Cold-pressed Juice A Upcoming Trend in Singapore

Founder of tea company TWG and investor of Fresh Pressed Mr. Manoj Murjani, dismissed cold-pressed juice as another health food fad. He said, I think it is about what consumers are looking for these days. They are seeking to improve their diet and their nutrition, and how to incorporate more of that into their daily lives.”

Using high levels of pressure, up to five times of nutrients and enzymes from fruits and vegetables are apparently retained from cold-pressed juicing, said co-founder of Fresh Pressed Mr. David Ratner.

Using high levels of pressure to extract nectar from the pulp, nutrients and enzymes from fruits and vegetables are apparently retained from cold-pressed juicing.
Co-founder of Fresh Pressed Mr. David Ratner explained the process: “Essentially, what you are doing is that you are slowly grinding our or pressing out the juice from the fruits and vegetables. The main reason for doing that is because cold pressing retains up to five times more vitamins, minerals and live enzymes as compared to the traditional juicer.”

The so-called goodness also comes at a price. “Cold pressed is a labour-intensive process, which makes everything goes a little more slowly. It takes manpower and you need more time doing it.” Mr. Ratner added. His company sells each 500ml bottle for S$12.

These new age juices are not just happy to serve you your daily dose of vitamins, they are hoping to make it a way of life – by delivering to consumer too busy to come to them. “I am going to position Fresh Pressed like the traditional milkman. When you have your delivery in the financial district or residential area, people will come. We will create a trend that people will want to latch onto,” Mr. Murjani revealed.

Mr. Adren Lim, who sells cold pressed juice too, is taking a simpler route. He is setting up a stall at a hawker centre with an investment of S$20,000. The founder of Absolute Juice said: Cold-pressed juice tends to be a higher end juice, but I want to introduce it to more Singaporeans. So in a hawker centre, I try to bring it down to a reasonable yet competitive prices, compared to the normal juices. I can create more awareness and in a way, more people will be willing to try cold-pressed juices.”
Cold-pressed juice drinker Ms. Izzah Amalina said she does not mind paying a little bit more for a healthier juice as “its has a lot of benefits to my health”. While the verdict is still out on the actual advantages of cold-pressed juices, one thing is for sure – consumers are games for anything that promises better health.

For those interested in cold pressed juice, you can find them below

FP Juice
501 Cluny Road, #01-05B, Cluny Court
Singapore 259760
Tel: +65 6314 1601

Absolute Juice
7 Maxwell Road, #02-114
Singapore 069111
Opening Hours: 10am to 3pm daily