Singapore Top 20 Richest People And What They Do To Earn These Money (2015)

I was reading an article on Listabuzz on Singapore Top 20 Richest People and i thought it would be really nice to put them all under one page – with the richest on the top list.

#1 Robert Ng & Philip Ng

Net worth: $12.8 billion
Source: Real Estate
What They Do: Late father founded Far East Organization which younger son Philip Ng overseas and Sino Group, chaired by eldest son Robert Ng. They operates across Hong Kong, Malaysia and China.

#2 Leng Beng Kwek (74)

Net worth: $7.8 billion
Source: Real Estate
What He Does: Executive Chairman of Hong Leong Group of companies comprising of HL Finance, HL Investment, City Development Ltd, Millenium & Copthorne hotels. He has a on-going list of properties investments locally and overseas. One prime asset was the Tree House Condo which was listed in the Guinness world record as the world’s largest vertical garden.

#3 Khoo Family

Net worth: $7 billion
Source: Banking
What They Do: The family’s wealth has its roots in their late father handsome stakes in the British Standard Chartered Bank, although they sold the late father’s stake for $4 billion in 2006. The late banker Khoo Teck Paut who passed on in 2004 founded Maybank. One of the prominent bank assets would be Goodwood Group of hotels.

#4 Wee Cho Yaw (86)

Net worth: $6.2 billion
Source: banking
What He Does: His dad founded United Overseas Bank and currently the Chairman Emeritus of the UOB. Under his management, he has created a extensive network of 500 branches spanning across 19 countries. Other affiliations includes UOL, UIC, Haw Par Corp and Wee Foundation.

#5 Kwee Brothers (70)

Net worth: $6 billion
Source: Real Estate
What They Do: The four brothers own Pontiac Land Group and other prime assets including Ritz Charlton, Patina, Capella, Conrad Continental hotels, Millenia tower & Centennial tower. This also includes 50% stake at the $600 million Capital site revamp project. They have team up with two other property firms to construct a $1.3 billion, 72-storey residential apartment in Manhattan.

#6 Eduardo Saverin (33)

Net worth: $4.2 billion
Source: Facebook
What He Does: The Brazilion born is the co-founder of popular social media, Facebook. He owns 4% stakes in Facebook, valued about $3 billion. In addition, he is also the co-founder and chairman of Los-Angeles Velos Partners firm. he has investments in Hampton Creek foods, airport car rental service, Silvercar and international technology start-ups such as Qwiki (Joined Yahoo in July 2013) and Jumio.

#7 Goh Cheng Liang (87)

Net worth: $3.2 billion
Source: Paints
What He Does: Founded Nipsea in 1962 after joint venture with Japanese Nippon paint to become their major distributor. He owns about 50 factories across 16 Asian countries. Currently co-owns Nippon paint having the single highest stage of 39%. He has also diversified investments made via his Wuthelam firm.

#8 – Richard Chandler (56)

Net worth: $3 billion
Source: Investments
What He Does: Make investments in both private and public companies varying sectors including healthcare, financial services, energy and consumer. Some prominent assets are 10% stake in African oil, 80% stakes in Hoan My Medical (Vietnam’s biggest private hospital), 19% stake in Canada-based Inter-oil Corporation operating in Papua New Guinea (New York Stock Exchange-listed), 25% stake in London-listed Green Dragon Gas and minority stakes in Philippines The Medical City.

#9 Peter Lim (61)

Net worth: $2.5 billion
Source: Investments
What He Does: From his success as a local Indonesian stockbroker and income generated from his Manchester United labelled cafes in Asia. He has in 1996 invested $10 million in the oil palm company, Wilmar International, which he later sold to attain his billionaire status. As a soccer fan, he has recent acquired La Liga’s Valencia CF for $475 million and 50% stakes in England’s Salford City FC. He has also controlling stakes in McLaren Automotive, Thomson Medical Center, FJ Benjamin, Rowsley Ltd and other more.

#10 Khoon Hong Kuok (65)

Net worth: $2.4 billion
Source: Palm oil
What He Does: Co-founder and CEO of Wilmar International, the world’s number one palm oil producing company. The company also involved in bio-diesel production, fertilizer manufacturing, sugar refining, oilseed crushing, edible oil refining etc. His assets includes 12% ownership of Wilmar, 27.5% stake at Shree Renukar Sugars (India’s no. 1 sugar refinery) and Australia’s largest bakery, Goodman Fielder which he acquired at a whooping $1.25 billion.

#11 Raj Kumar & Kishin RK (60,31)

Net worth: $2.3 billion
Source: Real estate
What They Do: The father and son pair are real estate moguls with properties ranging from retail space to hotels to offices and hospital suites. The father own the Royal Holding company while his son owns and runs a similar company, RB Capital. Some paramount asset includes a 442-room Holiday Inn Express Hotel and latest on-going $800 million refurbishing of Robertson Quay.

#12 Chang Yun Chung (96)

Net worth: $2.1 billion
Source: Shipping
What He Does: Founder and Executive Chairman of Pacific International Lines which is one of the top shipping firms in the world, having a capacity of more than 100 vessels, routing between South-east Asia, Middle East, Africa and China. He is also affiliated to Singamas Container Holdings, a container manufacturing company which is listed among Hong Kong’s stock market. The company also has investments in more than 10 other shipping firms.

#13 Sam Goi (66)

Net worth: $2.1 billion
Source: Frozen food
What He Does: Also referred as The Popiah King, he owns and chairs the globally recognised food and beverage manufacturing industry Tee Yih Jia. The food business expanded and operates in four other countries including Malaysia, China, America and Europe. He is also the chairman of property development group GSH Corp. He also own stakes in numerous business enterprises including Yamada Green, JB foods and etc.

#14 Oon Kuin Lim (71)

Net worth: $2 billion
Source: Oil Trading
What He Does: Currently founder and CEO of Hin Leong Group which is not only Singapore’s largest but Asia’s largest oil traders trading with an annual figure of $14 billion. He has plans to establish a $1.7 billion oil terminal at Meizhou Bay back in his homeland in Fujian, China.

#15 Ong Beng Seng & Christina Ong (70, 67)

Net worth: $1.8 billion
Source: Diversfied
What They Do: Mr. Ong is a mega investor, having stakes in several companies, includes Mulberry and Four Seasons. He is also a successful hotelier, having built and established hotels within Singapore and in the diaspora. Similarly, his wife Mrs Christina Ong is also a successful hotelier whom has been referred as Queen of bond street because she has numerous properties in the London Bond Street and more around the world. She is the founder and CEO of COMO Group, which comprises of Club 21, involved in fashion retailing for brands such as Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, COMO Hotel and Resort and COMO Shambhala.

#16 Lee Seng Wee (84)

Net worth: $1.6 billion
Source: Banking
What He Does: Former chairman of Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC), formed by a merger masterminded by his late father. Currently a member of the executive board and nominating board of OCBC. He is also affiliated with companies such as Lee Foundation and Lee Rubber Group.

#17 Wee Meng Koh (51)

Net worth: $1.6 billion
Source: Real Estate & Hotel
What He Does: Koh split away from his father jewellery making company and started his career in real estate. Today, he is the founder and CEO of Fragrance Group and also a non-executive chairman at the hotel arm of the company, Global Premium hotels which has a chain of budget hotels. Has a great passion in collecting vintage automobiles.

#18 Tang Wee Kit (60)

Net worth: $1.5 billion
Source: Retail
What He Does: He owns Singapore’s first ever retail store, a legacy acquired by their late father, The Tang Holdings also own The Marriott luxurious hotel, one of the many properties under their investment company.

#19 Rom Sim (56)

Net worth: $1.5 billion
Source: Retail
What He Does: His success is accomplished with his self-made retail business within and outside of Singapore. He founded OSIM International in 1980, famous for its manufacture for luxury massage chairs. Other affiliated companies includes General Nutritional Cooperation (GNC), Richlife and Brookstone.

#20 – Asok Kumar Hiranandani (60)

Net worth: $1.4 billion
Source: Real Estate
What He Does: Founder of Royal Group Holdings, a property company known to have huge investment in the health-care sector. They also own numerous buildings, especially hotels all over Singapore. In addition, they are also responsible for the recent multi-million renovation and transformation of the Ritz Charlton Double Bay in Sydney – with name changed to The Intercontinental Sydney Double Bay.

Life is So Colourful Yet Fragile… And Short

It was the Chinese New Year right now in Singapore and everyone is celebrating the festive season for the past few days. However, our joy was quickly brought down by a phone call – a sudden death of a close business associate. He suffered a heart attack few hours ago and died. Not only being my dad’s close friend for almost three decades, he has also been a mentor in life and business. While during my two years stay in Osaka, Japan, he had also been a teacher and close uncle whom has taken good care of me.

Related: Haircut at Headline Dressing by Gary Lee

The shocking news has definitely saddened my entire family. Before was the days where we had dinner together and chatting happily and the next moment, he has left us for the other world.

I suddenly felt that life seems to be so fragile. Two weeks ago, one of my close business associate had passed away too. It seems that time is passing so fast that we are missing a lot of things around us, especially friendship and kinship. Has the world changed or simply because we changed ?

Rest in Peace and we will remember you always Uncle Jack.

Finally, i Got My Haircut ! – Headlines Hairdressing by Gary Lee

Headlines Hairdressing at International Plaza
Newly Opened Headlines Hairdressing Salon outlet at International Plaza.

I was so proud of myself because I have achieved an amazing feat of not cutting or trimming my hair for almost two months ! However, as days goes by and my unkempt hair is getting on my nerves by falling over my forehead almost every other day, I think it is really time for a good haircut. My girl friend had helped me to booked an appointment at Headlines Hairdressing International Plaza outlet late in the evening.

Interior of Headline Hairdressing
Luxurious styled salon by Gary Lee himself. That him in the photo !

In the past, I does not really have a preference over any hairstylist or salon, but after I was recommended to Gary Lee, I thought he really had a good foresight and incredible skills to manage your hair which can really fits into your image. Apart from that, Gary really had a good sense of humour which will keep you entertain throughout your haircut session. I will always go for the “Omakase”, meaning leaving it to him to cut and style my hair, which he never failed me and his returning customers.

For those interested in having a haircut, below are the salon information. Do remember to call in to make an appointment !

Headlines Hairdressing
#03-32 International Plaza
10 Anson Road
Singapore 079903
Tel: +65 6223 3133

Prior to that, International Plaza has recently revamped on its interior and the lightings and decoration are really creative with style. I took a photo or two to share with all !

International PlazaInternational Plaza

Bringing Xiao Jian for Training at Smartdoggy Studio

Smartdoggy Academy

My younger sister called me last minute in the late afternoon to ask if I will be free to bring her loved Bull Terrier, Xiao Jian, for training at Smartdoggy Studio. My dog has been not feeling well for the past week and it would be a good time to train her physical up.

I think Xiao Jian was too excited as she knew that we are bringing her out on my car. After she entering the car, it just became a playground for her, walking along my back seats and snuggling into the arms of my younger sister. We set off at 8pm and reached in time 8.30pm. Apparently, we was early and there was no other dogs inside Smartdoggy Academy.

bull terrier - Xiao Jian

Xiao Jian was so excited that she was moving around all the times while watching all the owners with the dogs going into the shop. The training lesson lasted for almost two hours before we hit the road back home. She just need to have more training

About Smartdoggy Studio

For those interested in training your dog, Smartdoggy Studio was opened by Lucas Bong, whom has been working as a private consultant since 1990, focusing on dog sports training. In 2004, he founded Smartdoggy Services to offer a wide range of canine services for dog lovers to achieve Wonderful Dog Companionships in Singapore. With more than two decades of working experience with dogs, Lucas is currently the multiple award winner of Singapore Kennel Club’s SKC Agility Dog of the Yera 2012 and The Overall Champion Top Agility Dog Award Winner in The Singapore Open Agility Championship 2011. You can check out more information of their services at their website below.

Smartdoggy Studio
118 Tembeling Road
Singapore 423617
Tel: +65 6448 2633
Mobile: +65 9790 3033

Wisdom Tooth Extraction ! Anesthetic Wearing Off Soon…

Random Photo – Taken from the hotel while I was staying in Melbourne with mom and sis.

After a tormenting week of toothache, the dentist called yesterday to inform that there is an evening slot for my wisdom tooth extraction which are initially scheduled two weeks from now. Instead of dragging on the pain for the next two weeks, I booked the appointment immediately without much hesitation.

Weather was so bad today, so was the traffic. I left office at about 5.45pm but reach Heartland Mall at almost 7.30pm. The vehicles are all slow moving (maybe Monday blue) and raining just dropped the visibility of the roads as well. In fact, my girl friend managed to reach earlier then I do by taking the train even though she left the office at 6.15pm. Crazy traffic jam, just drained all my energy away. I made a phone to DP Dental and informed them I will be late which someone else could jump my queue and go ahead first. But…

I am not sure but even when I reached the dental clinic, it took me 15 minutes for all the paperwork and procedures, I was ready to be “admit” to the “surgery room”. The stern looking dentist gave me a greeting and started off inspecting and explaining to me the procedures of the entire surgery.

Wisdom Tooth Finale

Once everything is all set, we are ready to go. First will be the anesthetic which took about 5-10 minutes to be effected. Only the first injection has a a sensation of needle jabbed into the gum, the rest is just felt the force but no pain.

Then they have this piece of clothing that covers upper portion of my face and my chest, leaving only a hole for the mouth. By the way, the clothing covered my eyes so I could not see what are the tools and actions they are doing.

Extraction of upper wisdom tooth is easy. Before I could get prepared for the extraction, the dental surgeon just sound out that the tooth is out.. less than 5 minutes. Next is the tricky part, my lower wisdom tooth is growing horizontal so my gum has to be cut open, extract the tooth and stitch back again. The next signal from the dental surgeon that there will be some drilling which will caused some vibration. He drilled about 3-4 times and stopped. The tooth is being extracted and the last part will be stitching. Once everything was completed, I just take a look at my watch.. A mere 15 minutes and two tooth are removed !

By the way, I think that DP Dental are providing really good services from the moment you stepped into the clinic, in the surgeon room which they will carefully explain to you, and their professional surgeon to finish the surgery quick and painless.

However, I thought the price might be slightly on the high side or I have not been visiting dental for too long ? The total bill is about $1,500+ (without GST) which breakdown as follows:

I am not sure if $250 for an extraction is considered expensive for private dental clinic or market rates ? The last time I did my extraction was maybe $100++ ? The end bill totalled up to S$ 420+, inclusive the GST which I had to paid. 
Now I am back home a happy man with two of my decayed tooth in a container and waiting for the last hour before the anesthetic fully worn off. Even thought I have taken the painkillers, I am not sure I will have a good night sleep or nightmare in the mouth.

Big Changes Around My House ! Going for Staycation Today !

Yesterday night was a disaster as my wisdom tooth came back to hunt me down which I had to go down for a super last minute check up at Heartland Mall’s DP Dental. Unfortunately, the surgeon dentist is not around and I had to wait two weeks later to remove both of my wisdom tooth. I am going for stay-cation today at Ritz Charlton and hopefully that the pain will not spoil my day.

Bartley Residences in its last stage of works.

Weather does helped me a lot this morning. It has been the only few of the weekends that are not raining and sun is shining down on us. While I looked through the Bartley Residences, it seems that only some more exterior works to go before everything will be completed.

Foundation equipments has been shifted into Botanique’s site. 

While on the other side, I see foundation works are getting on the way on UOL’s newly acquired land to build new condominium, Botanique. From the previous news, UOL plans to build a 17-storey condo with 700 units, that means it will transform the junction of Bartley and Upper Paya Lebar in a condominium community soon.

It’s time to go, to check in at Ritz Charlton for my stay-cation.  Ciao.

Quote of the Day

Success is not the key to Happiness.
Happiness is the key to Success.
If you love what you are doing, you will be Successful
Albert Schweitzer

My Short “Excursion” at Marina Bay Financial Center Tower 3

Gao Xiaowu fat and skinny male standard times sculptureThe Art of Gao Xiaowu, two Standard Times series, Fibreglass, colour coated, Edition 18/20 acquired in 2007.

After my dinner at Kaiko Japanese restaurant, my girl friend and I decided to explore the 3rd level of MBFC Tower 3, which was the DBS Office. She wanted to show me the unique sculptures that are displayed along the hallways. There stood two shiny white figures sculptures, both in different body postures, bowing down with a smiling faces pointed towards us. After some research, these are sculptures done by one of the famous China’s artist, Mr. Gao Xiaowu.

About Mr. Gao Xiaowu

Gao Xiaowu (高孝午) was born in Sanming, Fujian province in 1976 and currently lives and works in Beijing, China. He enrolled in the sculpture department of Xiamen Art Academy, Fujian province before continuing his studies at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, graduating in 2004.

Gao’s works are not only baed on the lives or ordinary people living in the city, they also serve as an exploration of his own identity. Although born in the 1970’s, his artistic creation resembles those who were born a decade later. He does not try to express his ambitious aspirations that concern the country nor complains about the current situation, but instead more concerned about the the happiness and grief in his everyday life. Gao’s aesthetics fall into the generation of comics and cartoons. He is one of the representative sculptors in these new trends and his creation avoids political symbols and totem. Like other 1908s artists, Gao spontaneously returned to the nature of artistic creation, pursuing their own aesthetic display of expressing the interest achieved by content and medium.

Gao Xiaowu female standand times sculptureAnother female Standard Times sculpture standing right in front of DBS Treasures.

Gao’s Standard Times Series.

The Standard Times sculptures is the first thing that strikes the viewer about Gao’s sculpture. Gao’s works is an expression of reverence that he sees as innately Asian, and in an act similar to a genuflect, the personification of respect transcends to the motion of bending forward. Often the erect form is the norm and yet in this works, the intention of the artist manifests through the choice of overarching form of the figures. In a similar way, the smile to serves the purpose of demonstrating congenial attitudes. The viewer though is left to ponder if this is where the interpretation stops or if the works reflect a satire on the current social-political position of the Chinese.

If you are looking for more arts of such kind, you can visit the Ode To Art located at Raffles City, Singapore or at The Pavilion, Kuala Lumper.

POSB Loves SG Signboard

A huge POSB Loves SG signboard at MBFC.A huge POSB Loves SG signboard at MBFC.

We explored the rest of the level, and there was this huge signboard hidden at one corner. I have posted this onto my Facebook Page to let everyone make a guess. Scroll down further to reveal the answer !

Guessed correctly or you still cannot figure out what it is ? Scroll down further to see the final clue..

It’s a board full of plastic bags ! However, there is no accreditation which organization or who has done this signboard, I believe it is one of the green environment movement to encourage reducing the use of plastics bags and provide a more eco-friendly environment.

Happy Birthday Mr. Garry (Kelly)

Smoking after our dinner at Teru Sushi Zen Dining. 

Happy Birthday Garry !!! Today was my best friend’s birthday and he would like to keep it a low profile celebration (not sure if I posted this considered a low profile). We had a good dinner with dozen of one dollar oysters and a special made “Sushi Cake” at Teru Sushi.

Best wishes to my brother and hope that he can find good ways out of life as well !

Meanwhile, I would like to share one proverb that my girl friend has taught me yesterday as well. I will named it the best quote for today !


Flashback – Photo of Green Field Beside Serangoon NEX

This photo was taken about 3 months back while I was standing on the top floor carpark of NEX. The parcel of land next to NEX has been empty for quite sometime since NEX opening, but there wasn’t any news on development on this piece of land at all. Wonder what will be happening next ? Residential or commercial ?

Another Working Sunday at Fusionpolis with Star War’s Yoda

The giant tree stood in between the open space at One North Residences.

It was raining heavily the previous night and I was quite worried about my job at Fusionpolis. Indeed, calls poured in the following day late morning and we have some issues that requires me to go down to take a look. While I had to stay on to supervise my job, my girlfriend and I decided to grab some food at a nearby cafe, Jimmy Monkey Cafe & Bar.

A link bridge between the two blocks of condomium.

So far as I know, One North Residences is currently the only residential development in Fusionpolis and housed a lot of foreign talent. Entire place was surrounded by green and atmosphere was serene in a Sunday afternoon.

Inner of the Sandcrawler building from the enclosed garden.

While I was walking back to my site location, I was curious about this odd-shaped building and decided to cut through into the middle of it. What I found was a greenery sight enclosed by a sleek building design. I did some research and this is the Sandcrawler building by film making giant, Lucasfilm.

 Sandcrawler building was officially opened by Mr. Lee Hsien Loong on 16th Jan 2014.

Taken directly under the sandcrawler building.

Stony Yoda guarding the garden new Sandcrawler’s garden ? 

Before I end my “journey” in sandcrawler, there stood the famous Star Wars character, Yoda, solitary on a stone surrounded by water. Interesting. If you does not have much activities to do on a Sunday afternoon, I will suggest walking through these new buildings in Fusionpolis. Enjoy the quietness and unique architectural designs of the buildings.