My Happy Feet at Holland Village

for 30min of Imperial Foot Therapy
30min of Back & Shoulder; or
30min of Head & Face; or
30min of Hand & Arm
$48 (Usual price $68 ~ $78)
60min of Acupressure Renewal (Full Body Massage); or
60min of Swedish De-Stress (Full Body Massage)


Finger pressure techniques are used to stimulate the acupoints on the chi meridians on your body to relieve general stiffness, release blocked energy channels, and improve blood & lymphatic circulation. An “ancient healing massage” that stimulates the body’s natural self-healing abilities for general wellness.

30 min – $38 60min – $68 90 min – $95 120min – $118


Long, smooth strokes, kneading & tapping techniques are used to relieve muscle tension & pain, increase flexibility & mobility, and improve circulation by bringing oxygen and other nutrients to your body tissues. A great “beginner’s massage” for stress relief, deep relaxation, and lots of pampering.

60min – $78 90min – $108 120min – $135


Combines Swedish Massage with the use of 100% pure essential oils to ease tension, strengthen the immune system, relieve minor ailments, and promote psychological & emotional well being. A “therapeutic massage” that harnesses the healing properties of aromatic oils to awaken your senses.
60min – $88 90min – $125 120min – $155
~ Specialty Therapies ~

Combines Swedish Massage techniques with direct deep pressure to break down bands of painful, rigid tissues in your muscles, tendons and ligaments. This relieves pain, restores normal movement, and aids injury recovery. A “problem solving massage” that fixes all your stiffness, tightness, soreness & more.

60min – $88 90min – $125 120min – $155


Gentle, rhythmical strokes are used to stimulate your body’s lymphatic system to eliminate metabolic waste, toxins & bacteria. Also encourages fluid circulation & cell regeneration. A “deep cleansing massage” that detoxes the body, facilitates healing, and stimulates the body’s vital immune defenses.

60min – $88 90min – $125 120min – $155


Heated basalt stones are used to massage your body to warm & relax your tense muscles, improve circulation, and calm the nervous system. The stones are then placed on the “energy centers” of your body to improve energy flow. The perfect “indulgence massage” to rebalance your body, mind & spirit.

60min – $98 90min – $135

~ ADD ON ~


Enhance your experience by adding 100% pure essential oils to the specialty therapies for the ultimate indulgence.



Foot reflexology is based on the ancient principle that your organs are connected to reflex points on your feet. Pressure point techniques are used to focus on these reflex points, to release blocked energy channels, and stimulate the body’s self-healing abilities. The perfect therapy for general wellness.

30min – $28
40min – $35
60min – $45


Our foot baths are infused with Chinese herbs to promote blood circulation, reduce aches & pains, and remove “wind” & “dampness” in your feet.

A-la-carte – $12 Add On – $9

Focuses on “problem areas” on your upper torso. Get rid of all your tension, knots & aches in your muscles, tendons & ligaments in a NO FRILLS fashion.

Focuses on the reflex points on your hands & fingers, and soothing, long strokes on your arms, to relieve aches & tension, and restore energy flow.

Focuses on the acupoints on your head and face, to improve blood circulation, relieve stress and promote deep relaxation. Extremely pampering!

30min – $35 Every additional 10min at $10 (beyond 30min)


Dr Fish is famous for their ability to treat symptoms of skin conditions. The Garra Rufa species originates from Turkey, where high temperature in the rivers make it difficult for nutrients to thrive. Dr Fish learns to feed on dead or scabby skin for survival.

Put your legs in a warm pool, with thousands of hungry Garra Rufas nibbling on the most crusty, flaky, scabby parts of your skin. Dr Fish are toothless… they nibble or lick but THEY DO NOT BITE! (Phew…)

Dr Fish will be happy to zoom in on your old epidermis to reveal a glowing, buffed, and fresh layer of skin. Enjoy exfoliation without scrubs & files and feel the “micro massage” on your feet. But be warned – it’s loads of fun, it’s addictive…and it works!

15min – $18
30min – $28

Spa Information

My Happy Feet
29C Lorong Liput (Holland Village MRT)
Singapore 277740
(Above 363 Katong Laksa, Opposite Parisilk, and Provence)
Tel: +65 6462 0525
Opening Hours: Mon to Fri: 11am to 9pm, Sat & Public Holidays Eve: 10am to 10pm, Sun & Public Holidays: 10am to 9pm

Kenko Reflexology & Wellness Spa at Marina Square

Bright red signboard that you cannot missed at Marina Square.

Kenko Reflexology & Wellness Spa at Marina Square has just been shifted ! They have relocated from the former level 2 to current level 1, right beside 7-11 ! I did not noticed the change until I was walking pass the 7-11, going back to Ritz Charlton hotel where I was having my stay-cation cum two year anniversary with my girl friend.

Check Out Their Grand Opening Weekend !

Source from Kenko Reflexology and Wellness Spa.

Kenko Reflexology & Wellness Spa at Marina Square

#01-211 Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039594
Tel: +65 6333 0303

Adept Therapy – Release Your Constant Tension

Photo by Adept Therapy.

In 2001, Jacob Chandra, founder of Adept Therapy started off his career into spa business. Jacob was trained by various masters and populars with his client. His vision is to share his skills and build a team of skilled therapists to serves its customers.

Adept Therapy now have a team of skilled male and female therapists which has been given internal and external training. These therapists has also received international certifications such as ITEC, CIBTAC, WSQ Spa Certifications.

The services that they are providing:

  • Foot Reflexology
  • Massages
  • Express Chair Massage
  • Oil Massage
  • Deep Tissue / Acupressure Massage
  • Ear Candling
  • Gua Sha

In addition, to provide more assurance to the customers, many outlets of Adept Therapy are registered with Police Licensing Category I and CASE accreditation.

Currently, Adept Therapy has six outlets located along the island to serves it base of customers. Information as below.

Adept Therapy

#01-70 Icon Village
12 Gopeng Street
Singapore 078877
Tel: +65 6223 5168

#02-29 Coronaton Plaza
587 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 269707
Tel: +65 6466 1632

#B1-123 Lucky Plaza (Previously at #01-84)
304 Orchard Road
Singapore 238863
Tel: +65 6887 4218

#02-08 Serene Centre
10 Jalan Serene
Singapore 258748
Tel: +65 6463 5193

#03-26 Holland Road Shopping Centre
211 Holland Avenue
Singapore 278967
Tel: +65 6467 5507

#02-36 Bukit Panjang Plaza
1 Jelebu Road
Singapore 677743
Tel: +65 6892 8260

Get A Relaxing Massage By Veteran Massuers at Herbal Footcare Health & Beauty Centre

herbal footcare health and beauty centre shop front
Feeling tired after a long day of hard work ? In the small corner of Orchard Plaza, there is a string of massage parlours operated under the same company. Unlike other spa or massage parlour, there are numerous shops at that locations and it would be a good place for group massage or perhaps going with your love ones.

It is much of an open concept whereby all shops are designed with glasses panels and definitely not that kind of sleazy massage which are often misinterpreted due to its location. After been there for a few time, I discovered that most masseurs are male and they are very friendly towards the customers.

Herbal Footcare Health and Beauty Centre
150 Orchard Road, #01-36/39/44 Orchard Plaza
Singapore 238841
Opening Hours: 24 hours (10am to 6am)
Tel. +65 6735 3973
Mobile. +65 9072 6283
Nearest MRT. Somerset (Est 5 mins walk)

Updated on 3rd October 2014

Rejuvenating Foot Reflexology at Teochew Meng in People’s Park Complex

We had finished our briefing on Marina One at ERA Toa Payoh and there was still two hours before my haircut appointment at Ang Mo Kio’s Soul Scissors Studio. We was thinking of some activity to kill some time and we thought of going for a foot massage. Though my girl friend and I have just went for a 90 minutes full body massage at Robertson Quay’s Natureland the night before, but we still eager to have another massage.

Initially, we thought of going to Green Apple Spa at East Coast Road, but my friend recommended Teochew Meng Reflexology in Chinatown instead, which is cheaper.

It is quite unimaginable that on a Monday afternoon where everyone is working, the foot massage parlour is fully occupied and we was asked to go to another of their branch on the fourth level. Pre-warned by my friend who has visited the parlour previously, the fourth level branch was only equipped with fans instead of air-conditioner, but that does not spoil our mood for a good massage experience.

The masseurs are very friendly and despite their age, they do still have strength and experience that rub off the knots on your foot and sole, leaving you rejuvenated. Perhaps I have always opted for body massage while foot massage was not my cup of tea, I had to endure the pain while the masseurs rubbed skilfully onto the acupoints on my foot, though I have already requested for a minimum strength. It does not only effectively soothe the aches on my foot, but as well it relieves my shoulder aches as well.

$25 for a 60 minutes foot massage is certainly a good deal and definitely I would recommend their services to other as well.

Teochew Meng Reflexology Centre
1 Park Road
#03-K76/77/79 & #04-01 People’s Park Complex
Singapore 059108
Tel: + 65 62231268

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri – 10am to 9.30pm

iPhone App Review – Learning Foot Reflexology in Multi Language

Reflexology Foot Massage developed by Hap Inc (Japanese Company) is an iPhone app packed with features that aids in teaching one how to conduct self foot reflexology.

Clean Interface

The start page of the app looks very clean and straight-forward, with only three links to the app, Order of the massage, Place adaptation, Reflexology diagram.

Multi-lingual Settings

One of the unique features of this app is the multi-lingual settings for different users. There are Japanese, English, Korea, Mandarin (Simplified), Mandarin (Traditional) language selection for the users to choose from. Simply go the top right hand corner of the app and tap on the setting icon and it will bring you to the language setting options.

Order of the Massage.

It will guide you through a sequential animated diagram on where and how to massage a point on the feet. It will also state the place adaption and its symptoms.

Place Adaptation

If you are looking for doing feet reflexology for a certain parts of the body, you can look in the place adaptation where they have listed down all the body areas which you are looking for and you can enter straight into that particular segment. Quite straightforward.

Reflexology Diagram

For those that are not sure which area you should massage on your feet, you can check it out on the reflexology diagram. It will show the diagram for the right and foot foot and additionally they will show the inner, outer and instep of the foot as well. One of the things I liked about the diagrams is though simple, it contained reasonably well information on the areas on your feet with colours indicated over the area. It is easy to recognised and see even though the iPhone screen was not really big. 

Feet Haven Reflexology at East Coast Road (Berishiok Review)

Feet Haven Reflexology is tucked away in a old shophouse along East Coast Road. The spa parlour stands out from the line of shophouses with its unique see through shop front and its welcoming signboard. Upon setting foot into this little haven, this place immediately exudes a hint of homeliness, that instantly shaves off all that uncertain tension that needed to be rubbed off, from a long, hard week at work and calmed by the friendly owners and massuers. The owner greeted us politely and promptly offered us ginger tea to keep our body warm.

feet haven - line of foot reflexology chairsLine of foot reflexology chairs after the reception counter.

Despite being a small massage parlour, the place was packed with customers, with more waiting to get their massage fix. We were early for our appointment, so the friendly owners managed to squeeze an one hour session of foot reflexology and body massage for each of us respectively.

Foot Reflexology

Skilled masseur concentrating in the foot reflexology.

And so, a tub of warm water was quickly carried out by the masseur and he added some therapeutic herbs into the water which he pointed out helps with blood circulation in the feet and the back. The therapist patiently started the foot massage and he applied adequate pressure on areas of my feet and of course throughout the massage, kicked up a nice little chat with my friend. He has been in this line for more than 30 years and experienced in foot reflexology. He knows exactly the points to be pressed on and adequately pointed out various parts of my friend’s sole to address the discomfort he was having on his body. Armed with a treasure trove of massage therapy experience, he executed precise acupressuring on my friend’s feet, and cheerfully pointed out the discomfort zones of his body, which apparently amazed my friend with his expertise. He then proceeded to point out the various points in the foot and sole, and on which part of the body would they match with.

Body Massage

The massage bed is located right at the back of the spa. Sorry for the blurry image. 

Meanwhile, I was going through the body massage session in one corner of the room and the massage therapist is doing a really good job. In the initial stage of the acupressure massage, the therapists could already discern which part of the body was aching and points of discomfort I was having. Not only so, he was applying adequate force that did not cause excessive pain during the massage and prompted me if the strength he is using is too strong for me. He was kneading my shoulders and I fell asleep without even noticing it. While i was asleep, I could still feel the therapist working through the aching areas on my body. Upon waking up, I felt totally refreshed and had a sensation of lighter shoulders and a rejuvenated, tireless back.

If you are a tourist looking for a location that has reasonably cheap and good food, relaxation and shopping, the Santa Grande Hotel would be a great place to stay in. With its british colonial-era facade, it is a wonderful convenience for tourists nearby.

It would be better that you can call in to make an appointment with Feet Haven before heading down, especially during the weekends as they have a considerable crowd coming in for their massage services.

They have a signature massage called the Shiok Basic Blend which consist of 45 minutes of foot reflexology and 15 minutes of shoulder and neck massage only at $38.

Additionally, they also have a lunch time promotion which guests can enjoy a 40 minutes Foot Massage at only $20 or 60 mintes Foot Reflexology at $30
*Valid only on the weekdays, 12-3pm, excluding Public Holidays.

Feet Haven Reflexology

#01-01, 136 East Coast Road, Singapore 428821
Tel: +65 6344 7311

Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday – 12.00pm to 10.00pm
Friday and Saturday – 1.00pm to 11.00pm

Updated on 10th Dec 2014.

Knead your tiredness away at BodyKneads

Conveniently located at Tanjong Katong, BodyKneads offer wide range of massage available at affordable pricing.

They offer massage services like: Shiatsu Massage (Oil-Free), Balinese / Deep Tissue Massage, Mnaula Lymphatic Drainage, Aromatherapy Massage (4 choices of oil), Body Scrub (4 choices as well), Foot Reflexology and Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage.

On top of that, they also provides Pre-natal Massage and Post-natal massage to moms to help them relax before and after the child birth.

216, Tanjong Katong Road, S437009
Tel: 6346 8007
Fax: 63468159

Opening Hours: 10am to 12am daily except selected public holidays (Last appointment at 10.30pm)

Fuji Foot Reflexology

Fuji foot reflexology is a reflexology centre headed by a husband and wife with a team of 12 therapists that are well trained to cater the differents needs of the customer. Open till 2am on Friday & Saturday, it would be a good resting place for your feet after a enjoying nightlife.

Address & Opening Hours:

Orchard Towers, 400 Orchard Road, #01-16/26, S238875
Tel: 6235 7990 | Mobile: 8180 3883
Opening Hours: Fri & Sat – 10am to 2am, Sun to Thu – 10am to 11.30pm
Nearest MRT: Orchard MRT