Kin Kin Chilli Ban Mian from Kuala Lumpur (建记辣椒板面)

After hearing from the news that Kin Kin Chilli Ban Mian from Kuala Lumpur has arrived in Singapore and create a hype in the town, my girl friend and I decided to give this a try. Knowing the fact that people are queuing up to 5 hours just to get a taste of the legendary Ban Mian, I still try my luck to get in the queue for a taste of it. Luckily, the queue wasn’t that snakey long and took us only a while to place our orders and get a seating.

First to arrive on our table was the freshly handmade fishball soup ($3.50). At the first bite, it tasted tenderlicious and does not have the usual pungent taste of the fish. Despite the fact of being a fishball lover, the overwhelming taste of MSG in the soup has partially ruined the dish. Perhaps Kin Kin might have lived up it’s name for the popular dried Ban Mian and that is why they are not putting in much efforts for the soup base. Or just that it is happening in this Singapore branch ?

Here comes our signature dried Ban Mian ($5.00)!!! The Ban Mian looks so delicious that you can’t wait to taste it. Together with their famous dried chilli and with some stirring of the poached egg, ikan bilis (anchovies), meatballs and minced meat, the dish is finally ready to be consumed. While you see the egg yolk oozes out over the noodles, the magical moments of yolk and chilli crossed path and blended within the noodles. However, due to the egg yolk, the entire bowl of noodles’ texture has in turn transformed into a state of coagulation. To our disappointment, the whole dish seems to be a bit not too appetising to our visual enjoyment now. At the first taste, the fiery hotness of the chilli flushed through our taste bud. No doubt the strong taste of the chilli, the noodles still seems pretty tasteless. Well, looks can be deceiving at times.


Although the Ban Mian as a whole does not live up to my expectations, the fiery hot chilli was still able to compensate for the blanched noodles. I will give my Ultra-man cross for this dish in Singapore, but may still give it a second chance by trying at their KL main branch.

534 MacPherson Road
Singapore 368220

For those interested in trying at their Malaysia branch, below is the address:

40 Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman Satu, KL