Enjoy Street Hawker Styled Satay at Lau Pa Sat Satay Club (Former Telok Ayer Market)

Once again, it has been a rushing day for me since I have schedule a massage session at Passage New York down Cecil Street and I suddenly had a craving for Satay and the nearest place for it will be the famous Satay Club at Lau Pa Sat. Formerly known as Telok Ayer Market, it has been a gourmet paradise since early 1970s and Satay Club has attracted many locals and foreigners to dine on the Boon Tat Street itself, with road being closed for the overwhelming diners in the night. An experience which you would not find anywhere else in Singapore !

While I was in the mist of choosing which satay stall to order from, a Malay local walked towards me and spoken in all languages you could not imagine. English, Malayu, Hokkien, Cantonese, Mandarin, you name it, he says it ! His “sales tactics” definitely work as I could not help but to order from him because of his humor.

The stall offer set meal for diners and despite knowing that I does have a huge appetite, I thought 30 sticks of satays and 10 sticks of grilled prawns would not be a problem for me. The set meal cost about $38, quite reasonable.

The satay was soft and chewy. the juiciness and sweetness of the satay can be tasted without dipping into the peanut sauce. However, the peanut sauce has diminished the taste of satay for it was much watery and oily compared to other peanut sauces I have tried from other stalls.

The prawn was the disappointment of the meal as though grilled, it does not taste any freshness at all. The shell sticks to the prawn and I had difficulties peeling it off from the prawn. The texture was mushy and the prawn entirely being marinated with black pepper, covered the taste of the prawn itself.

As usual, I started my “battle” to finish all the food, but after 20 sticks of satay and 8 sticks of prawn, I have waved the white flag. Not wanting to waste the food unnecessarily, I take-away the remaining food.


Definitely I will still visit Boon Tat Street again as it provide a unique ambience of the old time street hawker which has long disappeared in Singapore. A good spot for tourist to enjoy this special kind of dining experience. (By the way, it is closed for renovation at the moment and Satay Club has moved to Satay By The Bay)

Article created on 17 September 2014, updated on 16 July 2015.

Belated Birthday Dinner at NOX – Dining In Complete Darkness

I have been going through busy weeks dotted with appointments, late night assignments and last minute overseas business trips. Just two weeks ago,  I landed in Japan and went around Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo before landing back in Singapore last week. Resting a couple of hours and I am bound for Myanmar for our company grand ceremony.

Time passed so quickly that I had even forgotten my own birthday until my dad has announced it during our celebration in Myanmar !

The first thing back in Singapore was to contact my girlfriend whom has been quietly waiting for my return. I have not seen her for weeks ! Initially, we had plans for an relaxation trip to Bali which we did last year during my birthday, but was thwarted by my busy schedule.

Hence, as a make up, she had booked a special restaurant to celebrate my belated birthday, just two of us. In addition, she has particularly curious about this restaurant which she wanted to visit during her last year’s birthday but the price was expensive if friends were to gather for the occasion.

We parked at Parkroyal Beach Road and crossed the streets to look for the restaurant that was hidden along the stretch of heritage shophouses. The restaurant’s name is NOX and similar to its slogan “Dine in the Dark”, it is located in a dark alley which could rarely catch people’s attention.

Upon entering the restaurant, we was politely greeted by the receptionist. The restaurant does not accept walk-in and strictly by appointment only. We ordered a drink and waited at the lounge for our turn. The lounge itself has a nice, quiet ambience for chit chatting among your friends.

Here comes the interesting part. The waiter walked over to our waiting table and explain about the dining. In basic terms, we will be dining in a pitch dark and served by blind waiters. There will be no food menu but a fixed three-set course – appetiser, main course and dessert. Each set consist of four different dishes of small portion. That means a total of 12 dishes ! We were served with a pre-course appetiser, which we had to eat and guess the ingredients used. Furthermore, before entering the dining area, we need to put all our stuff including mobile phones in the lockers provided. This is to ensure that no lights are being used to identify the dishes.

As we waited near a side door, a blind male waiter greeted us and ushered us to the second storey while we lined up in a row and putting our hands on each others’ shoulders. Lights becomes dimmer on every steps and finally we reached the second storey – in complete darkness. The waiter the led us to our seats, using just our sense of touch.

Can you imagine having dinner in pitch black ? This is how the blind has lives throughout their entire lifetime.

Once in our seats, the waiter explained with details on the location of the cutleries (mainly forks) and our glasses. I was feeling all over the table and slowly, I get accustomed to the sense of touch without seeing it. Pretty much after settling down in the atmosphere, the waiter started to dish out the appetisers. As told by the waiter, we need to start eating from the 6 o’clock dish in clockwise manner. This is also to make sure that both of us are eating the same dish at the same time. From here, we start to feel on the bowls and fork and getting ourselves oriented with the correct dishes. Unknowingly what we are putting into our mouth, each bite is like a surprise to us while leaving us pondering on the ingredients as the taste lingers in our mouth. Soon before we knows it, we had finished our 3-set course meal and headed back down.

We was each given a questionnaire to fill in the food and ingredients used for the course meal before the waiter revealed the answers to us.

Our Experience

A very unique dining experience. Different thoughts ran through my mind during the dining. First of all, experiencing the life of a blind person. The dining setting is similar to a blind person having a meal. Without the aid of eye sight, they could only feel for the things around them and remembering the texture, but without any visualisation. For us, remembering the ingredients used in twelve dishes are a daunting tasks, let alone someone who needs to remember everything they have felt for.

However, without the sense of sight, I focused more on the texture and taste of the food in my mouth. While I carefully chewed on the food, my mind will start to run through the past experiences based on the taste and texture of the food, though I only managed to be almost 70% correct of what was in my mouth.

Last but not the least, dining in an uninterrupted atmosphere. When was the last time you had dinner without looking at your mobile phone. I think we are too “poisoned” with our electronic devices nowadays that we could not even focus on our food ! At NOX, putting all these away does gives an tranquility during the dining and definitely, a relaxing mood to enjoy the modern european cuisine.
Experience of the Blind

About NOX

While I questioned the waiter if this restaurant was meant for charity, he replied it was on business aspect that the restaurant was founded. They employed the blind but providing them an adequate pay – on par of those working in normal restaurants rather than lower wages which they had received from their previous jobs.

On further checks, NOX “Dining in the Dark” experience was organised by the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH), as a form of raising awareness about the challenges that a vision impairment person face in their daily activities. The idea was originated from the Blindekuh (Blind Cow) restaurant in Switzerland.

Not to mentioned, I finished dinner with another surprise ! A birthday cake that was specially requested by my girl friend and prepared by the chef. As mentioned by the waiter, it was also the first time they have came across this cake and so far, it is not listed in the menu as well. Thanks dear for the great experience for my belated birthday !

NOX Dine in the Dark
269, Beach Road
Singapore 199546
Tel: + 65 6209 0708
Reservations: enquiries@noxdineinthedark.com

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday – 6pm till late
Saturday – 5pm till late
Sunday – 5pm to 11pm (last reservation at 9pm)

Coffee Break at Made By Lauren Jasmine on Amoy Street

Made By Lauren Jasmine is a new concept store that combines its namesake label with a cafe, to give you a one stop location to shop, eat and drink. Housed in a cozy shophouse on Amoy Street, the frontage is a cafe with 2-3 tables that patrons can sit down to enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee and dessert.

Right at the back alley of the shophouse, you will be able to see the boutique shop. Lauren Jasmine is a local work wear label which was conceptualized and co-designed by Singaporeans Hazel and Liyana who had inspiration to design chic, work-appropriate fashion that are in favour of a corporate look.  The area is lined with ornaments and dresses, of course you can pick and bring it home, with a price.


Having a coffee on a quiet afternoon at Amoy Street is definitely one of the most relaxed activity you could do to break away from the bustling city and settling yourself in the cafe, enjoying a cup of aromatic coffee and a delicacy pastry.

MasterChef Asia has arrived Singapore !

Photo by MasterChef Asia.

After the popular cooking competition hits USA, Australia and other part of the world, MasterChef has finally arrived in Asia !

Set to be filmed in Singapore, the 15-episode series will feature three judges alongside contestants selected from across Asia, A+E Networks Asia said in a news release on Thursday (Feb 12). The judges will be released at a later date, but US and Australian editions of the hit series feature popular celebrity such as +Gordon Ramsay and +George Calombaris.

MasterChef Asia will debut on Lifetime later this year, and it is presented by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and Knorr, in association with Panasonic and Changi Airport Group.

Assistant Chief Executive of STB, Lynette Pang said:”Even as we celebrate our multi-cultural culinary heritage, this new series will help highlight a new generation of future Asian and Singaporean MasterChefs. Against the backdrop of our vibrant cityscape and culinary gems such as hawker centres and celebrity chef restaurants, viewers can look forward to a showcase of Singapore’s best culinary delights today.”

Those interested to be the first ever MasterChef from Asia, you can submit for your audition video at masterchefasia.com from now until March 5th.

Source: Channel NewsAsia

Mango Dessert at Chinatown Point’s Mei Heong Yuen Dessert

After a delightful dinner, we decided to go for desserts to sweeten up our tastebud after a collagen filled steamboat at Bijin Nabe Steamboat. The dessert shop was located in the same building at B2 level.

It was almost 9pm, but the crowd is still there. We first find a good seating before ordering and paying for our desserts at the counter near the shop front.

Mango lovers, Mango Snow Ice will be a perfect dessert for you ! Mango snow ice with chunks of fresh mango will just satisfy your appetite for mango.

The Chendol Snow Ice is a new innovation for the traditional dessert. The coconut milk ice was shaved into thin layers and with other main ingredients generously spread across the plate. Whlie the Gula Melaka (Palm Sugar Syrup) is available over the counter and you can just pour the amount according to your taste.

Another great hit for mango lovers. The Mango with Pomelo & Sago. I believe that taste would not be of much difference from those served in other dessert shops, but usually during ordering of the dessert, the person will inform you that the mango might be sweet or slightly sour. Great service.

One of Mei Heong Yuan’s signature dessert – Mango Pudding. Matter of fact that we actually went down to Chinatown Point again to eat the dessert. May not has the best of appearance in the plastic cup, but tasted fantastic.

I might be slightly traditional and I ordered the Water Chestnut Cakes. The texture is close to agar agar with strips of chestnut. The dessert is very cooling, especially if you just took it out from the fridge. A good dessert for hot weather in Singapore.


After two continuous days of dessert-ing at Mei Heong Yuen, they have really re-invented traditional desserts into new looks but keeping its original taste. Great dessert at a reasonable price.

Mei Heong Yuan Dessert
#B2-32/33, Chinatown Point
133 New Bridge Road
Singapore 059413
Tel: +65 65383892

Operating Hours: 11.00am to 10.00pm daily.

Visit to Hei Sushi – Singapore’s First Halal Sushi Belt Restaurant

It was in the late afternoon while my girlfriend and I needs to draw some cash and the only ATM machines near my house was at Sakae building at Tai Seng. While strolling along the building, we have saw this restaurant, a halal certified sushi belt restaurant and decided to give it a go. Perhaps it was Sunday and not dinner time, the crowd was not that much.

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We are more curious rather then hungry, therefore only ordered a small portion of food.


I would not say that the food are of the best quality and freshness and the most disappointing was the fried sushi which was a total disaster. Instead of being piping hot and crunchy, it turns out to be cold and soggy. Seems like it has been prepared some time ago. Price are not cheap either. With just a few dish and drinks, the bill churned out to be close to S$ 50.00 for 2 pax.

Hei Sushi
#01-02, 28 Tai Seng Street
Singapore 534106
Tel: +65 6382 1494

Operating Hours:
11.30am to 9.00pm daily (excluding Public Holidays)

They also do have some other outlets scattered around Singapore at Sembanwang Shopping Centre, Downtown East, IMM (Kiosk) and Bedok Point

Bijin Nabe Japanese Steamboat at Tsukada Nojo Chinatown

Tsukada nojo at chinatown point
People queuing outside of the restaurant waiting for their turns.

Before the end of year, I hope to fulfill one last resolution for the year of 2014 and that was to visit Tsukada Nojo again for their Bijin Nabe. I had a wonderful ramen lunch at Tsukada Nojo in Westgate previously and today I am here again for their Bijin Nabe, but at their Chinatown Point‘s outlet.

Though plans have been laid days ago before the year end dinner, they does not accept reservation if the timing is before 6.30pm and the only way was to personally queue for seats. Traffic was bad that day and since we arrived, it was almost what we had predicted – people lining outside of the restaurant. Do not get it wrong, it was not the festive event that resulted the long queue, it has been this way all the way.

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Tsukada Nojo chinatown point
Waiting area with seats at the entrance of the restaurant.

The restaurant did some good arrangements to have some seats for those that has been queuing up and at least a place to rest their feet before ushering them to their tables. After 20 minutes of waiting, one of the Japanese waitress came and ushered us to our seats at the back of the restaurant.

Looking at the dinner menu, we were slightly confused thus requested the waiter to brief us on how we should order the food. If you are going for the steamboat, there is no hassle to choose between type of soup or ingredients, it is fixed. The only important factor was to determine the number of portions (1 portion per pax). It is not necessary that each person has to order one portion, but a lesser portion can be chose to share among a few (minimum two person). This is a really good concept because it allows you to leave more rooms in the event you decided to order some ala carte from the dinner menu as well.

The Bijin Nabe (美人鍋)

Bijin Nabe
Watch slowly while the “beancurd” starts to melt and turned into a pot of boiling collagen rich chicken soup.

Soon after, the waiter brings over a claypot with some beancurd look alike substance residing on it. That you saw above is actually the chicken gelatin. The restaurant painstakingly simmered the stock for 8 hours before reaching this texture. While the heat slowly breakdown the gelatin into a more liquidity state, you can start to smell the aroma of the collagen rich chicken soup.

Like a wine tasting session, the waiter filled four small ceramic cups with the soup and distributed to each of us. The purpose is to allow us to taste the soup’s original flavour. While we sipped carefully from the dedicated ceramic cup, you can feel a stream of hot and creamy texture soup running down your throat and at the same time leaving a strong after taste in the mouth. However, maybe due to its richness, you may feel slight stickiness along your lips as well.

Pieces of chicken meat hidden in the gelatin. 

That was not all. Hidden within the gelatin was pieces of chicken meat, which was only revealed after all the gelatin has melted off. As opposed to prolong boiling of chicken meat in water that could cause the texture to be hard and difficult to chew on, the meat was very tender and smooth. Even without any seasonings, it has a brilliant taste. What an eye-opener !

A platter full of fresh vegetables, meat and seafood.

While we are busily munching on the collagen rich chicken meat, the waiter started to arrange the ingredients on the platter carefully into the steamboat, like an artist trying to create a masterpiece. Matter of fact, as explained by the waiter, the steamboat is most of the time being served by the waiter rather than self-service.

Finally the Bjin Nabe is ready !

After about ten minutes of waiting, all the ingredients are ready to eat. All the ingredients has been inserted except for the prawn and noodles. This was to prevent the soup to taste differently and we were advised only to put it in after we had finished all the ingredients in the steamboat. Looking back, this was really a very healthy pot ! Collagen with fresh vegetables without any special homemade sauce nor the need for any seasoning. With all the flavoured absorbed into the ingredients, it has already tasted heavenly !

We ended the steamboat with a high note with the prawns and noodles cooked together. Much as what the waiter mentioned earlier, the soup indeed taste much different ! The prawns makes the soup slightly sweeter and fresher.

Our Ala Carte Orders

Below are some of the ala carte we have ordered on top of the Bijin Nabe. I will only write about the Coriander salad since I have already covered the other two dishes in my previous visit at Tsukada Nojo Westgate.

coriander salad
Coriander Salad. Price: $6.00.

Coriander is just like durian, either you loved it or you hate it to the core. For both my girl friend and I, we are the die-hard fans for coriander. The salad comes in a mixture of coriander and radish with some seasonings and sesame seeds. The radish is very refreshing while unlike coriander which you eats in Chinese restaurants, the smell are not that overwhelming. My sister whom was not a fan has tried and simply loved it too. The chilli sauce is an option, it just gives you extra spiciness you need if you have a heavy tastebud.

Nikumaki Onigiri – Original and Yuzu. Price: $3.80 per piece.

Chicken Nanban with spicy tar tar sauce. Price: $8.50.

While we are coming to an end for the dinner, the waiter has dished out an complimentary dessert with decoration on the plate saying “Happy New Year 2015”. The dessert looks like Osmanthus cake and had the some refreshing taste, but it is still hard since there wasn’t much hint you can find physically.


Bijin Nabe is certainly a delicacy not only for the women, but those that enjoy natural taste as well. Japanese are well-known to prepare and cook food that brings out the quality of the ingredients and I think this is no different. However, it can only be a occasional feast as you might grow sick of the collagen rich chicken soup if consume within a short period of time. Having the choice to chose the number of portions instead of compulsorily having everyone to get a portion is also one of the advantages that the restaurants has as well. Price at $25.00 for the steamboat, the price is definitely reasonable.

Tsukada Nojo
#02-37 Chinatown Point
133 New Bridge Road
Singapore 059413
Tel: +65 6444 8840

Opening Hours
Daily: 11.30am to 3.00pm (Lunch), 5.00pm to 10.00pm (Dinner)

Boon Lay Raja Restaurant Sold Shop Space and Receipes to Lian Beng Group

After operating for more than three decades, owners of old-fashioned Boon Lay Raja restaurant has finally decided to take a break and sell off the shop space and recipes to Mr. Ong Pang Aik, executive chairman of listed construction firm, Lian Beng Group as a private investment in October 2014.

With the restaurant is strategically located near good crowd and the business is earning decent profits from the restaurant, one of the owners, Mr. Henry Tan Kweng Nam has admit age is catching up with him and his partners whom are also in their 60s or 70s.  The 73 year-old owner has also mentioned that there are no successor in the business – neither were her daughter nor the restaurant’s chefs.

History of Boon Lay Raja Restaurant

Owner of Boon Lay Raja restaurant, Mr. Henry Tan.
Mr. Henry Tan posing outside of the restaurant. Photo by Straits Times.

The original Boon Lay Raja restaurant was open in 1979 which hailed its customers from nearby factories. Later in 1989, it relocated to a site in Jurong Gateway Road in Jurong East. Mr. Henry Tan was a former secondary school principal, was encouraged to enter the F&B industry by his three university classmates, whom later became the main shareholders for the restaurant as well.

However, Mr. Henry Tan was not a cook himself. What he did was study recipes and menus of other restaurants and he will then get his chefs to whip up the new dishes based on the ideas that came into his mind.

Restaurant Space Sold For S$15 Million 

Savills Singapore was appointed by the owners of Boon Lay Raja Restaurant to sell the restaurant space that can accommodate 60 tables or 600 person by tender. The space occupies 11,248 sq ft and only about 200 metres away from Jurong East MRT Station. Furthermore, it has a remaining lease of 69 years taken from the Housing and Development Board (HDB). A reserve price of S$15 million or S$1,334 sq ft was set in the tender which closes 3pm on 6th November 2014.

Lian Beng Group’s Mr. Ong was the final winner among the four bidders which he bought over as a private investment. The reasons for the bid is due to its good location, near proximity to Jurong East MRT and the boom of nearby shopping malls.

It was also commented by Savills associate director of investment sales, Derrick Tan that the prime HDB restaurant space is a rarity, especially in the Jurong Gateway precinct, which is the biggest commercial hub outside the CBD area. Furthermore, the area has been planned for further growth with the makeover of Jurong Lake District and possible site of the new Singapore-Kuala Lumpur High Speed Rail Terminus.

What is the Fate of Boon Lay Raja Restaurant ?

There are plans by Mr. Ong that the restaurant space will be rented out to a well-known Chinese restaurant and the operations are planned to start in May 2015. Meanwhile, business continues as usual until end of March. They are also already fully booked for Chinese New Year’s eve dinner.

For those that are interested in visiting the restaurant before they change the ownership, it is recommended to do it within these two months. Some of the trademarks dish are red garoupa in Nonya sauce, roasted duck with mango and Buddha jumps over the wall.

Boon Lay Raja Restaurant
#02-337, Block 135
Jurong Gateway Road
Singapore 600135
Tel: +65 6563 6643
Fax: +65 6562 4569

Chia Bee Lor Mee for Midnight Supper !

Chia Bee Lor Mee
Chia Bee Lor Mee – Noodles and gravy are being packed separately.

Before my sister landed in Singapore from her trip in Bali, her SMS had already came in the afternoon,  asking if I would be interested in having Lor Mee as supper. Knowing my sister for so long, I believed it was not her idea’s at all but it was her boyfriend’s idea ! For me, eating is just life and there is no way I would reject any offer like this, especially for supper.

Our initial plan was to go down to North Bridge Road straight and dine at the coffeeshop, but after overwhelming response at home that everyone wants to have supper, we opted to takeaway and have it at home instead.

While I was driving near to the coffeeshop, I could already see many cars parking along the streets and once I turned into the carpark, you can immediately see an substantial amount of customer sitting inside the coffeeshop just having Lor Mee. Just could not wait to taste it.

Since it was my sister that went down to order for the food, I am not sure the separate packing of the noodle and gravy is normal or upon special request. Even so, I think there will also be lot of people that are requesting for the same takeaway manner since soaking the noodles in the gravy just kind of self-destructing the dish.

Chia Bee Lor Mee
Pieces of golden brown fried fish lined on top of the noodles. 

Once you open the lid, you will uncover a bowl of noodles covered with pieces of golden brown fried fish. Looks alone seems to be appealing but what about the taste ?

Chia Bee Lor Mee
All mixed up and ready to eat !

I had deliberately poured the noodle and gravy into a bowl instead of using the takeaway container so that I can “flip” the ingredients over for the photo. Some of the ingredients you can see here are the fish of course, half-boiled egg, strips of braised pork belly and bean sprouts. What we did not include in was the chilli, garlic and vinegar. As each of us have a different tastebud, we additional requested earlier over the counter that the seasonings to be packed separately so that each and everyone of us could put the amount that is adequate to each taste.

One of the discovery was that chilli, which really helps to bring the flavours into the Lor Mee, that includes saltness into the dish. The flat yellow noodles was much of a delight while the fried fish compliments the Lor Mee just right. It is a definite fulfilling supper.


It was a great pleasure having the Lor Mee not only you can experience a good variety of texture, e.g. soft, crispy, crackling bites on the fried fish slices, you can also enjoyed the generous servings of the ingredients. Meanwhile, the thick gravy does makes the Lor Mee much more appealing as well. Those that are looking for extra kick, you may want to put in more vinegar !

Chia Bee Lor Mee
10 North Bridge Road
Singapore 190010

Opening Hours:
Monday – 12.00pm to 8.00pm
Tuesday to Sunday – 12.00pm to 10.30am

Singapore-based Firm Developed Halal App To Bring Muslims Food into Social Media – HalalTrip

Screenshot of HalalTrip Website.

A Singapore-based firm, CrescentRating Pte Ltd has recently developed a new mobile app HalalTrip, to aid Muslim eaters as well as travellers to share halal restaurant discoveries not only in Singapore, but around the world. This will definitely helps Halal travellers and eaters to have lesser problem looking for a Halal restaurant and at the same time, gives them a wider range of food selection which they can choose to eat from.

As explained by chief executive of HalalTrip, Fazal Bahardeen, Halal food is one of the biggest drivers of tourism for the Muslim market and when traveling is concerns, food become an important factor to these consumers as well. The social media element does not only try to discover halal food on the go, but at the same time making it a more fun and intuitive experience.

Halal Logo in Singapore

Halal is often being used in reference to food that are permissible for Muslims to eat or drink under Islamic requirements, specifying the criteria of the type of foods are allowed and how it was being prepared.

Beside providing a platform for Halal food, the HalalTrip app also enables users to take and upload photos of halal dishes, write comments and share them through the social media. With a click on a photo in the app, it will gives details about the dish as well as location of the restaurant. The app is available for Apple iOS and Android devices at the moment.

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We does not end here. What we are going to do today is to download the app and give it a try. Before using any of the app’s features, the first time is to prompt for language settings, either in English or Arabic (written in Arabic language).

After that you will come into a clean interface with generally four topics – Halal Food Spotter, In-flight Prayer Time Calculator, Travel Dua and Book A Hotel (under development).

For the In-flight Prayer Time Calculator, you will need to login before they enable you to use the feature while the Travel Dua is free to open without any restrictions.

Since our focus today is trying to search for Halal food from the app, we will drill further only into the first tab, Halal Food Spotter and explore it.

After you have clicked on the tab, it will show you a series of photos with the type of food and the restaurant name. It will also have an indication how far it is the restaurant from you. (You need to enable settings in iPhone in order to track the distance.

Tab on any of the photos and I will bring you right into another interface which has more information about the restaurant itself. It may includes information like Non-Vegetarian, India, if restaurant is Muslim owned, etc. As I believe currently the HalalTrip app is not being widely used yet, so the photos and information are actually quite limited. I think as there are more users and social media power, the information within the app will start to grow slowly as well.

Interface of Halal Food Spotter Tab.

Before I end this post, I decided to search through the App Store and there was actually quite a few other established apps that offers similar services, such as Halal Food Finder (Singapore Only) and Zabihah.