Romantic Seaside Candle Light Dinner at Jimbaran Beach Restaurant

After two hours of rejuvenating spa treatment at Dewi Fortuna Spa, it was almost seven thirty in the evening and our stomach was rumbling. It’s time for dinner ! However, we does not know any good restaurants in this area, we asked for recommendation from the driver since he did brought us to a good restaurant for our lunch at Warung d’Sawah. Without further delay, he took us for a thirty minutes journey before reaching Jimbaran Bay.

Even before entering the restaurant, the smell of charred grilled food creeped into our noses and on the left side of the entrance was a few men grilling busily to serve the food on the tables. A receptionist welcomed us with a smile and showed us to our table. We was sat down and order our drinks, Mango Juice for me (Rp 40,000) and Tumeric Honey Lemon (Rp 80,000) for my girl friend while we enjoyed the sound of gentle waves splashing against the seashore and an occasion sea breeze.

We ordered a Seafood Basket (Rp, 500,000) which should be one person portion since my girl friend wasn’t a big eater and it proven to be a right choice. The basket include a lobster, a crab, two fish and three prawns. It was also being served with soup and Bali’s signature vegetables. The seafood was grilled with perfect timing and without much seasoning, we could taste the original freshness of the seafood. However, it actually took them some time before serving to us. While we looked around, most of the patrons was not being served as well. But the wait is worthwhile.

During our course of meal, there was a random tourist that bought some fireworks from a lady and discharging it into the dark skies and brightening the skies with an array of bright colours. There was also a live band that walks to our table and sang us a slow jazz song while we dined and enjoyed the twinkling stars up high in the skies.

Oh, by the way, did I mentioned that we did not have the candle on our table while we was eating ? The waiter actually came with one after we are done with our food. Humorous ! Time to go back to the villa for an early rest…

Government Tax and 15% service charge applicable.

The ambience was good but it would be even more beautiful if we could have reached earlier to catch a glimpse of the sunset. Food was pretty decent but the only damaging factor was the long waiting time.

Bawang Merah Bar & Bistro
Kelan, Jimbaran Bay, Bali 80361
Reservation: +62-36-770210 / +62 -36-2168521 / +62-36-2168525
Opening Hours: 12pm to 11pm daily
Direction to the restaurant: Bypass Jimbaran No. 96 Mumbiu Nusa Dua. 2. Jimbaran Bay, Kelan Beach, Tuban – Kuta
FREE pick up available.

Two Days Trip in Jakarta – Checking in Kempinski Hotel (Day 1)

My client has invited me over for his daughter’s wedding dinner on a Sunday evening and I thought this could be a good opportunity to take a break away from work for a day or two and enjoy the weekend with my girl friend.

It wasn’t my first time in Jakarta yet the only places I have visited was only the factories and industrial area. Thus, I have make a point to find a hotel that is near the city centre to enjoy the views and maybe some shopping at the same time. There was ample good hotels around the vicinity but eventually we have chosen Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta since it looks like a decent hotel which is linked to the shopping malls.

We arrived Jakarta in the late morning and was greeted by the hot weather. As usual, the places is packed with people and taxis (legal and illegal) trying to get some customers for taxi hire. Fortunately, my client has arranged to pick us up from the airport to his factory. It was just a short two hours meeting before we requested to be send back to our hotel.

During the factory visit, my girl friend actually hit off went with my client and while they was chatting happily about plants and fruits, my client stopped by one of the supermarkets along the road which my girl friend could shop for some fruits. Before our eyes were rows and rows of fresh fruits like mangoes, pineapples and even durians of many different varieties – an uncommon sight in Singapore. It took us almost an hour before we could finish shopping just on the fruits section alone – so just imagine !

 Talking about fruits, did we missed our lunch ? Apparently, we was so busy buying fruits that we had totally forget about our lunch. My client has offered us for lunch which though we have politely reject but his persistency paid off and we agreed to have a light meal at a local restaurant – Sari Minang, a Nasi Padang restaurant.

As usual, hotels in Jakarta are often with security and Kempinski wasn’t exceptional. It was a quick check before we drove to the front porch. The moment the vehicle stopped, a porter immediately opens our door while the bell boy is standing right beside him waiting for our luggages. A female staff politely greeted and ushered us to the reception counter for our check-in which took less than ten minutes before accompanying to the lift. What a service !

Kempinski Jakarta Hotel
This is our room ! We have booked for an deluxe room but maybe they does not have sufficient room and upgraded us to grand deluxe room instead ! Comfy !

Kempinski Jakarta Hotel
Comes with a sofa set where you can sit down to watch TV and enjoy our fruits from supermarket.

Kempinski Jakarta Hotel
A stylish glass-made table top for all your business discussion and writings.

Kempinski Jakarta Hotel
A chair by the window facing the parade square where you can sit down with a nice cup of coffee with watching the busy streets and central square

Complete view of the central square from the hotel’s window.

Two basins – full with amenities. You does not need to wait for your spouse to finish her make-up to brush your teeth.

Last but not the least, a bath tub. It has a TV at the side which you can watch your favourite shows or simply relax with an overview of the central square – with a glass of wine.

Details of the hotel can be found below

Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta
Jalan M.H. Thamrin No. 1
10310 Jakarta, Indonesia
Tel: + 62 21 2358 3800

Must Try Cafe in Ubud. Our Lunch and Walkaround at Kampung Cafe (Day 2)

We hit the road early in the morning in order to reach theMore than an hour’s ride through the winding and bumpy uphills and downhills, we finally reaching Tegallalang. However, before we reach our destination, an unexpected traffic jam drew us back. Since it was almost noon time, the driver recommends that we should go for lunch and try our luck again.

Though it is called an cafe, they do serve main courses for the patrons. I ordered an Pork Spare Ribs (Rp, 61,000) while sharing a Rice Paper Roll (Rp, 36,000) with my girl friend as well. No long later, the waitress handed out the dishes to us. Both dishes are superbly plated with garnish. The rice paper rolls are wrapped with chunks of chicken, lettuce, spring onion, cucumber with thai sweet chilli sauce. The fact that the taste ressemble a vietnamese rice roll.

It was really good to enjoy a cup of Bali Coffee while viewing the greenery.

Alighting in front of the cafe front porch, you could immediately feel the connectivity with nature. Unlike modern cafe, The Kampung Cafe is styled in a balinese architecture in a quiet ambience. Surrounding the cafe was pure greenery the peace your mind entirely despite the humid weather. We settled down quickly and we ordered a Bali Coffee (Rp 14,000) and Coffee Float (Rp 26,000) for a late morning wake up drink. The Bali Coffee was definitely aromatic but due to its powdery taste, not much people much like it.

Perhaps Bali Coffee will still be a better choice than the coffee float. The coffee tasted very dilute, which possibly due to the ice. The cream did not help much in enhancing the taste.

Rice Paper Rolls, Rp 36,000

Pork Spare Ribs (250 gm), Rp 61,000

Kampung Cafe
Ceking-Tegallalang, Gianyar, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Tel: +62-36-901201
Operating Hours: 8am to 9pm, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.