Leshan Gu Shi Xiang Beef Restaurant 乐山古市香翘脚牛肉

This restaurant has been promoted as an Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH), which mainly focus on their aspects of culture. While the main culture this restaurant is keeping is the traditional dish that they are making with beef and cow’s internal organs.

During the 1930s, when poor people are not well fed and their body was in very weak condition. There was one physician, by the surname of Luo empathy on the scene of these poor people decided to gather herbs to concoct medical soup for these people. In the meanwhile, he saw that those from rich families are throwing away the internal organs of the ox away and he thought it is a waste that these are not being eaten by anyone thus putting the internal organs into the medical soup and boil together. To his surprise, the soup tasted fantastic and with the help of the herbs, it aids in curing and prevent illness in these poor people. Soon after, words spread and people from all over came to taste the soup. While the poor people are not well educated, they crossed their legs while eating the dish thus the name “翘脚牛肉” was formed.

翘脚 = Crossing of legs
牛肉 = Beef