Vietnamese Pho Pork Ribs Noodle and Drip Coffee at Pho Pho Telok Ayer Street

I was supposed to join my sister and her boyfriend for a jog at Punggol Park this evening but I could not make it as I was still stuck in my work and I had to forgo my exercise regime (it was the beginning of the regime actually). My sister had mentioned she wanted to have a massage after her jogging and we promptly booked for an appointment at Club Street’s Le Spa.

I picked up my girl friend and we arrived at Club Street early and decided to stroll along Amoy Street to look for some “small bites”. There was a few restaurants along the street, but none offered a small bite. We walked towards Amoy Street Food Centre, most of the stalls are not opened except for a Zi Char stall (I believed it was quite popular due to the crowd on a saturday night). I saw there was still some queue and thought I might not be able to reach the spa in time if waiting time is too long. Therefore, we skipped and walked into Telok Ayer Street.

Hidden in the dark street of Telok Ayer Street, the brightly lit signboard of the vietnamese cuisine restaurant caught my attention. We walked towards and asked for the menu and without much hesitation, I order a Pho Pork Rib Noodle and Vietnamese Drip Coffee. I was just in time for their last order at 9.30pm.

The Pho Pork Rib Noodles ($12.90)

While the friendly waiter that took our order set the cutleries on the table and poured us some cold water, I took a puff along the roadside. Before I could finish my stick of cigarette, a waitress came out with the noodle ! Unexpectedly fast !! Perhaps it is near closing time and crowd was not that much.

They have separated out the noodles and the garnishes so that one can choose what to add in for each personal taste. It also comes with a bowl of Keropok as well. I simply threw in all the parsley and mint leaves together with the lime juice and tuck it immediately. The soup base was clear and slight taste of citrous enhance my appetite (remember I was just looking for a small bite only). However, the only setback was the noodle soup was not hot enough, but that does not really affect the overall taste. The pork ribs was so soft and tender that you does not even requires any strength to chew the meat away from the bone. (^_^)

Vietnamese Drip Coffee (without milk – $3.50, with milk – $4.50)

I was concentrating savouring the noodles, the served the drip coffee and allows it drips slowly into the unique glass cup. By the time I had finishing savouring the noodles, the drip is almost done and the waitress came and remove the filter for us. The sugar / milk was already in the cup so what we had to do was to stir it and enjoy the coffee.

The cup of dripped coffee was relatively small and the colour resembled of an expresso shot. On the first sip, you could taste the acidity of the coffee and a lasting strong bitter after taste. Perhaps Vietnamese like their coffee sweet, i thought too much sugar or milk does cover up portion of the coffee’s original taste. Nevertheless, the vietnamese coffee definitely has its own unique taste and aroma.

Other Charges: 10% Service Charge, 7% GST
Payment Method: Accept Cash or NETS only

Pho Pho Vietnamese Cuisine
123 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068592
Tel: 6534 9741

The Coffee Shot at Jalan Besar

After a night of drinking at St James last night, we decided to clear the alcohol left in our body with a caffeine. We found a new Coffeeshop at Jalan Besar called The Coffee Shop . Located in the corner shop along Lavender Street, the ambience is considered quiet and since most of the shops around the area are closed . 
103 Lavender Street S338725
Opening Hours: Mon, Wed to Sat – 10am to 10pm, Sun – 9am to 7pm, Tues – Closed.