Finding Authentic Thai Food in Midnight ? Try Aroy Dee Thai Kitchen !

We have just finished our late night massage at Robertson Quay’s Natureland and definitely we are starving since we have not taken our dinner at all. Looking for dinner at 11pm is definitely a hard choice, especially I have been eating Japanese food and steamboat almost twice a week for almost a month !

Getting sick of it, we thought a change for the tastebud will be a great choice. As recommended by one of my friends, we decided to “spice” up our night with a authentic thai food at Middle Road.

Since there was only 4 of us, we ordered two carbos, a dish and one soup as a complete meal.

Seafood Tom Yam Soup – Maybe we did not indicated clearly during our order, the soup is slightly different from what we thought. (Most of the time, Tom Yam soup should be in clear form). However, that does not spoil our appetite. The soup is filled with generous serving of seafood and it is choking spicy ! The only setback – they served it warm.

Pineapple Rice – Appearance wise, it looks more like a egg fried rice rather than pineapple rice. Simply love the golden yellow colour of the rice (yellow is my favourite colour) and it does taste like egg fried rice, with a after taste of pineapple. Tasted better when coupled with meat floss.

Phad Thai – This is the other carbo I was mentioning about and it was also the best dish among these four we have ordered. Also generously served with squid and prawns, the noodles had a tint taste of ketchup and bearable for those ketchup-haters (I am one of them). Highly recommend.

Thai Fish Cake – Last but not the least, the fish cake ! Well deep fried and tasted good when eat with the sauce. The sauce tasted more towards sweetness than spicy. Well, I would actually believe this was one of the dish that makes me full. (combination of fish with flour).

Overall, the late night dinner was fulfilling, although sweat was pouring all over my forehead due to the spiciness from the Tom Yam soup. For those that are tired of Indian Prate or Bak Chor Mee for late night dinner or midnight supper, you can come to Aroy-Dee to satisfy your tastebud.

Aroy-Dee Thai Kitchen
262 Middle Road
Singapore 188989
Tel: 6336 8812
Operating Hours: 11.30am to 6am