with the added bonus of feeling pampered!

I think one of the best gift is when a boyfriend gives her girlfriend a good foot massage. Photo from Life Hack.

Pleasures of Getting a Foot Massage

One of my close friends was given a gift certificate to a spa by her husband for their anniversary. She felt that it was a very thoughtful and luxurious gift, especially because her husband would never be the type to go to a spa himself. A gift certificate to a spa is a great way to make an important woman in your life feel pampered. My friend told me that after her day out she felt relaxed and extra self-confident. Personally, when I have a little extra money, I have occasionally splurged on a foot massage at a nail salon down the street from my house. With comfortable reclining chairs, friendly staff and an array of nail polish colors to choose from, it is the perfect way to give myself a little treat or pick me up if I’m feeling down.

Foot Massage Techniques

Some of the most important foot rub techniques that therapists may use include massaging the bottom of the foot, rotating the ankles, gently pulling and squeezing the toes, sliding fingers between the toes, and applying pressure to the arch of the foot. Of these sensual techniques, my friend and I agreed that massaging the bottom of the foot and toes were the most enjoyable. Spending a lot of time on your feet, whether standing, walking, or exercising, is apt to leave your feet feeling tense and achy. Having the bottom of the feet and toes massaged is an incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating feeling.

Last But Not Least, the Pedicure!

At most salons, the final step of the foot massage is one of the most fun: a pedicure! Women can choose from a rainbow of nail polish colors to decorate their freshly pampered feet. Especially during sandal season, nail polish is a must-have. A ruby red is always a good choice, but if you want to mix it up a little bit, why not choose an unusual color such as turquoise, butter yellow, or a glittery silver, as the perfect end to a stress-relieving day of pampering.

Author’s Bio: Ion Doaga is the owner of Massage Dreams where he writes about how to give a foot massage to your loving women. Via his posts he wants to empower people to take control of their health and show that the quality of our lives is directly linked to how we treat our mind and body.

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Why and How You Should Pamper Your Feet in a Spa

Feet are the part of your body that suffer a  lot during the course of even the easiest days. From wearing uncomfortable shoes, standing for a prolong period of time o simply trudging along on hard surfaces where every step feels like you are ruining your feet. We must also never forget all the various injuries and ailments that can affect your feet. For all these reasons, there is a definite need for some foot pampering every now and then. The best way ? Going to the spa near you.

Foot Reflexology Takes You to Heaven

Anyone who has ever been to a spa to have a massage will tell you that it is one of the best things in the world and definitely one of the most relaxing. The good news is that there are specialized massages that are concentrated specifically on your feet and that will make you feel as if someone is taking all of your problems away.

The most popular foot massage these days is the traditional foot reflexology, today much more popular as reflexology massage. The point of this massage is to get your body rid of energy blockages that accumulate over time. This is done by pressing on specific points on the foor which then release these blockages.

Thai massage is very similar to this one, with one important difference. Instead of fingers and knuckles, the masseur (masseuse) uses wooden stocks to press the points, which then in turn alleviate blockages.

If you wish, you can always go for an athletic massage of feet and legs which is more geared towrads people who spend a lot of time on their feet and who need something more therapeutic and relaxing.

Pedicures to Really Pamper Your Feet

You can get pedicures anywhere these days, but if you ask someone who actually knows a thing or two about a professional pedicure, they will tell you one thing – go to a spa. Spas employ the best professionals from the field who will certainly do a much better job compared to those in local malls whom self-taught the skill through watching a 20-minutes Youtube video on how to do pedicures.

Pedicures are the most comprehensive treatment for your feet and they will all include the most important steps – soaking, scrubbing, exfoliation, cleaning and even massages at times. In addition to this, they will cut and trim your cuticles and nails and finally give them a good polish.

Still, despite all of them involving these steps, there are many pedicures that are very different from one another. For example, the classic French pedicure will be characterized by the white tips of the nails and clear finish for the rest. The Margarita pedicure will involve all kinds of products based on lime, hence the name. The champagne pedicure involves grape products and sometimes actual wine or champagne. With the paraffin pedicure, you dip your feet in paraffin wax before applying nail polish.

New and Exciting Treatments

One of the latest treatments that you can get in spas today is the fish pedicure. With this pedicure, you dunk your feet into a tank which is filled with special fish that eat the dead skin from the feet. If you are worried about the safety issue of fish pedicure, it is good idea to first talk to a podiatry expert who will be able to tell you all about this.

There are also detox baths and wraps that many spas do and which are supposed to help your body get rid of toxins from your body. These are an incredible way to do something truly beneficial for your body and your feet.

In short, go to a spa and give your feet some pampering !

author-pic About Guest Blogger
James Burbank is a blogger who likes to write about the finer aspects of modern living, as well as green living and home improvement. He often works with Sydney podiatry clinic and asks them for advice.

Babies Bellies – Javanese Massage & Spa Specially for Mummies

Photo by Babies Bellies.

The founder decided to set up Babies Bellies Javanese Massage and Spa after her positive experience of Jamu pre and post natal massage. The treatment not only helped her maintained her figure and also achieved weight reduction after pregnancy. She hired certified masseurs with many years of experience to help mothers experience overall body wellness. Though the spa focuses on pre-natal and post-natal massage, they also provide tummy trimming treatment, wraps, facials, manicure & pedicure.

Additionally, they are affiliated to certified and licensed Chinese nannies and Chinese confinement meals. If you are a mother looking to satisfy pre-natal and post-natal pregnancy needs, Babies Bellies will definitely to be your one stop choice of health and wellness.

Babies Bellies services include body firming and tummy trimming treatment, pre and post natal massage and a variety of other massage services, which are available for men too! It seems like an ideal place to be at for couples, where the wives can keep in shape while the hubbies can enjoy some relaxation as well!

Babies Bellies’ website is both informational and welcoming, and it certainly provides a pretty good first impression of its massage and spa. It would be most interesting to hear from you if you have tried their Javanese massage, especially those who have tried a pre or post natal massage. So do feel free to leave comments or post a review for us to share your personal experience!

Babies Bellies at Golden Landmark

No. 390 Golden Landmark, Victoria St, #01-48
Singapore 188061
Tel: +65 6296 7198,
Mobile: +65 9228 6372 / +65 9222 1544
Operating Hours: Mon to Sat – 10am to 8pm (Including PH except Hari Raya), Sun: Closed

Babies Bellies at United Square
110 United Square, #01-55, Thomson Road, Singapore 307591
Tel: +65 6356 6623
Mobile: +65 9228 6372 / +65 9222 1544
Operating Hours: Mon to Sat – 10am to 8pm (Include PH except Hari Raya), Sun: 10am to 5pm

Revisiting Newly Renovated Sabaai Sabaai Traditional Thai Massage at Boat Quay

Sabaai Sabaai was closed about a month ago for their new renovation. Prior to the new renovated spa, I decided to revisit the massage parlour to relieve my aching shoulders, as well as to take a peek at their newly renovated place.

As i took my first step into Sabaai Sabaai, the place immediately stole my gaze with its improve makeover and a classier look than its previous setting and they have replaced the sofa set at the reception with 3 chairs specially for foot reflexology. Anyway, while I was taking off my shoes before entering the rooms, they actually gave me a foot bath. A free foot bath was only available if you made an appointment. They applied the foot with a mud-like paste and scrubbed your feet with a brush, which gave a ticklish sensation.

As compared to the previous setting, the mattress are now laid on the raised wooden platforms and white half-translucent curtains on all sides. Of course, they still provide clean clothes for change as I was going for an oil massage. I did not really enjoy the massage this time round as the masseur seems to be uncertain which part to really apply pressure on. Her strength varies on different parts of my body and though I have told her to focus more on my shoulders, there wasn’t more time spent massaging it. But as an overall, it is still a good experience and I will definitely be willing to revisit Sabaai Sabaai again.

Sabaai Sabaai Traditional Thai Massage

49A Boat Quay
Singapore 049838
Tel: +65 6536 3306 / +65 9337 3715
Nearest MRT Station: Clarke Quay (NE5)

Operating Hours:
Monday to Saturday: 12.00pm to 10.00pm
Sunday: 12.00pm to 6.00pm

Updated on 9th Dec 2014.

Spa Esprit at Beauty Emporium (Within the World’s First One-stop Health and Beauty Shop)

Photo by Spa Esprit.

Spa Esprit is a homegrown apothecary spa since 1996 and they have been redefining the achaic spa formula with creative customised blend products, facial and massages to suits each individual needs.

From their signature House Proud Massage to the fully organic Sink Your Skin Pear and Apple Scrub, reach treatment has been carefully crafted with the customers in mind.

They are also the exclusive retailers for the following skincare brands:

  • SCO
  • Malin+Goetz
  • iLike Organic Skin care
  • Spa Esprit customize blend products.
In addition, Spa Esprit is housed within the Beauty Emporium house, the world’s first one-stop shop for all your beauty and nutritional needs. Everything you need can be found in just one location. What could have been betters ?

Spa Esprit at Dempsey

Beauty Emporium House, Level 2
8D Dempsey Road, Singapore 249672
Tel: +65 6479 0070

Operating Hours:
Open Daily: 10am to 9pm
Closed on selected eve of and Public Holidays.

Other Bloggers’ Reviews

  • Hungry Bird finds the ambiance of Spa Esprit is not really fantastic.

Updated on 9th Dec 2014.

AngelSky8 Spa at Le Meridian Shopping Centre

AngelSky 8 Reception Counter

AngelSky8 started their first branch in Orchard Road, behind Le Meridien Hotel offering mainly facial treatments and beauty therapies. Due to their continuously effort for providing first class service and effective treatments, they have won the hearts of returning customers and soon expand their service range to a wider wellness services.

To provide better convenience to their loyal customers, they later set up two other branch at Holland Village and Novena for more choices of location. They have provided wide range of wellness care from skin care, body massage, foot reflex and even hair care. They also have premium spa facilities like Jacuzzi, Gym, Steam bath and Sauna. You may also visit some their other facilities like reading room, movie room, web bar, music bar and outdoor cafe. Even for the best, mummies out there can bring your children along as they have set an Children’s corner to let them rejoice in their fun while you are being pamper in your spa.

Angel Sky 8
Le Meridian Shopping Centre #01-100, #01-101, #02-100
100 Orchard Road, Singapore 238840
Tel: 6238 8885
Fax: 6238 8858
Operating Hours: 10.00am to 9.00pm daily.

Other Outlets

AngelSky8 at Holland Village 
259 Holland Avenue
Singapore 278985
Tel: 6464 8886
Fax: 6464 8889
Operating Hours: 10am to 9pm daily

Angelsky8 at Novena 
Goldhill Shopping Centre
175/177 Thomson Road
Singapore 307624
Operating Hours: 10am to 9pm daily
Tel: 6258 8883
Fax: 6258 8838

Updated on 9th Dec 2014.

Health Benefits That Massage Therapy Has To Offer

Massage by definition is the process kneading / rubbing / applying pressure by the use of hands over certain points of the body. For acupressure it could also be pressure points on the face, scalp, palm and soles.

Physical Benefits

1. In most of the accidental/sports injuries that occur, the rehabilitation process usually starts with a trained physiotherapist who along with exercises also massages the injured area with their hands or with cold/hot packs to relieve the tension in the muscles till the pain subsides.

2. Massage therapies are highly beneficial for an otherwise healthy person wherein brushing the body with thick bristle brush with bottom to top movements helps in lymphatic drainage, thereby increasing the immunity of the body against infections.

3. For the older generation who want to maintain an active lifestyle massages of the individuals joints help in maintaining the agility of the body and alleviating arthritis pain.

4. Massages are being increasingly used for sports persons just before they go out to play to improve energy, relax the muscles and help in quick movements for cricketers, boxers and kabaddi players.

5. It has also been proven that massaging the face and applying pressure on certain points also help in releasing the congestion in the sinuses helps in clearing blockages and an ease in breathing issues.

6. The world over massaging babies and infants before their showers is done so as to strengthen the bones, formation of ligaments that would in the future help the baby in taking the first steps to a healthy walking manner.

Psychological And Cognitive Benefits

1. In decreasing emotional stress that was caused by the trauma suffered by the patient. Helping the patient in improving the quality of sleep. The release of the pressure on certain nerve points also improves and clears up the thought process thereby quickening the recovery.

2. Relieving stress/anxiety related issues in public personalities before their speeches or appearances at high profile events with a gentle massage on the scalp and temple points.

Aesthetic Benefits

1. Massages like shiatsu and pressure on the face have also shown reduction in fine lines and crow’s feet if coupled with a good diet of fruits and green veggies.

2. A massage post vigorous exercise help in maintain body posture and alignment, thereby improving a person’s overall look.

The past decade the medical community has realised the importance of physical/emotional/ social rehabilitation through the various types of massages like The Swedish massage, Warm stone therapy, Deep tissue massage, Aromatherapy and have started providing majority of these services in-house. Countries like Saudi Arabia, Europe are including reimbursement of at least 50% of medical cost of physiotherapies and massages with their insurers like BUPA Arabia and EHIC cards so as to integrate them into the mainstream medical insurance system.

The benefits though would only last if the patient continues with the therapies on a regular basis just like his regular health checkups. These therapies have now improved the lifestyle and physical health of many and is also becoming an increasingly lucrative profession. Making it a point to get a body massage done weekly, just for the fun of it actually does wonders to one’s mood and a happy and smiling person is always a welcome sight.

author-pic About Guest Blogger
Alissa Jones is a passionate blogger who works on behalf of EHIC. She has been writing contents on the web professionally since 2006. As an avid reader and blogger, she shares her experience through her articles on Travel, Education, Technology, Parenting and many more.

Aromatherapy Massage – How Can It Helps to Relax Your Body and Mind ?

Having a stressful mind and exhausted body is quite common these days, all thanks to our hectic professional lift and overloading household chores. Is there any escape to it? Well, we actually cannot avoid all the tensions that come along with the work but an aromatherapy session can definitely make our weekends happier and better.

What is Aromatherapy ?

It is a form of alternative medicine that uses aromatic plant oils and other aromatic compounds for altering one’s cognitive, psychological and physical well being. Essential oils that are used for the massage are 100% original and have their own therapeutic qualities. They are available to cure almost any kind of sickness and that is why, these days, aromatherapy is becoming popular not only in spas but in homes as well. One can treat depression, asthma, congestion, insomnia, muscle tension and hypertension easily with the help of the oils.

How Essential Oils Work ?

When these oils are applied to the body, they penetrate the skin with the help of sweat glands and hair follicles. This way, they get absorbed into the body fluids. That is when their wonders begins. Depending on the type of oil chosen, you will being receiving different benefits. Some will help relax body and mind, alleviate stress and some will strength the immune system by killing harmful bacteria and virus.

Here are the most popular oils for mind and body healing:

  • Stress – Clary, Lemon, Sage, Lavender
  • Insomnia – Clary, Sage, German Chamomile, Marjoram
  • Depression – Lemon, Bergamot, Nutmeg
  • Lack of Energy – Grapefruit, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lemon Grass
Who Should Consider Taking an Aromatherapy Massage Session ?
This healing method is best for people who want to relax but without the strenuous muscle kneading session. It is a great way to unwind the stress after a hectic day at office. Anyone who wants to enjoy the mental and physical benefits of aromatherapy massage must go for a session once in a while.
How Aromatherapy Massage Helps Relax Body and Mind !
Inhaling essential oils has amazing effects on body and mind as the scent triggers brains reactions and helps in secreting relaxing hormones that further help a person take better control over his mind and body. Sometimes, different oils are blended together for better therapeutic effects. Since ages, aromatherapy has been practiced because it helps bring relaxation to a different level together.
Essential oils can either be applied to the body or can be inhaled, both ways are quite effective. Where the massage helps by first moisturising the skin followed by boosting blood flow inside the body, inhalation deeply relaxes and calm down the mind. 

Aromatherapy treatment is only effective when it is done with pure essence of oils and not those are synthetically created. Also, the method of doing the massage is quite important as a wrong way will not pay you much in terms of benefits. You can either book an aromatherapy massage session at a spa or bring some aromatic oils home and fill your room with their scent to relax your mind.
author-pic About Guest Blogger
Amy Screamer is a professional guest writer who is interested in writing articles about massage therapy on behalf of Holistic Therapy Cheltenham.

Body treats for mothers at Jamu Massage Singapore

Jamu Massage Singapore (JMSG) was established to all mothers and moms-to-be to prepare them for a whole new experience. As the mom undergo pregnancy, there is a change psychologically and physically which could said to be traumatic to both the mother and the baby. Therefore, through Jamu massage,  it will not only aid the new mummy in reducing of psychological and physical stress, it also helps the baby in the womb.

Jamu Massage Singapore has been a specialist in the confinement trade for more than 24 years, after seeing that there is a lack of quality and experience professional therapists to serve the mummies to overcome their pre-natal discomfort and post-natal worries.

Moreover, one of the advantages that Jamu Massage Singapore is providing is that mums does not need to leave home to massage parlors or hospitals for the pre-natal and post-natal massage. The therapist will pamper the mums in their own home to experience before and after their child delivery.

Jamu Massage Mummy Oriented Services

  • Pre-natal Massage – 4 months before the Estimated Delivery Date
  • Post-natal Massage (De’ Jamu) – 5 days after the delivery through Natural Birth, 3 weeks after the delivery through C-section.
  • Slimming Treatment
  • Baby Massage Tutorial
Jamu Massage Singapore provides Pre-natal massage 4 months before estimated arrival of your baby. Each session is priced at SGD 82, lasting 1 hour. They have package sessions at the following rates;
3 Sessions – SGD 240
5 Sessions – SGD 375
7 Sessions – SGD 490
9 Sessions – SGD 610
* Terms & Conditions applies

Find out more exclusive promotions for mums on Jamu Massage Facebook Page.

Jamu Massage Singapore

167 Woodland Street 11, #02-23 & #03-23,
Singapore 730167
Tel: 6632 7796

Updated on 20th September 2014