Late Night Supper at Haq-Insaf’s Eating Place

After going to Rochester Park and The star, my girl friend and I was unable to find a good place to chill out. Though there are still 24-hour Macs and Starbucks around that precinct, but hey, isn’t that boring ?? (As my friend will be coming late, it would be redundant that we sit down for half an hour before shifting to another place)

It took us almost an hour and we finally settled at Jalan Mas Puteh, an Indian Muslin cum Indian Thai eating place as I could feel my stomach growling for supper… Haha .. Bad eating habits .. 
So what did I order for my supper ? One mushroom prata and one onion egg prata with chilli with mutton curry (too bad they only have the gravy, but not the mutton). One thing which I did not expect is that the mushroom prata is so huge !!! Let’s see how it taste …..
First the onion and egg prata with chilli. It tasted like onion and egg prata actually, with just a tint of spiciness. Nothing special.
Then we goes to the super sized mushroom prata. A surprised taste though. Mushroom is known to be tasteless but they have spread a cost of sugar on the underneath of the prata to make it sweet. The taste coupled with the mutton curry creates a unique taste of sweet, spiciness and flavor of mushroom. Highly recommended.
Apart from this, I took some of the Mee Goreng Thai he ordered. It is very well cooked as well. A try for next time. 

Haq-Insaf’s Eating Place (Halal Food)
15 Jalan Mas Puteh (Directly opposite of Esso along West Coast Road)
Operating Hours: 4.45pm to 4.45am daily
Outdoor tables for smokers. 
Ample parking along the roadside.