North Indian Cuisine Supper at RK Eating House

We have no intention of eating anything but as you know guys, we will feel hungry whenever we see food. Although RK Eating House is famous for their prata, but we are trying something different today – North Indian cuisine.

One of the “mistake” we made was ordering of the Large Teh Limau Ice (Ice Lime/Lemon Tea). When the waiter prompted us the size of the tea, we asked for large. The size of is about two cans of Oolong Tea, about 660ml. Gigantic ! I think by the time we finished our drinks, we are done for supper.

First to be served was the Kambing Soup. Unlike those I have tasted in other prata shop, they have put an egg into the soup which was neverthless something new to me. The soup base is much thicker while the mutton is diced and thrown into the soup. Though the mutton is tender, but it tasted slightly bland in taste.

Next on the table is Palak Paneer. It is a northern indian cuisine that consist of pureed spinach and paneer. Paneer is a kind of non-melting farmer cheese while it is not salty, and has similar taste close to beancurd (Dao Gua). While it assembly the looks of green curry, it is not spicy but little sweet. It might not be a favourite dish to meat lovers because it is a all vegetarian dish.

I think have taken the shoot in a slight darken environment but the Mutton Masala has a more chilli red appearance than it is shown in the picture above. Don’t be deceived by its colour, the Mutton Masala is not as spicy as it seem.

Finally the last dish is here, the Butter Naan. The Naan is thin and baked to golden crisp and the surfaced is spread with butter. Eating the Naan alone is luxurious, while companied with Palak Paneer and Mutton Masala, it tasted real good. The Naan tasted less oily compared to Prata and the other two dishes are not heavily flavoured. Really good for supper.

We spent a total of $30.30 for all the dishes above, average of $10 per person. Definitely I will be back for more of other North Indian cuisine, but I will try out some other places as well. However, do kindly take note that Naan is quite fulfilling, especially if you downed it with drinks. Though just eating only a piece of Naan, I could feel extremely bloated.

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