The PUMP ROOM & Shesha

It has been such a long time last since I hang out with my friends, especially chilling. We only know mahjong-ing rite ? Anyway, It has really been a huge change in Singapore, I don’t even know the road back to my own house, thanks to the newly opened KPE sia.

I was wondering if the service sector in Singapore is getting bad to worse or worse to worst ? If we got the wrong wine, just tell us politely, the waiter should not be telling us in a manner like “Hey, you are the stupid idiot who have made the mistake!” Anyway, I got my coffee, at least an consolidation prize.

Hey, Di’er. I wondered how big was your chilli crab at Jumbo restaurant ? It took you more than an hour to finish it… Or you have been in Japan too long that you forgotten how to peel the crab’s shell ? lol … Let’s shift to the shesha cafe, need a good puff. What’s wrong with Singapore’s smoking laws …

Sorry for my big mouth.

Di’er and her Jap bf. Naoki san.

Bra and his gf

That’s the Shesha, and here’s our drink. Sorry… No alcohol for me… I am the DD later .. lolx.

2008 X’mas Celebration

At last I am able to put this blog into use. I think it has been quite inactive since there isn’t really much activities ongoing in Singapore while I was away in Japan.

Just reached Singapore today and had a X’mas celebration with my family and friends, though not much of them turn up for the celebration.

I could not stand the heat in Singapore, the 1st thing I did? Took off my shirt… Understanding that it might be a bit barbaric though.

When was the last time we had an BBQ ? I think perhaps it was when I left for Japan in 2007.. That means almost 2 years ago.. Seriously missed BBQ food ya…

That goes the same for mahjong sessions as well. By the way, it is already 5 am in the morning.. I think I will end this blogger soon… Gonna take an shower and rest early… Need an hair cut tml…